Chapter 9
Article 1. General Provisions.
   Sec. 9-1   Authority to Establish Utility Service.
   Sec. 9-2   Authority to Establish Waterworks.
   Sec. 9-3   Authority to Regulate Disposal of Sanitary Sewage.
   Sec. 9-4   through Sec. 9-9 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 2. Water Cross Connection Control.
   Sec. 9-10   Statement of Purpose and Intent.
   Sec. 9-11   Definitions.
   Sec. 9-12   Authority and Responsibility.
   Sec. 9-13   Effect of Article as to Other Laws.
   Sec. 9-14   Commercial and Industrial Hazards.
   Sec. 9-15   Irrigation Systems.
   Sec. 9-16   Residential Hazards.
   Sec. 9-17   Fire Service.
   Sec. 9-18   Pre-Existing Facilities.
   Sec. 9-19   Location.
   Sec. 9-20   Uninterrupted Service.
   Sec. 9-21   Looped Taps.
   Sec. 9-22   Prohibitions, Inspections and Recordkeeping.
   Sec. 9-23   Enforcement.
   Sec. 9-24   through Sec. 9-29 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 3. Duties and Authorities of the Water Distribution And Sanitary District.
   Sec. 9-30   Definitions.
   Sec. 9-31   Development and Extension of Sanitary and Water Utility Facilities.
   Sec. 9-32   Obligation to Connect and Pay Fees.
   Sec. 9-33   Non-Discrimination in Rates and Charges.
   Sec. 9-34   Financing and the Pro Rata Charges.
   Sec. 9-35   Amendment of Prior Provision.
   Sec. 9-36   Protection of Water and Sewer Transmission Lines-Tracer Wires.
   Sec. 9-37   through Sec. 9-39 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 4. Boundaries of the Utility Board's Sanitary System, Duties and Authority.
   Sec. 9-40   Definitions.
   Sec. 9-41   Boundaries of Sanitary District.
   Sec. 9-42   Development and Extension of Sanitary Sewer Utility Facilities.
   Sec. 9-43   Obligation to Connect and Pay Fees.
   Sec. 9-44   Financing the Pro Rata Charges.
   Sec. 9-45   Rates Charged to St. John and Its Sanitary District.
   Sec. 9-46   through Sec. 9-47 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 5. Water District Boundaries Identical to Sanitary District; Duties and Authority.
   Sec. 9-48   Definitions.
   Sec. 9-49   Creation of Water District.
   Sec. 9-50   Development and Extension of Water Utility Extension.
   Sec. 9-51   Obligation to Connect and Pay Fees.
   Sec. 9-52   Non-Discrimination in Rates and Charges.
   Sec. 9-53   Financing the Pro Rata Charges.
   Sec. 9-54   through Sec. 9-59 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 6. Waterworks.
Division I. Rates and Charges.
   Sec. 9-60   Basis of Waterworks Rates and Charges - Reasonable Rate of Return.
   Sec. 9-61   Monthly Meter Rates.
   Sec. 9-62   Minimum Monthly Charges.
   Sec. 9-63   Hydrants and Private Fire Protection.
   Sec. 9-64   Drinking Fountain Rates.
   Sec. 9-65   Temporary Users.
   Sec. 9-66   Collection of Deferred Payment Charges.
   Sec. 9-67   Disconnection of Service.
   Sec. 9-68   Disconnect and Reconnect Charge.
   Sec. 9-69   Water Tracker Component Rates and Charges.
Division II. Other Water Policies and Procedures.
   Sec. 9-70   Non-Municipal Fire Hydrants.
   Sec. 9-71   Reserved.
   Sec. 9-72   Leased Hydrants to Town of Schererville.
   Sec. 9-73   System Development Charge.
   Sec. 9-74   Rate of Return.
   Sec. 9-75   Illegal Connection to, Misuse of and/or Tampering with Waterworks System.
   Sec. 9-76   through Sec. 9-79 Reserved for Future Use.
Division III. New Customers.
   Sec. 9-80   Capacity Charges for the Connection of New Customers.
   Sec. 9-81   IURC Approval.
