Chapter 6
Public Health and Safety Matters; Public Nuisances
Article 1. General Provisions.
   Sec. 6-1   Town’s Authority to Regulate.
   Sec. 6-2   Preservation of Public Peace and Order.
   Sec. 6-3   Authority to Regulate Air and Sound.
   Sec. 6-4   Authority to Regulate Public Gatherings.
   Sec. 6-5   Authority to Establish a Fire Department.
   Sec. 6-6   Control Over Animals.
   Sec. 6-7   Offenses Against Public Health, Order and Decency.
   Sec. 6-8   Resisting Official Action.
   Sec. 6-9   and Sec. 6-10 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 2. Animal Regulations.
   Sec. 6-11   Definitions.
   Sec. 6-12   Animal Control Commission.
   Sec. 6-13   Licensing.
   Sec. 6-14   Permits.
   Sec. 6-15   License and Permit Issuance and Revocation.
   Sec. 6-16   Restraint.
   Sec. 6-17   Impoundment and Violation Notice.
   Sec. 6-18   Animal Care.
   Sec. 6-19   Keeping of Wild Animals.
   Sec. 6-20   Keeping of Animals Classified as Farm Animals.
   Sec. 6-21   Performing Animal Exhibits.
   Sec. 6-22   Animal Waste and Disposition.
   Sec. 6-23   Adoption.
   Sec. 6-24   Enforcement.
   Sec. 6-25   Penalties.
   Sec. 6-26   Exceptions.
   Sec. 6-27   Conflicting Ordinances.
   Sec. 6-28   Severability Clause.
   Sec. 6-29   Reserved for Future Use.
Article 3. Alcohol Beverage Regulations.
   Sec. 6-30   Consent.
   Sec. 6-31   Definitions.
   Sec. 6-32   Consuming Alcohol in Vehicle Prohibited.
   Sec. 6-33   Citations.
   Sec. 6-34   Penalties.
   Sec. 6-35   Signs.
   Sec. 6-36   through Sec. 6-39 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 4. Curfew Regulations.
   Sec. 6-40   Curfews Established for Children Ages Fifteen (15) through Seventeen (17).
   Sec. 6-41   Curfew Established for Children Less than Age Fifteen (15).
   Sec. 6-42   Minor Curfew.
   Sec. 6-43   Citations and Detainment of Minor.
   Sec. 6-44   Fines.
   Sec. 6-45   Appearance in Town Court.
   Sec. 6-46   through Sec. 6-47 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 5. Burning Regulations.
   Sec. 6-48   Definitions.
   Sec. 6-49   Open Burning Prohibited, Nuisance.
   Sec. 6-50   Exemptions.
   Sec. 6-51   Penalty.
   Sec. 6-52   through Sec. 6-57 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 6. Fire Alarms and Smoke Detectors.
   Sec. 6-58   Intent.
   Sec. 6-59   Definitions.
   Sec. 6-60   Requirements for Installation.
   Sec. 6-61   Inspections.
   Sec. 6-62   Violations and Fines.
   Sec. 6-63   Force Majeure.
   Sec. 6-64   through Sec. 6-65 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 7. Fireworks Regulations.
   Sec. 6-66   Definitions.
   Sec. 6-67   Special Permit.
   Sec. 6-68   Use and Discharge, Generally.
   Sec. 6-69   Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Importer or Distributor.
   Sec. 6-70   Identification of Fireworks.
   Sec. 6-71   Sales.
   Sec. 6-72   Revocation of Special Permit.
   Sec. 6-73   Penalty.
   Sec. 6-74   through Sec. 6-77 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 8. Unsafe Building Regulations.
   Sec. 6-78   Title of Ordinance.
   Sec. 6-79   Administration and Enforcement.
   Sec. 6-80   Adoption.
   Sec. 6-81   Definitions.
   Sec. 6-82   Issuance of Orders in Relations to Unsafe Premises.
   Sec. 6-83   Contents of Order.
   Sec. 6-84   Service by Publication.
   Sec. 6-85   Modification of Orders.
   Sec. 6-86   Rescission of Orders.
   Sec. 6-87   Service of Orders and Statements.
   Sec. 6-88   Hearings: Notice and Procedure.
   Sec. 6-89   Judicial Review.
   Sec. 6-90   Recording of Orders, Statements and Records and Consequences Thereof.
   Sec. 6-91   Duties of Transfer of Unsafe Buildings - Information to be Supplied on Transfer or Disposal of unsafe Building.
   Sec. 6-92   Emergency Action.
   Sec. 6-93   Receivers - Appointment and Powers.
   Sec. 6-94   Repairs - Public Bids on Work Pursuant to Order.
   Sec. 6-95   Liability for Costs on Work Pursuant to Order.
   Sec. 6-96   Unsafe Buildings Fund.
   Sec. 6-97   Inspection and Power of Enforcement.
   Sec. 6-98   Civil Action by the Planning and Building Department.
   Sec. 6-99   Criminal Sanctions for Violations.
   Sec. 6-100   Change of Venue - Change of Judge.
   Sec. 6-101   Precedence of Actions.
   Sec. 6-102   General Statements.
   Sec. 6-103   Supplemental Definition.
   Sec. 6-104   Rights Already Accrued.
   Sec. 6-105   Recondition.
   Sec. 6-106   Construction.
   Sec. 6-107   Severability.
   Sec. 6-108   Amendment or Supplement.
   Sec. 6-109   through Sec. 6-111 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 9. Refuse, Garbage and Recycling Regulations.
   Sec. 6-112   Definitions.
   Sec. 6-113   Minimum Refuse Requirements.
   Sec. 6-114   Dumping and Littering.
