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(Former Article 7 Repealed and Replaced by Ord. No. 187,994, Eff. 10/4/23.)
57.101.   Scope and General Requirements.
57.101.1.   Title.
57.101.2.   Scope.
57.101.3.   Intent.   Validity of Other Laws.   Other Limitations.
57.101.6.   Review of Article.
57.101.7.   Fire Code Advisory Committee.
57.101.8.   Badge Amended.   Use and Wearing of the Badge.   Facsimiles and Counterfeit Badges.   Honorary Badges.   Ownership of Badges and Insignia.   Manufacturer’s Obligation.   Presentation of Badge as a Memorial to Regular Fire Department Member Killed in the Line of Duty.   Prior to the Presentation.   Removal from the Plaque or Frame.
57.101.9.   Continuing Offenses.
57.102.   Applicability.
57.102.13.   Existing Conditions.
57.103.   Fire Prevention.   Duties of the Chief.   Inspections and Report of Findings.   Signing of Certificates and Notices.   Enforcement of State Fire Marshal Rules and Regulations.
57.103.2.   Appointment.   Office and Duties of the Fire Marshal.   Designation of Fire Marshal.   Control of Matters.   Bureau of Fire Prevention and Public Safety.   Composition of Bureau of Fire Prevention and Public Safety.   Function.   Nonresponsibility of City.
57.104.   General Authority and Responsibilities.   Authority to Make Rules.   Rule Authorization by the Board.   Penalty for Violation of Legally Amended Rules.   Authority to Require Tests.   Authority to Approve Alternate Materials or Methods of Compliance.   Authority to Investigate Fires or Other Emergencies.   Barricades.   Authority at Emergency.
57.104.12.   Authority to Recover Investigative Costs.   Noncompliance Inspection Fees.   Noncompliance Fee.   Billing of Noncompliance Fee.   Procedures for Appeal to the Board of Fire Commissioners.
57.104.13.   Authority to Issue Parking Notices.
57.104.14.   Authority to Recover Costs for Abatement of Nuisances.
57.104.15.   Authority to Take Photographs.   Notice of a Violation – Additional Documentation.   Subsequent to Emergency – Additional Documentation.
57.104.16.   Authority of Peace Officers.
57.104.17.   Authority to Grant Variances and Waivers.   Power to Waive.   Application for a Variance or Waiver.   Investigation.
57.104.18.   Authority to Require Fire Safety Officers.   Uniformed Fire Safety Officer.   Certified Fire Safety Officer.   Request.
57.104.19.   Authority to Issue Passes and Credentials.   at the Scene of Emergency.   Abuse of Pass.   Government Officials.
57.104.20.   Authority to Assign Apparatus, Supplies, and Personnel.
57.104.21.   Authority to Request Police Assistance.
57.104.22.   Authority to Issue Copies of Educational Films and Tapes.   Tapes Produced as a Part of the Public Fire Safety Education Program.   Establishment of Fees.   Moneys Derived from the Sale.   Contracts.
57.105.   Permits.   Types of Permits.   Acting Without a Permit Prohibited.   Separate Permits Required.   Operational Permits – Posting and Keeping.   Operational Permits.   Application for Operational Permits.   Filing.   Contents of Application.   Permit to Store, Process, or Use Hazardous Materials.   Permit for Assembly Occupancies.   Permits – Investigation and Procedure for Granting – Power to Deny.   Investigation and Procedure for Granting.   Power to Deny.   Permits – Form.   Permits – Transfer.   Change of Location.   Permits – Validity.   Permits – Power of Revocation and Suspension.   Revocation or Suspension by the Chief.   Revocation or Suspension by the Office of Finance.   Operation after Revocation or Suspension.   Delinquent Fees – Uncollectible.   Bonds and Deposits for Oil Wells.   Bonds.   Conditions of the Bond.   Term of Each Such Bond.   Indemnity Agreement in Lieu of Surety Bond.   Extension of Time.   Power to Authorize Acts.
57.105.5.   Revocation, Suspension, or Denial of Permits, Special Permits, General Approvals, and Certificates of Fitness.   Power to Revoke, Suspend, or Deny.   Agent or Representative.   Notice and Hearing.   Voidance of Permits and Special Permits.
57.105.6.   Required Operational Permits.   Aircraft Fueling Station.   Aircraft Refueler.   Airport Fueling System.   Airport, Private.   Public Assemblage.   Atmospheric above Ground Tank.   Bulk Distributing Station.   Carbon Dioxide Enrichment Systems.   Central Station Signaling System, Supervising Station.   Church.   Community Care Facility (Serving More than 6 Persons).   Cylinder Filling Plant.   Day Care.   Dry-Cleaning Plant.   Flammable and Combustible Liquids Location.   Flammable and Combustible Liquids Vehicle.   Hazardous Materials.   Heliport.   High-Piled Combustible Storage.   Hospital.   Hotel.   Laboratory.   Marine Oil Terminal.   Marine Service Station.   Natural Gasoline Plant.   Oil Well.   Plant Extraction System.   Refinery.   Residential Care Facility.   School.   Service Center for Armed Forces Personnel. (Original Fee Only).   Special School.   Surgical Center.   Theater.   Theater, Little.   Theater, Motion Picture.
