Chapter 1
General Provisions
   Sec. 1-1   Code Adoption.
   Sec. 1-2   Code Citation and Designation.
   Sec. 1-3   Effective Date of Code; Repeal of General Ordinances in Conflict; Savings Clause.
   Sec. 1-4   Definitions.
   Sec. 1-5   Code Application.
   Sec. 1-6   Title of Office.
   Sec. 1-7   Interpretation of Language.
   Sec. 1-8   Grammatical Interpretation.
   Sec. 1-9   Acts by Agents.
   Sec. 1-10   Interpretation of Section Numbers.
   Sec. 1-11   Repeal Shall Not Revive Ordinances.
   Sec. 1-12   Effective Date of Ordinances.
   Sec. 1-13   Severability of Code.
   Sec. 1-14   Construction.
   Sec. 1-15   General Penalties.
   Sec. 1-16   Town Seal.
   Sec. 1-17   Errors and Omissions.
   Sec. 1-18   Codes - Property of the Town.
   Sec. 1-19   Town Flag.
   Sec. 1-20   Applicability.
   Sec. 1-21   Prohibited Conduct.
   Sec. 1-22   Acceptance of Gifts/Gratuities, Meals, Entertainment, and Campaign Contributions.
   Sec. 1-23   Financial/Personal Interest Disclosure.
   Sec. 1-24   Ethics Officer and Committee.
   Sec. 1-25   Procedure.
   Sec. 1-26   General Provisions.