Chapter 2
Town Administration
Article 1. Town Boundaries.
   Sec. 2-1   Official Map Adopted By References.
   Sec. 2-2   Annexation.
   Sec. 2-3   through Sec. 2-4 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 2. The Town Clerk-Treasurer.
Division I. General Powers and Duties.
   Sec. 2-5   Term of Office of Clerk-Treasurer.
   Sec. 2-6   Powers and Duties.
   Sec. 2-7   Compensation of Clerk-Treasurer.
   Sec. 2-8   Deputies and Employees.
   Sec. 2-9   Office Space for the Clerk-Treasurer.
   Sec. 2-9A   Electronic Wire Transfers by Clerk-Treasurer.
   Sec. 2-9B   Emergency Purchases.
   Sec. 2-9C   Disbursements or Emergency Payments Prior to Confirmation of Claims
   Sec. 2-9D   Reserved for Future Use.
Division II. Municipal Matrimony Bureau.
   Sec. 2-10   Creation of Matrimony Services.
   Sec. 2-10A   Municipal Matrimony Bureau.
   Sec. 2-10B   Powers and Duties of Municipal Matrimony Bureau.
   Sec. 2-10C   Matrimony Service Charge Schedule.
   Sec. 2-10D   Waiver of Charges Authorized.
   Sec. 2-10E   All Charges Belong to Municipality.
   Sec. 2-10F   Personal Fees Prohibited.
   Sec. 2-10G   Construction of Clause and Headings.
   Sec. 2-11   Reserved for Future Use.
   Sec. 2-49   Definitions.
   Sec. 2-50   Parks and Recreation Board; Membership; Appointment.
   Sec. 2-51   Board of Parks and Recreation; Initial Appointments; Vacancies.
   Sec. 2-52   Board of Parks and Recreation; Removal; Procedure.
   Sec. 2-53   Board of Parks and Recreation; Advisory Member.
   Sec. 2-54   Regular and Special Meetings; Election of Officers; Quorum of the Board.
   Sec. 2-55   Compensation of Board Members.
   Sec. 2-56   Board Duties.
   Sec. 2-57   Board Powers.
   Sec. 2-58   Sale of Surplus Property; Notice.
   Sec. 2-59   Superintendent of Parks and Recreation; Appointment and Qualifications.
   Sec. 2-60   Assistants.
   Sec. 2-61   Bonds of Park Officers and Employees.
   Sec. 2-62   Gifts, Donations and Subsidies.
   Sec. 2-63   Taxing District for Special Benefit Taxes.
   Sec. 2-64   Establishment Procedures for a Special Nonreverting Capital Fund.
   Sec. 2-65   Establishment Procedures for a Cumulative Building Fund.
   Sec. 2-66   Fees for Particular Activities; Disposition and Disbursements.
   Sec. 2-67   Advisory Council and Special Committees.
   Sec. 2-68   Legal Authority.
   Sec. 2-69   Repeal of Conflicting Laws.
   Sec. 2-70   Transfer of Documents.
   Sec. 2-71   Severability.
   Sec. 2-72   Special Non-Reverting Operating Fund.
   Sec. 2-73   through Sec. 2-79 Reserved for Future Use.
Division III. Metropolitan Police Department.
   Sec. 2-80   Board of Metropolitan Police Commissioners.
   Sec. 2-81   Procedure to Advertise for Employment of Certified Police Officers.
   Sec. 2-82   Definitions Used in the Police Department.
   Sec. 2-83   Legal Authority of the Town Council.
   Sec. 2-84   Chief of Police.
   Sec. 2-85   Rules of Interpretation.
   Sec. 2-86   Safety Regulations.
   Sec. 2-87   Uniform Allowance for Civilian Fire and Police Employees.
   Sec. 2-88   Uniform Allowance for Paid Full-Time Police Officers.
   Sec. 2-89   Police Reserve Officer Program.
   Sec. 2-90   through Sec. 2-94 Reserved for Future Use.
Division IV. Policies and Procedures Governing the Metropolitan Police Department.
   Sec. 2-95   Purpose.
   Sec. 2-96   Policy.
   Sec. 2-97   General Requirements.
   Sec. 2-98   Vacation.
   Sec. 2-99   Sick/Injury Leave.
   Sec. 2-100   Disability Retirement.
   Sec. 2-101   Military Leave.
   Sec. 2-102   Emergency Leave/Bereavement Leave.
   Sec. 2-103   Family and Medical Leave.
   Sec. 2-104   Holiday Leave.
   Sec. 2-105   Leave of Absence.
   Sec. 2-106   Incentive Leave Days.
   Sec. 2-106A   Retirement Procedure.
   Sec. 2-106B   Resignation Procedures.
   Sec. 2-107   Wages.
