Chapter 3
Town Legislative And Judicial Branches
Article 1. Town Council.
Division I. Background Information.
   Sec. 3-1   Five (5) Member Council.
   Sec. 3-2   Five (5) Legislative Districts (Wards).
   Sec. 3-3   Terms of Office.
   Sec. 3-4   through Sec. 3-7 Reserved for Future Use.
Division II. Governing Regulations of the Council.
   Sec. 3-8   Selection of Council President and Vice-President.
   Sec. 3-9   Selection of Vice-President.
   Sec. 3-10   Quorum.
   Sec. 3-11   When Majority Vote Required.
   Sec. 3-12   When Two-Thirds ( 2/3 ) Vote Required.
   Sec. 3-13   Town Clerk-Treasurer Authorized to Break Ties.
   Sec. 3-14   When Ordinances Take Effect.
   Sec. 3-15   Regular and Special Meetings of the Town Council.
   Sec. 3-16   Powers of the Town Council.
   Sec. 3-17   Order of Business at Town Council Meetings.
   Sec. 3-18   Rules of Order.
   Sec. 3-19   Taping and Recording of Meetings.
   Sec. 3-20   Town Recording Secretary.
   Sec. 3-21   Tax Anticipation Warrant Procedure.
   Sec. 3-22   Claim Docket Procedures.
   Sec. 3-23   Compensation of Town Council.
   Sec. 3-24   Life Insurance Benefits and Coverage for Council Members
   Sec. 3-25   Ordinances which Amend the Town Code.
   Sec. 3-26   Electronic Participation in Town Council Meetings.
   Sec. 3-27   through Sec. 3-29 Reserved for Future Use.
Division III. Procedures Governing Deliberations and Actions of the Governing Bodies of the Town.
   Sec. 3-30   Definitions.
   Sec. 3-31   Open Meetings; Secret Ballot Votes.
   Sec. 3-32   Posting of Agenda; Memoranda of Meetings; Public Inspection of Minutes.
   Sec. 3-33   Public Notice of Meetings.
   Sec. 3-34   Executive Sessions.
   Sec. 3-35   Collective Bargaining Meetings; Applicable Requirements.
   Sec. 3-36   Violations; Remedies; Limitations; Costs and Fees.
   Sec. 3-37   through Sec. 3-49 Reserved for Future Use.
Division IV. Miscellaneous Regulations.
   Sec. 3-50   Town Membership Authorized.
   Sec. 3-51   Interlocal Governmental Agreements.
   Sec. 3-52   Method to Vacate Alleys and Public Ways.
   Sec. 3-53   Purchasing Equipment, Supplies and Services with Other Communities.
   Sec. 3-54   through Sec. 3-69 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 2. Town Court.
Division I. Municipal Judge.
   Sec. 3-70   Town Court Established.
   Sec. 3-71   Duration of Town Court.
   Sec. 3-72   Election of Town Court Judge.
   Sec. 3-73   Qualifications of Town Court Judge.
   Sec. 3-74   Town Judge's Oath and Bond.
   Sec. 3-75   Court Sessions.
   Sec. 3-76   Compensation of Town Court Judge.
   Sec. 3-77   Style of Court.
   Sec. 3-78   Notice to State Court Administration.
   Sec. 3-79   Court Procedures.
   Sec. 3-80   through Sec. 3-94 Reserved for Future Use.
Division II. Code Violations.
   Sec. 3-95   Court Costs.
   Sec. 3-96   Disbursements.
   Sec. 3-97   Town Attorney to Enforce.
   Sec. 3-98   Ordinance Violation Citation.
   Sec. 3-99   Fines.
   Sec. 3-100   Non-Payable Violations.
   Sec. 3-101   through Sec. 3-109 Reserved for Future Use.
Division III. Prepayment of Ordinance Violations.
   Sec. 3-110   Procedure to Acknowledge Liability - Fines and Court Costs.
   Sec. 3-111   Date When Payments Due.
   Sec. 3-112   Exceptions to Procedure.
   Sec. 3-113   through Sec. 3-119 Reserved for Future Use.
Division IV. Community Service Option.
   Sec. 3-120   Role of Town Judge.
   Sec. 3-121   Role of Town Court.
   Sec. 3-122   Accounting of Community Service Hours.
   Sec. 3-123   through Sec. 3-129 Reserved for Future Use.