Chapter 4
Fees, Licenses and Permits
Article 1. General Provisions.
   Sec. 4-1   Authority to License.
   Sec. 4-2   Applications.
   Sec. 4-3   Approval or Disapproval.
   Sec. 4-4   Duration of License, Display Required, Inspections.
   Sec. 4-5   Issuance, Revocation and Suspension.
   Sec. 4-6   through Sec. 4-9 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 2. Specific Activities Regulated.
Division I. Motorized Bicycles.
   Sec. 4-10   Definitions.
   Sec. 4-11   Registration and Licensing Required.
   Sec. 4-12   Rules and Regulations.
   Sec. 4-13   Penalties.
   Sec. 4-14   through Sec. 4-17 Reserved for Future Use.
Division II. Registration of All Electronic or Video Type Entertainment Machines or Games and Cigarette Dispensing Machines.
   Sec. 4-18   Definitions.
   Sec. 4-19   Record of Registration and Registration Stickers.
   Sec. 4-20   Rotation of Machines.
   Sec. 4-21   Registration Fees.
   Sec. 4-22   Temporary Registration.
   Sec. 4-23   Inspections.
   Sec. 4-24   Violations and Penalties.
   Sec. 4-25   Monies Collected by Clerk-Treasurer.
   Sec. 4-26   Maximum Registration Fee.
   Sec. 4-27   through Sec. 4-29 Reserved for Future Use.
Division III. Licensing of Businesses, Business Activities, Occupations and Commercial Establishments.
   Sec. 4-30   License Required.
   Sec. 4-31   Applications.
   Sec. 4-32   Role of Clerk-Treasurer.
   Sec. 4-33   Investigations.
   Sec. 4-34   Non-Refundable License Fee.
   Sec. 4-35   Fees Paid to Clerk-Treasurer.
   Sec. 4-36   Validity and Termination.
   Sec. 4-37   Compliance Required.
   Sec. 4-38   Reasons Not to Issue License.
   Sec. 4-39   Change of Location.
   Sec. 4-40   Inspections.
   Sec. 4-41   Reasons for Suspension.
   Sec. 4-42   Hearings; Revocations and Suspensions.
   Sec. 4-43   Display of License Required.
   Sec. 4-44   Operating Without License.
   Sec. 4-45   Penalties.
   Sec. 4-46   through Sec. 4-49 Reserved for Future Use.
Division IV. Massage Establishments, Masseurs and Masseuses.
   Sec. 4-50   Short Title.
   Sec. 4-51   Policy.
   Sec. 4-52   Definitions.
   Sec. 4-53   Permit Required.
   Sec. 4-54   Application.
   Sec. 4-55   Masseur or Masseuse Permit.
   Sec. 4-56   Investigations.
   Sec. 4-57   Regulations.
   Sec. 4-58   Daily Register.
   Sec. 4-59   Exemptions.
   Sec. 4-60   Fees.
   Sec. 4-61   Violation and Penalty.
   Sec. 4-62   through Sec. 4-64 Reserved for Future Use.
Division V. Automatic and Manual Alarm Systems.
   Sec. 4-65   Definitions.
   Sec. 4-66   Permitted Devices.
   Sec. 4-67   Monitoring System.
   Sec. 4-68   Permit Required.
   Sec. 4-69   Application for Permit.
   Sec. 4-69A   Yearly Service Fee.
   Sec. 4-70   Certification by Alarm Equipment Supplier.
   Sec. 4-71   Inspection.
   Sec. 4-72   Local Alarms.
   Sec. 4-73   Fines Applicable for False Alarms.
   Sec. 4-74   Registration Fees, Yearly Service Fee.
   Sec. 4-75   False Alarm Registration Fee, Failure to Disconnect.
   Sec. 4-76   Revocation of Permit.
   Sec. 4-77   Disconnection.
   Sec. 4-78   Hold Harmless.
   Sec. 4-79   through Sec. 4-81 Reserved for Future Use.
Division VI. Peddlers, Hawkers, Salesmen, Solicitors, Canvassers, and Transient Merchants.
   Sec. 4-82   Definitions.
   Sec. 4-83   License and Registration Required.
   Sec. 4-84   Exceptions.
   Sec. 4-85   Application.
   Sec. 4-86   Processing of Application.
   Sec. 4-87   Fees.
   Sec. 4-88   Badge Required.
   Sec. 4-89   Expiration of License.
   Sec. 4-90   Hours of Soliciting.
   Sec. 4-91   Possession of License Required.
   Sec. 4-92   Sounding of Bells, Etc., Prohibited.
   Sec. 4-93   License for Use of Public Property by Commercial Photographers.
   Sec. 4-94   Permanent Structure, Compliance with all Applicable Zoning, Health and Building Ordinance Regulations or Statutes.
   Sec. 4-95   Penalty and Violation.
   Sec. 4-96   through Sec. 4-99 Reserved for Future Use.
Division VII. Outdoor Events.
   Sec. 4-100   Outdoor Events Governed.
   Sec. 4-101   Permit Required.
   Sec. 4-102   Regulations Addressing Alcohol.
   Sec. 4-103   Noise Regulations at Outdoor Events.
   Sec. 4-104   Parking Requirements.
   Sec. 4-105   Security Requirement.
   Sec. 4-106   Insurance Requirements.
   Sec. 4-107   Inspections Required.
   Sec. 4-108   Permit Fee.
   Sec. 4-109   Issuance of Permit.