   Sec. 2-108   Overtime.
   Sec. 2-109   Compensation Regarding the Alcohol Counter-Measures Program.
   Sec. 2-110   Compensatory Time.
   Sec. 2-111   Uniform Allowance for Full-Time Police Officers.
   Sec. 2-112   Funeral Benefits.
   Sec. 2-113   Police Department to Accept Applications for Licensing Handguns.
   Sec. 2-114   Deferred Prosecution Cost into L.E.C.E.F. Fund.
   Sec. 2-115   Death Benefits.
   Sec. 2-116   through Sec. 2-119 Reserved for Future Use.
Division V. Fire Department.
   Sec. 2-120   Fire Department Administration.
   Sec. 2-121   Uniform Allowance for Fire Department/EMT Members.
   Sec. 2-122   Wages and Compensation.
   Sec. 2-123   Powers and Duties in General.
   Sec. 2-124   Definitions.
   Sec. 2-125   Fire Pension Board Established; Duties.
   Sec. 2-126   Trustees.
   Sec. 2-127   Election of Trustees; Initial.
   Sec. 2-128   Election of Trustees; Active Members.
   Sec. 2-129   Election of Trustees; Retired Members.
   Sec. 2-130   Officers; Adoption of Rules; Quorum; Proceedings.
   Sec. 2-131   through Sec. 2-133 Reserved for Future Use.
Division VI. Public Works Department.
   Sec. 2-134   Divisions of the Public Works Department.
   Sec. 2-135   Public Works Director.
   Sec. 2-136   Term of Employment of Public Works Director.
   Sec. 2-137   Powers and Duties.
   Sec. 2-138   Extent of Services.
   Sec. 2-139   Vacancy.
   Sec. 2-140   through Sec. 2-149 Reserved for Future Use.
Division VII. Planning and Building Department.
   Sec. 2-150   Planning and Building Department.
   Sec. 2-151   through Sec. 2-154 Reserved for Future Use.
Division VIII. Department of Redevelopment.
   Sec. 2-155   Department of Redevelopment Established.
   Sec. 2-156   Redevelopment District.
   Sec. 2-157   through Sec. 2-159 Reserved for Future Use.
Division IX. Department of Waterworks.
   Sec. 2-160   Department of Waterworks Created.
   Sec. 2-161   Waterworks Board of Directors.
   Sec. 2-162   Terms and Bonds of Board of Directors.
   Sec. 2-163   Powers and Duties of Department of Waterworks.
   Sec. 2-164   through Sec. 2-169 Reserved for Future Use.
Division I. Code Enforcement Officer.
   Sec. 2-170   Code Enforcement Officer.
   Sec. 2-171   Reserved for Future Use.
Division II. Town Recording Secretaries.
   Sec. 2-172   Town Recording Secretaries.
   Sec. 2-173   Reserved for Future Use.
Division III. Personnel Policy.
   Sec. 2-174   Personnel Policy Manual Incorporated By Reference.
   Sec. 2-175   Alcohol and Substance Abuse Policy and Testing Procedure Incorporated by Reference.
   Sec. 2-176   Mileage Allowance.
   Sec. 2-177   Credit Card Regulations.
   Sec. 2-178   Clothing Allowance for Police Department and Fire Department Civilian Employees.
   Sec. 2-179   Reserved for Future Use.
   Sec. 2-180   Town Travel Policy.
   Sec. 2-181   Cellular Telephone Usage Policy.
   Sec. 2-182   Nepotism Policy.
   Sec. 2-183   through Sec. 2-209 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 7. Boards and Commissions.
Division I. Plan Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals.
   Sec. 2-210   Plan Commission Created.
   Sec. 2-211   Terms of Citizen Members.
   Sec. 2-212   Terms of Government Members.
   Sec. 2-213   Vacancies.
   Sec. 2-214   Powers and Duties.
   Sec. 2-215   Compensation.
   Sec. 2-216   Zoning Regulations.
   Sec. 2-217   Board of Zoning Appeals.
   Sec. 2-218   through Sec. 2-223 Reserved for Future Use.
Division II. Economic Development Commission.
   Sec. 2-224   Establishment.
   Sec. 2-225   Membership.
   Sec. 2-226   Incorporation and Implementation of State Statutes.
   Sec. 2-227   through Sec. 2-254 Reserved for Future Use.
Division III. Redevelopment Commission.
   Sec. 2-255   Five-Member Redevelopment Commission.
   Sec. 2-256   Powers of the Redevelopment Commission.
   Sec. 2-257   through Sec. 2-259 Reserved for Future Use.
Division IV. Sanitary Board of Appeals and Utility Board of Trustees.
   Sec. 2-260   Sanitary Board of Appeals.
   Sec. 2-261   Utility Board of Trustees.