   Sec. 6-115   Systematic Refuse Collections.
   Sec. 6-116   Residential Garbage Collection Fee.
   Sec. 6-117   Recycling Containers.
   Sec. 6-118   Yard Waste Regulations.
   Sec. 6-119   Use of Town Dumpster.
   Sec. 6-120   Permits.
   Sec. 6-121   Guidelines.
   Sec. 6-122   Saturday Dumping.
   Sec. 6-123   Fees.
   Sec. 6-124   Revocation of Rights.
   Sec. 6-125   Recycling Plan Requirements.
   Sec. 6-126   Form for Right to Dispose of Refuse at Town Dumpster.
   Sec. 6-127   Form for Dumping Permit.
   Sec. 6-128   Fines.
   Sec. 6-129   Reserved for Future Use.
Article 10. Weeds, Rank Vegetation and Grass.
   Sec. 6-130   Definitions.
   Sec. 6-131   Real Estate Excluded from this Chapter.
   Sec. 6-132   Permitting Excessive Growth of Weeds, Rank Vegetation and Grass to be Declared a Public Nuisance.
   Sec. 6-133   Procedures for Enforcement.
   Sec. 6-134   Expense as a Lien Against the Property of the Owner.
   Sec. 6-135   through 6-137 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 11. Nuisances.
   Sec. 6-138   Nuisances Declared.
   Sec. 6-139   Specific Nuisances Highlighted.
   Sec. 6-140   Designation of Nuisances.
   Sec. 6-141   Written Notice - Fines.
   Sec. 6-142   Town Action.
   Sec. 6-143   Liens.
   Sec. 6-144   Recording and Intent.
   Sec. 6-145   Legal Action.
   Sec. 6-146   and Sec. 6-147 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 12. Obscene Material.
   Sec. 6-148   Obscene Literature, Devices and Prohibited - Fines.
   Sec. 6-149   Preliminary Determination of Obscenity - Hearing and Notice Requirements.
   Sec. 6-150   Probable Cause.
   Sec. 6-151   through Sec. 6-153 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 13. Motor Vehicles Public Safety Regulations.
Division I. Junk Motor Vehicles Declared Nuisances.
   Sec. 6-154   Definitions.
   Sec. 6-155   Exceptions.
   Sec. 6-156   Responsibility of Owner.
   Sec. 6-157   Vehicles in Possession of Person Other Than Owner.
   Sec. 6-158   Removal of Abandoned Vehicles - Notice Tag.
   Sec. 6-159   Disposal of Abandoned Vehicles.
   Sec. 6-160   Maximum Towing and Storage Charges.
   Sec. 6-161   Towing Contracts.
   Sec. 6-162   Liability for Loss or Damage.
   Sec. 6-163   Role of Police Department.
   Sec. 6-164   Abandoned Vehicle Fund.
   Sec. 6-165   Severability Clause.
   Sec. 6-166   through Sec. 6-169 Reserved for Future Use.
Division II. Restrictions on Traffic When Danger to Public is Declared.
   Sec. 6-170   Declaration by Town Manager.
   Sec. 6-171   Markings or Signs Required.
   Sec. 6-172   Listing of Roads Affected and Alternate Routes.
   See. 6-173   Penalties.
   Sec. 6-174   through Sec. 6-177 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 14. Firearms Regulation.
   Sec. 6-178   Discharge of Firearms Prohibited.
   Sec. 6-179   through Sec. 6-185 Reserved for Future Use.
   Sec. 6-186   Penalties.
   Sec. 6-187   through Sec. 6-189 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 15. Miscellaneous Public Safety Regulations.
   Sec. 6-190   Fires Prohibited in Railroad Rights-of-Way.
   Sec. 6-191   through See. 6-229 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 16. Commencement of Construction Regulations.
   Sec. 6-230   Commencement and Termination of Commercial or Residential Construction.
   Sec. 6-231   Penalties.
   Sec. 6-232   through Sec. 6-234 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 17. Other Public Safety Regulations.
   Sec. 6-235   Deferred Prosecution Program.
   Sec. 6-236   Vandalism Prohibited - Penalties.
   Sec. 6-237   Possession of Tobacco Products by Minors Prohibited - Penalty.
   Sec. 6-238   Prohibiting the Purchase, Possession, Sale, and Offering for Sale of Substances Containing Synthetic Cannabinoid.
   Sec. 6-239   Reserved for Future Use.
Article 18. Noise.
   Sec. 6-240   Definitions.
   Sec. 6-241   Restrictions.
   Sec. 6-242   Exemptions.
   Sec. 6-243   Violation; Evidence of Sound Level.
   Sec. 6-244   Penalty; Payment of Fines.
   Sec. 6-245   through Sec. 6-249 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 19. Occupancy Regulations.
   Sec. 6-250   Occupancy Regulations.
   Sec. 6-251   Violations.
   Sec. 6-252   Penalty.
   Sec. 6-253   through Sec. 6-259 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 20. Identity Theft prevention Program
   Sec. 6-260   Purpose.
   Sec. 6-261   Application.
   Sec. 6-262   Definitions.
   Sec. 6-263   Program.
   Sec. 6-264   Administration of Program.
   Sec. 6-265   Identification of Relevant Red Flags.
   Sec. 6-266   Detection of Red Flags.
   Sec. 6-267   Response.
   Sec. 6-268   Updating the Program.
   Sec. 6-269   Oversight of the Program.
   Sec. 6-270   Oversight of Service Provider Arrangements.
   Sec. 6-271   Duties Regarding Address Discrepancies.
   Sec. 6-272   Security of Personal Identifying Information.
   Sec. 6-273   Employee Training.
   Sec. 6-274   Disposal of Sensitive Information.