Chapter 8
Traffic and Parking Regulations
Article 1. Traffic Code.
Division I. General Provisions.
   Sec. 8-1   Short Title.
   Sec. 8-2   Definitions.
   Sec. 8-3   Severability.
   Sec. 8-4   Repeal.
   Sec. 8-5   through Sec. 8-9 Reserved for Future Use.
Division II. Enforcement. Signs and Signals.
   Sec. 8-10   Authority of Police and Fire Department Officials.
   Sec. 8-11   Obedience to Police.
   Sec. 8-12   Authority to Install Traffic Control Devices.
   Sec. 8-13   Manual and Specifications for Traffic Control Devices.
   Sec. 8-14   Obedience to Official Traffic Control Devices.
   Sec. 8-15   When Traffic Control Devices Are Required for Enforcement Purposes.
   Sec. 8-16   Display of Unauthorized Signs, Signals or Markings.
   Sec. 8-17   Interference With Official Traffic Control Devices or Railroad Signs or Signals.
   Sec. 8-18   Surveys and Posting of Temporary Signs.
   Sec. 8-19   through Sec. 8-21 Reserved for Future Use.
Division III. Speed Limits.
   Sec. 8-22   Maximum State Established Speed Limits.
   Sec. 8-23   Special Local Speed Zones.
   Sec. 8-24   15 M.P.H. Speed Zones.
   Sec. 8-25   20 M.P.H. Speed Zones.
   Sec. 8-26   25 M.P.H. Speed Zones.
   Sec. 8-27   30 M.P.H. Speed Zones.
   Sec. 8-28   35 M.P.H. Speed Zones
   Sec. 8-29   Park Areas - "Slow Children Playing".
   Sec. 8-30   through Sec. 8-33 Reserved for Future Use.
Division IV. Operation of Motor Vehicle Regulations.
   Sec. 8-34   Motor Vehicle Defined.
   Sec. 8-35   Activities Prohibited.
   Sec. 8-36   Unlawful Riding.
   Sec. 8-37   Child Passenger Restraint.
   Sec. 8-38   Passenger Restraint.
   Sec. 8-39   through Sec. 8-49 Reserved for Future Use.
Division V. Parking Regulations.
   Sec. 8-50   Trucks of Nine Thousand (9,000) Pounds or More-Parking Regulations.
   Sec. 8-51   Limited Truck Exceptions.
   Sec. 8-52   Penalty.
   Sec. 8-53   Enforcement and Temporary Access.
   Sec. 8-54   Physically Disabled Person Parking Restrictions.
   Sec. 8-55   Application of Division.
   Sec. 8-56   Regulations Not Exclusive.
   Sec. 8-57   Stopping, Standing or Parking Prohibited; No Signs Required.
   Sec. 8-58   Standing or Parking Close to Curb.
   Sec. 8-59   Parking Not to Obstruct Traffic.
   Sec. 8-60   Unloading Passengers.
   Sec. 8-61   Double Parking.
   Sec. 8-62   Special Regulations for Street Work and Snow Removal.
   Sec. 8-63   Parking Prohibited at All Times on Certain Streets.
   Sec. 8-64   Parking Prohibited From 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. School Day Only on Certain Streets.
   Sec. 8-65   Parking Time Limited on Certain Streets to 15 Minutes 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
   Sec. 8-66   Parking Time Limited on Certain Streets-One Hour 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
   Sec. 8-67   Illegally Parked or Abandoned Vehicles.
   Sec. 8-68   Towing and Storing Fees.
   Sec. 8-69   Storage of Vehicles.
   Sec. 8-70   No Parking Areas.
   Sec. 8-71   Parking Prohibited After Snow is Two (2) Inches - Schedule 2.
   Sec. 8-72   Booting of Motor Vehicles.
   Sec. 8-73   through Sec. 8-77 Reserved for Future Use.
Division VI. Traffic
   Sec. 8-78   Traffic Control Signal Legend.
   Sec. 8-79   Flashing Signals.
   Sec. 8-80   Stop Signs.
   Sec. 8-81   Four (4) Way Stop Signs.
   Sec. 8-82   Yield Right of Way Signs and Three (3) Way Stop Streets.
   Sec. 8-83   Stop When Traffic Obstructed.
   Sec. 8-84   U Turns and Left Turns.
   Sec. 8-85   One Way Streets and Alleys.
   Sec. 8-86   Traffic Control Devices Schedule.
   Sec. 8-87   through Sec. 8-104 Reserved for Future Use.
Division VII. Traffic Control in Parks.
   Sec. 8-105   Signs Erected.
   Sec. 8-106   Restrictions.
   Sec. 8-107   Exceptions.
   Sec. 8-108   through Sec. 8-114 Reserved for Future Use.
Division VIII. Local Authorities to Regulate Traffic on Local Roads and Streets.
   Sec. 8-115   Definitions.
   Sec. 8-116   Authority of Town Administration Established.
   Sec. 8-117   Enforcement.
   Sec. 8-118   Penalty.
   Sec. 8-119   through Sec. 8-121 Reserved for Future Use.
Division IX. Truck Regulations.
   Sec. 8-122   Heavy Truck Weight Restrictions.
   Sec. 8-123   Restriction Signs Erected.
   Sec. 8-124   Authority of Town Manager.
   Sec. 8-125   Verification.
   Sec. 8-126   Penalties.
   Sec. 8-127   Vehicle Owner Restrictions.
   Sec. 8-128   and Sec. 8-129 Reserved for Future Use
Division X. Towing Charges and Regulations.
   Sec. 8-130   Towing and Removing Charges.
   Sec. 8-131   Day and Night Rates and Times.
   Sec. 8-132   Towing Contracts to Remove Vehicles Declared Public Nuisances.
   Sec. 8-133   Independent Contractors.
   Sec. 8-134   Bonding and Hold Harmless Provisions.
   Sec. 8-135   through Sec. 8-139 Reserved for Future Use.
Division XI. Fines and Penalties.
   Sec. 8-140   Enforcement.
   Sec. 8-141   Presumption in Reference to Illegal Parking.
   Sec. 8-142   Failure to Comply or Destroying Notice.
   Sec. 8-143   Violations and Penalties.
   Sec. 8-144   Safe Operation of Motor Vehicles - Penalty.
   Sec. 8-145   through Sec. 8-159 Reserved for Future Use.
Division XII. Weight Restrictions on Specific Roads.
   Sec. 8-160   Vehicle Weight Restrictions on Rohrman Road.
   Sec. 8-161   Vehicle Weight Restrictions on Junction Avenue, Joliet Street.
   Sec. 8-162   Designated Truck Routes - Penalties.
   Sec. 8-163   Vehicle Weight Restrictions on 77th Avenue - Penalties.
   Sec. 8-164   through Sec. 8-169 Reserved for Future Use.
Division XIII. Golf Cart Usage Regulations.
   Sec. 8-170   Authorization.
   Sec. 8-171   Definition.
   Sec. 8-172   License Required.
   Sec. 8-173   Regulations.
   Sec. 8-174   Penalties.
   Sec. 8-175   through 8-179 Reserved for Future Use.