   Sec. 2-262   through Sec. 2-267 Reserved for Future Use.
Division V. Safety Committee.
   Sec. 2-268   Intent.
   Sec. 2-269   Safety Committee Created.
   Sec. 2-270   Committee Duties and Responsibilities.
   Sec. 2-271   Investigations By Police.
   Sec. 2-272   Weekly Safety Departmental Meetings.
   Sec. 2-273   Five (5) Member Committee.
   Sec. 2-274   Incorporation by Reference of Safety Standards.
   Sec. 2-275   through Sec. 2-279 Reserved for Future Use.
Division VI. Plat Committee.
   Sec. 2-280   Plat Committee Created.
   Sec. 2-281   Authority of Plat Committee.
   Sec. 2-282   Primary Approval.
   Sec. 2-283   Rules of Procedure.
   Sec. 2-284   through Sec. 2-288 Reserved for Future Use.
Division VII. Contractor's Licensing Board.
   Sec. 2-289   Seven (7) Member Board.
   Sec. 2-290   Regulations.
   Sec. 2-291   through Sec. 2-292 Reserved for Future Use.
Division VIII. Board of Safety.
   Sec. 2-293   Created; Intent.
   Sec. 2-294   Powers; Duties and Responsibilities.
   Sec. 2-295   Term of Employment; Police Department.
   Sec. 2-296   Term of Employment; Fire Department.
   Sec. 2-296A   Disciplinary Actions.
   Sec. 2-296B   State Law.
   Sec. 2-296C   Extent of Services; Salary.
   Sec. 2-296D   Oath.
   Sec. 2-296E   Legal Authority.
   Sec. 2-296F   Repeal of Conflicting Laws.
   Sec. 2-296G   Severability.
Division IX. Reserved.
   Sec. 2-297   through Sec. 2-299 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 8. Miscellaneous Administrative Regulations.
Division I. Miscellaneous Regulations.
   Sec. 2-300   Defense and Indemnity of Elected Public Officials.
   Sec. 2-301   Exemption of the Municipal Corporation From Land Use Regulations.
   Sec. 2-302   "Cafeteria Plan" for Employee Participation.
   Sec. 2-303   Self-Funded Employee Benefit Plan.
   Sec. 2-304   through Sec. 2-334 Reserved for Future Use.
Division II. Purchase Order Procedure.
   Sec. 2-335   Purpose.
   Sec. 2-336   Purchase Order Procedure.
   Sec. 2-337   Applicability.
   Sec. 2-338   Emergency Situations.
   Sec. 2-339   through Sec. 2-343 Reserved for Future Use.
Division III. Claim Docket Procedure.
   Sec. 2-344   Procedure Established.
   Sec. 2-345   Forms Required.
   Sec. 2-346   Role of Clerk-Treasurer.
   Sec. 2-347   Compliance with Applicable Law.
   Sec. 2-348   through Sec. 2-359 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 9. Budget and Other Fiscal Policies.
   Sec. 2-360   Role of Department Heads.
   Sec. 2-361   Role of Clerk-Treasurer.
   Sec. 2-362   Role of Town Council President.
   Sec. 2-363   Clerk-Treasurer to Prepare Documents.
   Sec. 2-364   Town Council to Fix Rate of Taxation By Ordinance.
   Sec. 2-365   Appropriations.
   Sec. 2-366   Monthly Reports.
   Sec. 2-367   Bad Debt/Uncollectible Accounts Receivable Policy.
   Sec. 2-368   Credit Cards.
   Sec. 2-369   Erroneous or Irregular Variances, Losses, Shortages and Thefts.
   Sec. 2-369.1   Policies and Procedures for Authorized Financial Instruments for Payments.
Division II. Temporary Loan Procedure.
   Sec. 2-370   Authorization.
   Sec. 2-371   Warrant Ordinance Required.
   Sec. 2-372   Contents of Warrant Ordinance.
   Sec. 2-373   Seal and Signatures.
   Sec. 2-374   Registration.
   Sec. 2-375   Interest.
   Sec. 2-376   Sale of Warrants.
   Sec. 2-377   through Sec. 2-389 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 10. Funds.
Division I. Specific Funds.
   Sec. 2-390   Property Seizure Fund.
   Sec. 2-391   Equipment Fund for the Police Department.
   Sec. 2-392   Confidential Fund.
   Sec. 2-393   Firearms Training Fund.
   Sec. 2-394   Petty Cash Fund for the Police Department.
   Sec. 2-395   Law Enforcement Continuing Education Fund.
   Sec. 2-396   Ambulance Fund.
   Sec. 2-397   Clerk-Treasurer's Separate Fund.
   Sec. 2-398   Special Non-Reverting Operating Fund for Park Purposes.
   Sec. 2-399   Civic Expense Budget Account.
