Chapter 5
Parks and Recreation
Article 1. Parks and Recreation in General.
   Sec. 5-1   Authority to Create.
   Sec. 5-2   Administration of Parks and Recreation Programs.
   Sec. 5-3   through Sec. 5-5 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 2. Parks and Recreation Master Plan.
   Sec. 5-6   Adoption of Parks and Recreation Master Plan.
   Sec. 5-7   Town Parks.
   Sec. 5-8   through Sec. 5-14 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 3. Park Regulations.
Division I. Specific Rules and Regulations Governing Conduct in Town Parks.
   Sec. 5-15   Board of Parks and Recreation Rules Adopted.
   Sec. 5-16   Construction and Scope of Division.
   Sec. 5-17   Definitions of Terms.
   Sec. 5-18   Defacement, Destruction, Removal and Disturbance of Property, Equipment and Natural Features.
   Sec. 5-19   Littering, Rubbish, Garbage, Sewage and Noxious Material, Air Pollution, Nuisance and/or Damage.
   Sec. 5-20   Molesting Wildlife; Hunting and Fishing.
   Sec. 5-21   Camps and Camping.
   Sec. 5-22   Hours of Operation.
   Sec. 5-23   Traffic Regulations.
   Sec. 5-24   Swimming, Swimming Areas and Beaches.
   Sec. 5-25   Snowmobiles, Sledding, Skiing and Skating.
   Sec. 5-26   Indecent Conduct.
   Sec. 5-27   Disorderly Conduct.
   Sec. 5-28   Firearms, Weapons, Explosives, Etc.
   Sec. 5-29   Household Pets Prohibited in Parks - Exceptions; Control of Animals.
   Sec. 5-30   Advertising Signs Prohibited.
   Sec. 5-31   Commercial Enterprises Prohibited; Concessioneering Without Permit.
   Sec. 5-32   Fee Permits, Rental Facilities Authorized.
   Sec. 5-33   Obedience to Posted Rules and Regulations Required.
   Sec. 5-34   Board Agents and Employees of the Board.
   Sec. 5-35   Penalties.
   Sec. 5-36   through Sec. 5-39 Reserved for Future Use.
Division II. Procedure for Requesting Use of Athletic Facilities.
   Sec. 5-40   Procedures to Request Athletic Facilities Usage.
   Sec. 5-41   through Sec. 5-44 Reserved for Future Use.
Division III. Fees.
   Sec. 5-45   Shelter Fees.
   Sec. 5-46   Reserved.
   Sec. 5-47   Reserved.
   Sec. 5-48   Fees for Non-Lessee Users of Athletic Fields.
   Sec. 5-49   Procedures to Reserve Shelter.
   Sec. 5-50   Limitations of Usage.
   Sec. 5-51   Pavilion Rental Fees for Schools.
   Sec. 5-52   Mobile Band Shell; Policies and Procedures.
   Sec. 5-53   Activities Fee Schedule.
   Sec. 5-54   Reserved for Future Use.
Division IV. Miscellaneous.
   Sec. 5-55   Funds.
   Sec. 5-56   Lightning Prediction and Warning System Policy and Procedures.
   Sec. 5-57   through Sec. 5-79 Reserved for Future Use.
Division V. Additional Traffic Control Regulations in Parks.
   Sec. 5-80   Signs Erected.
   Sec. 5-81   Restrictions.
   Sec. 5-82   Exceptions.
   Sec. 5-83   Penalties.
   Sec. 5-84   through Sec. 5-89 Reserved for Future Use.
Division VI. Hours of Public Restrooms in Parks.
   Sec. 5-90   Hours of Park Public Restroom Facilities.
   Sec. 5-91   When Restroom Facilities are Closed.
   Sec. 5-92   Role of Park Superintendent.
   Sec. 5-93   through Sec. 5-96 Reserved for Future Use.
Division VII. Skate Park Facility.
   Sec. 5-97   Rules and regulations.
   Sec. 5-98   and 5-99 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 4. Park and Recreation Equitable Impact Fees.
   Sec. 5-100   Limitation on Imposition of Impact Fee.
   Sec. 5-101   Establishment of Infrastructure Impact Zone.
   Sec. 5-102   Zone Improvement Plan.
   Sec. 5-103   Establishment of Park and Recreational Impact Fee.
   Sec. 5-104   Credit in Lieu of Payment Exemptions.
   Sec. 5-105   Impact Fee Due Upon Issuance of Structural Building Permit.
   Sec. 5-106   Lien Rights Established.
   Sec. 5-107   Form of Receipt.
   Sec. 5-108   Appeals.
   Sec. 5-109   Establishment of Non-Reverting Park and Recreational Fund.
   Sec. 5-110   Use of Impact Fees Collected.
   Sec. 5-111   House Enrolled Act No. 1467.
   Sec. 5-112   Amendments and Review.
   Sec. 5-113   through Sec. 5-119 Reserved for Future Use.