   Sec. 9-82   Surcharges.
   Sec. 9-83   through Sec. 9-87 Reserved for Future Use.
Division IV. Water Meter Installation, Permits, Procedures and Fees.
   Sec. 9-88   Outside Installation of Water Meters.
   Sec. 9-89   Tapping Permit and Installation Fees.
   Sec. 9-90   Inspections Required.
   Sec. 9-91   Deposit Required.
   Sec. 9-92   Supplementary Regulations.
   Sec. 9-93   Location of Meters.
   Sec. 9-94   Obstructions Prohibited-Penalties.
   Sec. 9-95   Replacement of Pit Meters.
   Sec. 9-96   Pit Meters Prohibited.
   Sec. 9-97   Readings and Billings.
   Sec. 9-98   Schererville Heights Surcharge.
   Sec. 9-99   through Sec. 9-105 Reserved for Future Use.
Division V. Sprinkling Regulations.
   Sec. 9-106   Sprinkling Rates.
   Sec. 9-107   Authority to Impose a Sprinkling Ban.
   Sec. 9-108   and Sec. 9-124 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 7. Sewage Works.
Division I. Industrial Cost Recovering System.
   Sec. 9-125   Definitions.
   Sec. 9-126   Reimbursement Required by Industrial Users.
   Sec. 9-127   Determination of Users Subject to Industrial Cost Recovery Charges.
   Sec. 9-128   Basis for Industrial Cost Recovery Rates.
   Sec. 9-129   Accounting Procedures - Sewage Works Industrial Cost Recovery Fund.
   Sec. 9-130   Reviews By EPA.
   Sec. 9-131   Bills and Collections.
   Sec. 9-132   through Sec. 9-139 Reserved for Future Use.
Division II. Schedule of Rates and Charges.
   Sec. 9-140   Definitions.
   Sec. 9-141   Classes of Users of the Treatment Works.
   Sec. 9-142   Basis of Sewage Rates and Charges.
   Sec. 9-143   Sewage Rates and Charges.
   Sec. 9-144   Reserved.
   Sec. 9-145   Strength and Character of Industrial Discharges.
   Sec. 9-146   Monthly Billings and Collection of Delinquency Accounts
   Sec. 9-147   Annual Study of Rates and Charges.
   Sec. 9-148   Tap-In Fees.
   Sec. 9-149   Collection Charge for Interceptor Sewer Facilities.
   Sec. 9-150   By-Laws, Regulations and Authority to Prohibit Dumping.
   Sec. 9-151   through Sec. 9-154 Reserved for Future Use.
Division III. Public Sewer System Regulations.
   Sec. 9-155   Definitions.
   Sec. 9-156   Specific Sewage Regulations-Mandatory Connection.
   Sec. 9-157   Permits and Inspection Fees.
   Sec. 9-158   Pre-Treatment of Industrial Wastes.
   Sec. 9-159   through Sec. 169 Reserved for Future Use.
Division I. General Provisions.
   Sec. 9-170   Purpose of Policy.
   Sec. 9-171   Administration.
   Sec. 9-172   Definitions.
   Sec. 9-173   Abbreviations.
   Sec. 9-174   through Sec. 9-177 Reserved for Future Use.
Division II. General Sewer Use Requirements.
   Sec. 9-178   Prohibited Discharge Standards.
   Sec. 9-179   Federal Categorical Pretreatment Standards.
   Sec. 9-180   State Pretreatment Requirements.
   Sec. 9-181   Specific Pollutant Limitations.
   Sec. 9-182   Town’s Right of Revision.
   Sec. 9-183   Special Agreement.
   Sec. 9-184   Dilution.
   Sec. 9-185   through Sec. 9-187 Reserved for Future Use.
Division III. Pretreatment of Wastewater.
   Sec. 9-188   Pretreatment Facilities.
   Sec. 9-189   Additional Pretreatment Measures.
   Sec. 9-190   Accidental Discharge/Sludge Discharge Control Plans.
   Sec. 9-191   Tenant Responsibility.
   Sec. 9-192   Hauled Wastewater.