57.105.7.   Required Specific Action or Project Permits.   Specific Action or Project Permits.   Equipment to Be Used in Connection with Hazardous Materials, Hazardous Waste, or Hazardous Plastics.   Adding to or Altering Item.   Permit Required to Conduct an Operation.   Tent or Membrane Structure.   Fire Hydrant on Private Property.   Central Station Signaling System.   Landing Aircraft Including Helicopters.   Live Theater Production.   Plant Extraction Systems.   Battery Systems.   Emergency Responder Radio Coverage System.   Gates and Barricades Across Fire Apparatus Roads.   Issuance of Permits.   Applications.   Application Fees.   Application to Conduct a Fireworks Display.   Permits – Expiration.   Permit Valid for Period Identified.   Inspection.   General Requirements.   Special Requirements.   Called Inspection.   Final Inspection.   Completion of Work – Final Inspection Tag of Approval.   Authority to Require Exposure of Work.   Fee Exempt Permits.   Municipal Entities.   Nonprofit.   Fees.   Application of Fees to Certain Permits.   Additional Plan Check Time.   Fee for Adding or Altering Specified Item.   Additional Section Fees.   Blasting Operation.   Two or More Items of the Same Classification.   Emergency Inspections.   Inspections Not Deemed to Be Emergency Inspections.   Blasting Permits – Insurance Required.   Bonds and In-lieu Deposits for Oil Wells.
57.105.8.   Authority to Issue, Suspend or Revoke Special Permits.   Power to Revoke.
57.105.9.   High-rise Permit – General.   Definitions.   Permit Required.   Applications for Permit.   Investigation.   Form.   Authority to Revoke or Suspend.   Operation after Revocation or Suspension.   High-rise Permit Fee.   Due Dates.   Manner of Determining Cost.   Manner of Approval of Schedule.   Manner of Assessing Fees.   Non-compliance Charge.
57.106.   Fees.
57.106.6.   Permit Fees.   Due Dates – New and Renewal.   Collection.   Manner of Determining Cost for Permits.   New Schedule.   Procedure for Fee Calculation.   Penalty.   Discrepancies in Payment.   Payment or Other Communication Made by Mail.   Fee Exempt Permits.   Charge for Duplicate Permits.   Refunds.   Inspection – Office of Finance.
57.106.7.   Fees for Services Not Requiring a Permit.   Manner of Determining Cost for Non-permit Services.   Procedure for Fee Calculation.   New Schedule.   Refunds.   Collection of Fees.
57.106.8.   Manner of Determining Cost.   Determining Cost.   Manner of Approval of Schedule.   New Schedule.
57.107.   Inspections.
57.107.5.   Authority to Make Inspections.   Authority to Inspect Certain Writings.   Authority to Require Plans.
57.107.6.   Authority to Inspect.   Occupied Property.   Unoccupied Property.   Immediate Entry.
57.107.7.   Requested Inspections.   Fee Charged for Requested Inspections.   Method to Establish Fee.
57.108.   Maintenance.
57.108.6.   Overcrowding.
57.108.7.   Authority to Install, Test, and Require Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment.   Installation, Alteration, Maintenance, and Repair.   Non Operational Items.   Periodic Inspections and Tests.   Defective Condition.   Penalties and Minimum Fines.
57.109.   Reserved.
57.110.   Violations.   Service of Notices.   Posting of Orders.
57.110.4.   Violation Penalties.
57.110.5.   Authority to Condemn.   Authority to Prohibit Manufacture, Sale or Offering for Sale.
57.111.   Unsafe Building.
57.112.   Stop Work Order.
57.113.   Reserved.
57.114.   Reserved.
57.115.   Reserved.
57.116.   Fees for Hydrant and Access Review and Inspection.
57.116.1.   Collection of Fees.   Fire Environmental Impact Report Research and Review Fee.   Fire Department Access Plan Review Fee.   Fire Department Access Field Inspection Fee.   Hydrant Plan Review Fee.   Fire Hydrant Field Inspection and/or Test Fee.   Additional Plan Review, Inspection or Re-inspection Fee.   Expedite or Off-hour Activities Fee.
57.117.   Certificates of Fitness.
57.117.1.   Certificates of Fitness Required.   Certificate Required to Conduct Any Blasting Operation.   Certificate Required to Conduct Testing.   Certificate Required to Perform as a Fire Safety Officer.   Certificate Required to Perform as a Health Care Facility Instructor.   Certificate Required to Perform as a High-rise Life/Safety Service.   Certificate Required to Conduct Testing of Gas Detection System.
