Chapter 7
Building and Construction Regulations
Article 1. Regulations Governing Building Contractors, Subcontractors and Those Engaged in the Construction Business.
   Sec. 7-1   Registration Required.
   Sec. 7-2   Contractor Defined.
   Sec. 7-3   Exclusions.
   Sec. 7-4   Unlawful Activities.
   Sec. 7-5   Application and Application Fees.
   Sec. 7-6   Annual Registration Fee and Liability Insurance.
   Sec. 7-7   Collection of Fees and Role of Supervisors.
   Sec. 7-8   Indemnity Bond.
   Sec. 7-9   Board of Licensing and Registration - Penalties and Exceptions.
   Sec. 7-10   Proof of Insurance Required.
   Sec. 7-11   Penalties.
   Sec. 7-12   Exemptions from Application Fee.
   Sec. 7-13   Severability.
   Sec. 7-14   through Sec. 7-17 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 2. Permit Fees.
Division I. Background Information.
   Sec. 7-18   Payment Required.
   Sec. 7-19   Reserved for Future Use.
Division II. Schedule A.
   Sec. 7-20   Fees and Charges Established.
   Sec. 7-21   Building, Plumbing and Zoning Fees.
   Sec. 7-22   Plumbing Fees.
   Sec. 7-23   Electrical and Mechanical Electrical Fees.
   Sec. 7-24   Zone Application Fees.
   Sec. 7-25   Severability.
   Sec. 7-26   Permits and the Role of the Public Works Director.
   Sec. 7-27   Reserved for Future Use.
Article 3. Responsible Bidders Regulations.
   Sec. 7-28   Establishment.
   Sec. 7-29   Pre-Bid Submission Requirements for Contractors.
   Sec. 7-30   Post-Bid Submission Requirements for Subcontractors.
   Sec. 7-31   Validity of Pre-Qualification Designation.
   Sec. 7-32   Incomplete Pre-Bid Submissions by Contractors.
   Sec. 7-33   Responsive and Responsible Bidder Determination.
   Sec. 7-34   Certified Payroll.
   Sec. 7-34.1   Public Records.
   Sec. 7-34.2   Penalties for False, Deceptive, or Fraudulent Statements/Information.
Article 4. Sidewalks And Driveways.
   Sec. 7-35   Responsibility for Repair and Maintenance of Abutting Sidewalks and Driveways.
   Sec. 7-36   Notice of Order to Repair.
   Sec. 7-37   Insurance and Service of Notice to Repair.
   Sec. 7-38   Contract for Repair.
   Sec. 7-39   Assessments.
   Sec. 7-40   Penalty.
   Sec. 7-41   Maintenance Contribution Fund.
   Sec. 7-42   through Sec. 7-44 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 5. Building Code.
   Sec. 7-45   Title.
   Sec. 7-46   Purpose.
   Sec. 7-47   Authority.
   Sec. 7-48   Scope.
   Sec. 7-49   Adoption of Building Rules, Codes and Standards by Reference.
   Sec. 7-50   Application for Permits.
   Sec. 7-51   Permit Required.
   Sec. 7-52   Other Ordinances.
   Sec. 7-53   Fees and Required Inspections.
   Sec. 7-54   Review of Application.
   Sec. 7-55   Inspections.
   Sec. 7-56   Entry.
   Sec. 7-57   Stop Order.
   Sec. 7-58   Certificate of Occupancy.
   Sec. 7-59   Standards.
   Sec. 7-60   Violations.
   Sec. 7-61   Right of Appeal.
   Sec. 7-62   Remedies.
   Sec. 7-63   Penalties.
   Sec. 7-64   Severability and Rules of Construction.
   Sec. 7-65   Effective Date.
   Sec. 7-66   through Sec. 7-69 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 6. Street Numbers.
   Sec. 7-70   Display of Street Numbers Required.
   Sec. 7-71   Special Exceptions for Distant Property.
   Sec. 7-72   Minimum Size of Numbers.
   Sec. 7-73   Violations and Penalties.
   Sec. 7-74   Written Notification of Non-Compliance.
   Sec. 7-75   through Sec. 7-77 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 7. Manufactured Housing.
Division I. Permitted Placement.
   Sec. 7-78   Definitions.
Division II. Applicability.
   Sec. 7-79   Location Out of Parks.
   Sec. 7-80   Year of Manufacture.
   Sec. 7-81   Reserved for Future Use.
Division III. Standards.
   Sec. 7-82   Permitted Placement.
   Sec. 7-83   Reserved for Future Use.
Division IV. Exterior Appearance Standards.
   Sec. 7-84   Requirements.
   Sec. 7-85   Reserved for Future Use.
Division V. Installation Standards.
   Sec. 7-86   Perimeter Retaining Wall.
   Sec. 7-87   Foundations.
   Sec. 7-88   Reserved for Future Use.
Division VI. Permits.
   Sec. 7-89   Improvement Location Permits.
   Sec. 7-90   Certificate of Occupancy.
   Sec. 7-91   Appeal.
   Sec. 7-92   Penalty for Violation.
   Sec. 7-93   through Sec. 7-97 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 8. Condominium Conversion Regulations.
   Sec. 7-98   Construction.
   Sec. 7-99   Severability.
   Sec. 7-100   Applicability.
   Sec. 7-101   Definitions.
   Sec. 7-102   Creation of a Condominium.
   Sec. 7-103   Protection of Purchasers.
   Sec. 7-104   Protection of Tenants.
   Sec. 7-105   Violations and Penalties.
   Sec. 7-106   through Sec. 7-109 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 9. Fire Prevention Code.
   Sec. 7-110   Adoption of Fire Prevention Code.
   Sec. 7-111   Establishment and Duties of Bureau of Fire Prevention.
   Sec. 7-112   Definitions.
   Sec. 7-113   Modifications.
   Sec. 7-114   Appeals.
   Sec. 7-115   New Materials, Processes or Occupancies Which May Require Permits.
   Sec. 7-116   Penalties.
   Sec. 7-117   Repeal of Conflicting Ordinances.
   Sec. 7-118   Amendments and Modifications of Fire Prevention Code.
   Sec. 7-119   Validity.
   Sec. 7-120   through Sec. 7-124 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 10. Excavations, Easements and Rights of-Way.
Division I. Excavations.
   Sec. 7-125   Permit Required.
   Sec. 7-126   Application.
   Sec. 7-127   Bond Requirements.
   Sec. 7-128   Additional Bonds.
   Sec. 7-129   Compliance With Warning Barrier Regulations.
   Sec. 7-130   Notification to Public Works Director.
   Sec. 7-131   Funds to be Created.
   Sec. 7-132   Enforcement.
   Sec. 7-133   Backfill Regulations.
   Sec. 7-134   Maintenance.
   Sec. 7-135   Violations.
   Sec. 7-136   Penalties.
   Sec. 7-137   Severability.
   Sec. 7-138   through Sec. 7-139 Reserved for Future Use.
Division II. Easements and Right-of-Ways.
   Sec. 7-140   Construction Prohibited Upon Easements and Rights-of-Way.
   Sec. 7-141   Penalties.
   Sec. 7-142   through Sec. 7-147 Reserved for Future Use.