   Sec. 9-193   Vandalism
   Sec. 9-194   and Sec. 9-195 Reserved for Future Use.
Division IV. Individual Wastewater Discharge Permit Eligibility.
   Sec. 9-196   Individual Wastewater Survey.
   Sec. 9-197   Individual Wastewater Discharge Permit Requirement.
   Sec. 9-198   Individual Wastewater Discharge Permitting: Existing Connections.
   Sec. 9-199   Individual Wastewater Discharge Permitting: New Connections.
   Sec. 9-200   Individual Wastewater Discharge Permitting: Extra Jurisdictional Industrial Users.
   Sec. 9-201   Individual Wastewater Discharge Permit Application Contents.
   Sec. 9-202   Application Signatories and Certification.
   Sec. 9-203   Individual Wastewater Discharge Permit Decisions.
   Sec. 9-204   and Sec. 9-205 Reserved for Future Use.
Division V. Individual Wastewater Discharge Permit Issuance Process.
   Sec. 9-206   Individual Wastewater Discharge Permit Duration.
   Sec. 9-207   Individual Wastewater Discharge Permit Contents.
   Sec. 9-208   Individual Wastewater Discharge Permit Appeals.
   Sec. 9-209   Individual Wastewater Discharge Permit Modification.
   Sec. 9-210   Individual Wastewater Discharge Permit Transfer.
   Sec. 9-211   Individual Wastewater Discharge Permit Revocation.
   Sec. 9-212   Individual Wastewater Discharge Permit Reissuance.
   Sec. 9-213   and Sec. 9-214 Reserved for Future Use.
Division VI. Reporting Requirements.
   Sec. 9-215   Baseline Monitoring Reports.
   Sec. 9-216   Compliance Schedule Progress Reports.
   Sec. 9-217   Report on Compliance with Categorical Pretreatment Standard Deadline.
   Sec. 9-218   Periodic Compliance Reports.
   Sec. 9-219   Reports of Changed Conditions.
   Sec. 9-220   Reports of Potential Problems.
   Sec. 9-221   Reports from Unpermitted Users/Nonpermitted Users.
   Sec. 9-222   Notice of Violation/Repeat Sampling and Reporting.
   Sec. 9-223   Notification of the Discharge of Hazardous Waste.
   Sec. 9-224   Analytical Requirements.
   Sec. 9-225   Sample Collection.
   Sec. 9-226   Determination of Noncompliance.
   Sec. 9-227   Date of Receipt of Reports.
   Sec. 9-228   Recordkeeping.
   Sec. 9-229   Certification Statements.
Division VII. Compliance Monitoring.
   Sec. 9-230   Right of Entry: Inspection and Sampling.
   Sec. 9-231   Search Warrants.
   Sec. 9-232 and Sec. 9-233 Reserved for Future Use.
Division VIII. Confidential Information.
   Sec. 9-234 Information Policies.
   Sec. 9-235 Reserved for Future Use.
Division IX. Publication of Users in Significant Noncompliance.
   Sec. 9-236 Annual Publication.
   Sec. 9-237 Reserved for Future Use.
Division X. Administrative Enforcement Remedies.
   Sec. 9-238   Notification of Violation.
   Sec. 9-239   Consent Orders.
   Sec. 9-240   Show Cause Hearings.
   Sec. 9-241   Compliance Orders.
   Sec. 9-242   Cease and Desist Orders.
   Sec. 9-243   Administrative Fines.
   Sec. 9-244   Emergency Suspensions.
   Sec. 9-245   Termination of Discharge.
   Sec. 9-246   and Sec. 9-247 Reserved for Future Use.
Division XI. Judicial Enforcement Remedies.
   Sec. 9-248   Injunctive Relief.
   Sec. 9-249   Civil Penalties.
   Sec. 9-250   Remedies Nonexclusive.
   Sec. 9-251   through   Sec. 9-253 Reserved for Future Use.
Division XII. Supplemental Enforcement Action.
   Sec. 9-254   Performance Bonds.
   Sec. 9-255   Liability Insurance.
