We, the members of the Town Council, and Janice M. Malinowski, Clerk-Treasurer, of the Town of Schererville, Lake County, the State of Indiana, pursuant to the laws of the State of Indiana, hereby certify that the general and permanent ordinances of the Town of Schererville, Indiana, as revised, amended, restated, rearranged, renumbered, and codified and presented in the following twelve (12) Chapters, are correct as printed, and hereby constitutes the Schererville Town Code.
Signed this                    day of                                                         , 1997.
Attest:                           Town Council of Schererville, Indiana
Janice M. Malinowski, Clerk-Treasurer            Edward P. Cook, Jr., Council President
                           John H. Fladeland, Council Member
                           Mark E. Cowan, Council Member
                           Thomas J. Shanley, Council Member
                           Michael A. Troxell, Council Member
Attest as to Legality:
Visvaldis Kupsis, Town Attorney