   Sec. 2-400   Municipal Cumulative Development Fund.
   Sec. 2-401   Employee Benefit Fund.
   Sec. 2-402   Special Vehicle Inspection Fund.
   Sec. 2-403   Other Funds Recognized and Continued.
   Sec. 2-404   Equipment Fund for Fire Department.
   Sec. 2-405   Special Non-Reverting Operating Fund for the Police Department D.A.R.E. Program.
   Sec. 2-406   Schererville E.M.S. Fees Deposited into Ambulance Fund.
   Sec. 2-407   Building Fund.
   Sec. 2-408   77th Avenue Road Improvement Fund.
   Sec. 2-409   Police Training Fund.
   Sec. 2-410   Downtown Revitalization Fund.
   Sec. 2-411   Asset Seizure Fund.
   Sec. 2-412   Petty Cash Fund for Town County.
   Sec. 2-413   Petty Cash Fund for Park Department.
   Sec. 2-414   Petty Cash for Clerk-Treasurer's Office.
   Sec. 2-415   Clerk's Record Perpetuation Fund.
   Sec. 2-416   Supplemental Public Defender Fund.
   Sec. 2-417   Supplemental Adult Probation Services Fund.
   Sec. 2-418   Special Deferral Program Fee Non-Reverting Fund.
   Sec. 2-419   Safe Kids Chapter Fund.
   Sec. 2-419.1   Police Department Special Grants Fund.
   Sec. 2-419.2   Deposits Non-Reverting Escrow Fund.
   Sec. 2-419.3   U.S. Postage Stamp Fund.
   Sec. 2-419.4   Special Newspaper Non-Reverting Fund.
   Sec. 2-419.5   Special Town Ambulance Equipment Non-Reverting Fund.
   Sec. 2-419.6   Major Moves Construction Fund.
   Sec. 2-419.7   Special Town Pennsy Greenway Bike Trail Project Non-Reverting Fund.
   Sec. 2-419.8   Special Non-Reverting Stormwater Permit Fee Fund.
   Sec. 2-419.9   High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) Program Special Revenue Non-Reverting Fund.
   Sec. 2-419.10   Improvement Inspection Fee Special Non-Reverting Fund.
   Sec. 2-419.11   High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) Administrative Revenue Fee Special Non-Reverting Fund.
   Sec. 2-419.12   Farmers' Market Special Revenue Non-Reverting Fund.
   Sec. 2-419.13   Park and Recreation Grants Non-Reverting Fund.
   Sec. 2-419.14   Planning and Building Department Subdivision Review Professional Fee Special Non-Reverting Fund.
   Sec. 2-419.15   Town Promotion Fund.
   Sec. 2-419.16   Police Department Law Enforcement Processing Service Charge and release Fee Special Revenue Non-Reverting Fund.
   Sec. 2-419.17   Perry Ferrini Dog Park Special Revenue Non-Reverting Fee Fund.
   Sec. 2-419.18   Parks Community Center Special Construction Account Fund.
   Sec. 2-419.19   County Economic Development Income Tax (CEDIT) Special Revenue Non-Reverting Fund.
   Sec. 2-419.20   Adjusted Gross Income Tax Special Revenue Non-Reverting Fund.
   Sec. 2-419.21   Culvert Repair Project Special Revenue Non-Reverting Fund.
   Sec. 2-419.22   Local Option Income Tax (LOIT) Y2016 Special Distribution Fund.
   Sec. 2-419.23   Community Events Special Revenue Non-Reverting Fund.
   Sec. 2-419.24   Rainy Day Fund.
   Sec. 2-419.25   Law Enforcement Aid or Confidential Petty Cash Fund.
   Sec. 2-419.26   Parks and Recreation Department Petty Cash Fund for Park Concessions.
   Sec. 2-419.27   ARP Local Fiscal Recovery Grant Fund.
Article 11. Miscellaneous Administrative Regulations.
   Sec. 2-420   South Shore Clean Cities Program Adopted.
   Sec. 2-421   Standards for Capitalization of Assets.
   Sec. 2-422   Fixed Asset/Capital Asset Policy.
   Sec. 2-423   Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Regulations.
   Sec. 2-424   through Sec. 2-429 Reserved for Future Use.
ARTICLE 12. Purchasing Regulations.
Division I. Municipal Purchasing Agency.
   Sec. 2-430   Purchasing Agency.
   Sec. 2-431   Powers and Duties.
   Sec. 2-432   Purchasing Agent.
   Sec. 2-433   U.S.A. Manufactured Supplies.
   Sec. 2-434   Central Purchasing Fund.
   Sec. 2-435   through Sec. 2-439 Reserved for Future Use.
Division II. Reserved.
   Sec. 2-440   through Sec. 2-449 Reserved for Future Use.