   Sec. 9-256   Water Supply Severance.
   Sec. 9-257   Public Nuisances.
   Sec. 9-258   Informant Rewards.
   Sec. 9-259   Contractor Listing.
   Sec. 9-260   through Sec. 9-263 Reserved for Future Use.
Division XIII. Affirmative Defenses to Discharge Violations.
   Sec. 9-264   Upset.
   Sec. 9-265   Prohibited Discharge Standards/General/Specific Prohibitions.
   Sec. 9-266   Bypass.
   Sec. 9-267   and Sec. 9-268 Reserved For Future Use.
Division XIV. Surcharge Costs
   Sec. 9-269   Nominal Domestic Sewage Waste Strength.
   Sec. 9-270   Surcharge Rates.
   Sec. 9-271   and 9-272 Reserved For Future Use.
Division XV. Miscellaneous Provisions.
   Sec. 9-273   Pretreatment Charges and Fees.
   Sec. 9-274   Severability.
   Sec. 9-275   Conflicts.
   Sec. 9-276   Effective Date.
   Sec. 9-277   through 9-279 Reserved For Future Use.
Article 9. Stormwater Collection and Disposal System.
   Sec. 9-280   through Sec. 9-299 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 10. Fats, Oils, and Greases Discharge Regulations Into the Sanitary Sewage Collection System.
Division 1. General Provisions.
   Sec. 9-300   Provisions and Policy.
   Sec. 9-301   Definitions.
   Sec. 9-302   Abbreviations.
   Sec. 9-303   and Sec. 9-304 Reserved for Future Use.
Division II. General Requirements.
   Sec. 9-305   through Sec. 9-309 Reserved for Future Use.
Division III. Grease Interceptor Specifications and Requirements.
   Sec. 9-310   Specifications and Requirements.
   Sec. 9-311   Grease Interceptor Criteria.
   Sec. 9-312   through Sec. 9-314 Reserved for Future Use.
Division IV. Oil/Water Specifications and Requirements.
   Sec. 9-315   Specifications and Requirements.
   Sec. 9-316   through Sec. 9-319 Reserved for Future Use.
Division V. Maintenance Record Keeping.
   Sec. 9-320   Record Keeping Requirements.
   Sec. 9-321   Interceptor Maintenance.
   Sec. 9-322   through Sec. 9-327 Reserved for Future Use.
Division VI. Penalties.
   Sec. 9-328   Penalty Provisions.
   Sec. 9-329   Reserved for Future Use.
Division VII. Applicability.
   Sec. 9-330   User Applicability.
   Sec. 9-331   through Sec. 9-339 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 11. Storm Drainage Control Regulations.
Division I. General Provisions.
   Sec. 9-340   Purpose.
   Sec. 9-341   Title.
   Sec. 9-342   Conflicting Ordinance.
   Sec. 9-343   Severability Clause.
   Sec. 9-344   Compliance with Other Ordinances.
   Sec. 9-345   Interpretation.
   Sec. 9-346   Scope of Regulations.
   Sec. 9-347   through 9-349 Reserved for Future Use.
Division II. Definitions.
   Sec. 9-350   Application and Interpretation.
   Sec. 9-351   Abbreviations.
   Sec. 9-352   Definitions.
   Sec. 9-353   and 9-354 Reserved for Future Use.
Division III. Storm Water Control Policy.
   Sec. 9-355   General.
   Sec. 9-356   Stormwater Quantity Policy.
   Sec. 9-357   Stormwater Quality Policy.
   Sec. 9-358   Prohibited and Exempted Discharges.
   Sec. 9-359   Spill Reporting.
   Sec. 9-360   Permit Fees.
   Sec. 9-361   through 9-364 Reserved for Future Use.
Division IV. Permits for Construction in the Floodway.
   Sec. 9-365   General Requirements.
   Sec. 9-366   Resources.
   Sec. 9-367   through 9-369 Reserved for Future Use.
Division V. Information Requirements.
   Sec. 9-370   General.
   Sec. 9-371   Mapping Standards.
   Sec. 9-372   Topographic and Soils Maps.
