A.   Title: This Section shall be known as the Section creating a Conservation Trust Fund.
   B.   Created: Pursuant to Colorado Revised Statutes article 21, title 29, there is created the Conservation Trust Fund of the Town.
   C.   Deposit Of Funds: All funds received by the Town from the State Conservation Trust Fund shall be forthwith deposited in the Conservation Trust Fund of the Town; and the Town Council shall by the adoption of a resolution authorize the expenditure of the deposited funds in accordance with the applicable provisions of Colorado Revised Statutes section 29-21-101.
   D.   Certification To State: The Town Manager is authorized and directed to forthwith prepare, execute, and deliver the necessary instruments certifying to the Department of Revenue of the State that the Town has created the Conservation Trust Fund. (1997 Code: Ord. 11(1994) §§ 1–4)