   Sec. 4-110   Penalties.
   Sec. 4-111   through Sec. 4-113 Reserved for Future Use.
Division VIII. Ambulance Services.
   Sec. 4-114   Ambulance Service Rates.
   Sec. 4-115   Ambulance Services - Exceptions.
   Sec. 4-116   Policy Regarding Deceased Persons.
   Sec. 4-117   Patient Transfer Policy.
   Sec. 4-118   Refusal of Service Form.
   Sec. 4-119   Billings by Clerk-Treasurer.
   Sec. 4-120   Ambulance Run Reports
   Sec. 4-121   through Sec. 4-147 Reserved for Future Use.
Division IX. Maximum Towing Rates.
   Sec. 4-148   Towing and Removing Charges.
   Sec. 4-149   Day and Night Rates/Times.
   Sec. 4-150   through Sec. 4-153 Reserved for Future Use.
Division X. Reserved.
   Sec. 4-154 through Sec. 4-159 Reserved for Future Use.
Division XI. Electric, Zoning, Building, Wrecking, Moving, Sign,
and Plumbing Permit Fees.
   Sec. 4-160   Application Required.
   Sec. 4-161   Fees Imposed.
   Sec. 4-162   Building, Planning and Zoning Fees.
   Sec. 4-163   Zone Application Fees.
   Sec. 4-164   Wrecking Permit Fees.
   Sec. 4-165   Moving Permit Fees.
   Sec. 4-166   Electrical and Mechanical Electrical Fees.
   Sec. 4-167   Plumbing Permit Fees.
   Sec. 4-168   Red Tagged and Reinspection Fees.
   Sec. 4-169   Specific Building and Zoning Regulations.
   Sec. 4-170   through Sec. 4-174 Reserved for Future Use.
Division XII. Licensing of Dogs and Cats.
   Sec. 4-175   Animal Licensing Required.
   Sec. 4-176   Application.
   Sec. 4-177   Duration of License.
   Sec. 4-178   Deadlines for Filing Application.
   Sec. 4-179   Exemptions.
   Sec. 4-180   License Tag Issued by Clerk-Treasurer.
   Sec. 4-181   Identification Tags to be Worn at All Times.
   Sec. 4-182   Records and Licensing Period.
   Sec. 4-183   Fines.
   Sec. 4-184   Fees.
   Sec. 4-185   Non-Transferring of License.
   Sec. 4-186   Commercial Animal Establishments and Animal Shelters.
   Sec. 4-187   Reserved for Future Use.
Division XIII. Sales and Solicitations Prohibited on Public Streets and Intersections.
   Sec. 4-188   Solicitation on Public Streets and Intersections Prohibited - Penalty.
   Sec. 4-189   Reserved for Future Use.
Division XIV. Fire Department Fees.
   Sec. 4-190   Fees for Responses to Hazardous and Toxic Material Spills and Leaks.
   Sec. 4-191   Thirty (30) Day Payment Period.
   Sec. 4-192   Clean-up and Clean-up Contractors.
   Sec. 4-193   Billing Procedures.
   Sec. 4-194   Penalty for Failure to Pay.
   Sec. 4-195   Fire Investigation Reports.
   Sec. 4-196   through Sec. 4-199 Reserved for Future Use.
Division XV. Police Department Fees.
   Sec. 4-200   Licensing of Handguns - Procedures and Fees.
   Sec. 4-201   Out of State Vehicle Inspection Fee.
   Sec. 4-202   Fees for Traffic Accident Reports.
   Sec. 4-203   Fees for Applications to Police Department.
   Sec. 4-204   Incident Reports, Accident Reports, Photographs, Vehicle Identification Number Checks, Video Tapes and Audio Tapes.
   Sec. 4-204A   Miscellaneous Fees.
   Sec. 4-204B   Law Enforcement Processing Service Charge and Release Fee.
Division XVI. Miscellaneous Fees.
   Sec. 4-205   Assessment Registration.
   Sec. 4-206   Fees Charged by the Plat Review Committee.
   Sec. 4-207   Community Service Program Fees.
   Sec. 4-208   Fire Hydrant Rental Fees.
   Sec. 4-209   Reserved for Future Use.
Article 3. Franchise Regulations.
Division I. Cable Television Rate Regulations.
   Sec. 4-210   Adoption of Rules and Regulations.
   Sec. 4-211   Public Hearing Requirements.
   Sec. 4-212   Period for Review of Rates.
   Sec. 4-213   Forms and Information Required by the FCC.
   Sec. 4-214   Resolution of Council Required.
   Sec. 4-215   Non-Disclosure of Certain Information.
   Sec. 4-216   Refund Order Requirements.
   Sec. 4-217   Violation.
   Sec. 4-218   Allocation of Cable TV Monies Collected.
   Sec. 4-219   through Sec. 4-224 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 4. Fees and Charges.
   Sec. 4-225   Chart on Administrative Fees and Charges.
   Sec. 4-226   through Sec. 4-229 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 5. Taxi Cab Regulations.
   Sec. 4-230   Taxi Cab Regulations Incorporated.
   Sec. 4-231   Insurance and Bond Requirements of Taxi Cab Owners/Operators.
   Sec. 4-232   Rates or Fares to be Charged and Regulations Governing Operation of Taxi Cabs.
   Sec. 4-233   Penalties.
   Sec. 4-234   through Sec. 4-239 Reserved for Future Use.