   Sec. 9-373   Preliminary Drainage Plans.
   Sec. 9-374   Valley Cross Section.
   Sec. 9-375   Site Plan.
   Sec. 9-376   Final Drainage Plans.
   Sec. 9-377   Record Drawings.
   Sec. 9-378   Submittal and Consideration of Plans.
   Sec. 9-379   Waivers and Appeals.
Division VI. Determination of Runoff Quantities.
   Sec. 9-380   General.
   Sec. 9-381   Computation Methods.
   Sec. 9-382   through 9-384 Reserved for Future Use.
Division VII. Amount of Runoff to be Accommodated by Various Parts of Drainage Facility.
   Sec. 9-385   General Provisions.
   Sec. 9-386   through 9-389 Reserved for Future Use.
Division VIII. Storm Sewer Design Standards.
   Sec. 9-390   General.
   Sec. 9-391   Workmanship and Materials.
   Sec. 9-392   Installation.
   Sec. 9-393   Special Hydraulic Structures.
   Sec. 9-394   Reserved for Future Use.
Division IX. Open Channel Design Standards.
   Sec. 9-395   General.
   Sec. 9-396   Construction and Materials.
   Sec. 9-397   through 9-399 Reserved for Future Use.
Division X. Storm Water Detentions.
   Sec. 9-400   General.
   Sec. 9-401   Acceptable Detention Methods.
   Sec. 9-402   Design Storm.
   Sec. 9-403   Allowable Release Rate.
   Sec. 9-404   Drainage System Overflow Design.
   Sec. 9-405   Determination of Storage Volume — Rational Method.
   Sec. 9-406   Determination of Storage Volume — Other Methods.
   Sec. 9-407   General Detention Basin Design Requirements.
   Sec. 9-408   Dry Bottom Basin Design Requirements.
   Sec. 9-409   Wet Bottom Basin Design Requirements.
   Sec. 9-410   Roof Top Storage.
   Sec. 9-411   Parking Lot Storage.
   Sec. 9-412   Facility Financial Responsibility.
   Sec. 9-413   Facility Maintenance Responsibility.
   Sec. 9-414   Joint Development of Control Systems.
   Sec. 9-415   Installation of Control Systems.
   Sec. 9-416   Detention Facilities in Floodplains.
   Sec. 9-417   Off-Site Drainage Provisions.
   Sec. 9-418   and 9-419 Reserved for Future Use.
Division XI. Certifications Required.
   Sec. 9-420   General.
   Sec. 9-421   Pre-construction.
   Sec. 9-422   During Construction.
   Sec. 9-423   After Construction.
   Sec. 9-424   Reserved for Future Use.
Division XII. Changes in Plan.
   Sec. 9-425   Requirements.
   Sec. 9-426   through 9-429 Reserved for Future Use.
Division XIII. Determination of Impact Drainage Areas.
   Sec. 9-430   General.
   Sec. 9-431   through 9-434 Reserved for Future Use.
Division XIV. Supplemental Requirements.
   Sec. 9-435   Sump Pumps.
   Sec. 9-436   Down Spouts.
   Sec. 9-437   Footing Drains.
   Sec. 9-438   Water Main Disinfection Flushing.
   Sec. 9-439   Discharge of De-watering Facilities.
Division XV. Disclaimer of Liability.
   Sec. 9-440   Disclaimer of Liability.
   Sec. 9-441   through 9-444 Reserved for Future Use.
Division XVI. Enforcement (Corrective Action).
   Sec. 9-445   Inspections.
   Sec. 9-446   Notice of Violation (NOV).
   Sec. 9-447   Corrective Actions.
   Sec. 9-448   Re-inspections.
   Sec. 9-449   Stop Work Order.
   Sec. 9-450   Penalties.
   Sec. 9-451   Appeals.
   Sec. 9-452   through 9-454 Reserved for Future Use.
Article 12. Underground and Buried Utility District.
   Sec. 9-455   Area Established.
   Sec. 9-456   Regulations.
   Sec. 9-457   through Sec. 9-460 Reserved for Future Use.