57.117.2.   Certificates of Fitness – Applications.   Information Required.   Blasting Operations.   Regulation No. 4.   Fire Safety Officer.   Health Care Facility Instructor.   High-rise Life/Safety Service.
57.117.3.   Certificates of Fitness – Validity.   Certificates of Fitness – Period Valid.   Certificates of Fitness – Renewal.   Renewal Fee.   Granting of a Renewal.
57.117.4.   Certificates of Fitness – Investigation and Examination.   Additional Information.   Issuance.
57.117.5.   Certificates of Fitness – Revocation or Suspension.
57.117.6.   Certificates of Fitness – Change of Address.
57.117.7.   Certificates of Fitness – Form.
57.117.8.   Certificates of Fitness – Duty to Display.
57.117.9.   Certificates of Fitness – Failure of the Examination.
57.117.10.   Fees.   Second Examination.
57.118.   New Construction Plan Review and Inspection.
57.118.1.   General.   Fire/Life Safety Review.   Additional Inspection and Re-inspection.   Expedited Requests.   Off-hour Fire/Life Safety Plan Review and/or Inspection Requests.
57.118.2.   Fees.   Fire/Life Safety Plan Review Fee.   Inspection and Re-inspection Fee.   Expedited or Off-hour Fire/Life Safety Plan Review and/or Inspection Fee.
57.118.3.   Annual Review.   Review of Fees.
57.118.4.   Surcharge for Development Services Centers.   Development Services Centers.   BuildLA Surcharge.   Stoppage of BuildLA Surcharge.
57.119.   General Approvals.
57.119.1.   General.
57.119.2.   Applications.   Application Fees.   Plans and Specifications.
57.119.3.   General Approvals Where Required.   Exemptions.   Optional.   Record.
57.119.4.   Granting of General Approvals.   Additional Information or Tests.   Approval of the Application.
57.119.5.   L.A.F.D. Label.
57.119.6.   General Approvals – Expiration.   Continued Operation or Use.
57.119.7.   General Approvals – Renewal.   Renewal Fee.   Granting of a Renewal.
57.119.8.   Fees.   General Approval Required.   General Approval Optional.   Charges for Additional Hours.   Fee Exempt General Approvals.
57.119.9.   General Approvals – Revocation or Suspension.
57.120.   Unified Program Facility Permit.
57.120.1.   General.   Hazardous Waste Generators and Hazardous Waste On-site Treatment Programs.   above Ground Petroleum Storage Act.   Underground Storage Tank Program.   Hazardous Materials Release Response Plan and Inventory Program.   California Accidental Release Prevention Program.
57.120.2.   Definitions.
57.120.3.   Permit Required.
57.120.4.   Application for Permits.   Filing.   Contents of Application.
57.120.5.   Permits.   Investigation and Procedures for Granting, Power to Deny.   Investigation and Procedure for Granting.   Power to Deny.   Permits – Form.   Posting and Keeping.   Permits – Transfer.   Change of Location.   Validity.
57.120.6.   Unified Program Facility Permit Schedule of Fees.   Fees as Amended.   Schedule of Fees.   Verifiable Costs.   Adoption and Transmittal of the Schedule.   Failure to Pay.   Fees Charged to Recover City Costs.   Hazardous Waste Generators and Hazardous Waste On-site Treatment Activities.   Underground Storage Tanks.   Hazardous Materials Release Response Plan and Inventory Program.   Lubricating Oil – Total Volume.   Physicians, Dentists, Podiatrists, Veterinarians or Pharmacists.   California Accidental Release Prevention Program.   above Ground Petroleum Storage Program.   State Service Charges.
57.120.7.   Implementation of Title 23.
57.121.   Disclosure of Hazardous Substances.
57.121.1.   Definitions.
57.121.2.   Duty of Each On-site Manager and the Owner of a Business.   Unified Program Facility Permit.   Authorization.   Affect on Other Laws.
57.121.3.   Requirements for Business Plans and Inventories.   Required Information in Business Plans.   Inventory.   Emergency Response Plans and Procedures.   Training.   Requirement to Submit a Hazardous Materials Inventory.   Possible Requirement to Submit a Business Plan.   Notification.   Submission of Business Plan.   Hazardous Materials Business Plan Late Submission Penalty.
57.121.4.   Amendments to the Hazardous Materials Inventory Form.
57.121.5.   Special Inspection.
57.121.6.   Recovery of Costs for Special Inspections.
57.121.7.   Inspection by the Department.
57.121.8.   Permit and Form Requirements.
57.121.9.   Public Disclosure.
57.201.   General.
57.202.   General Definitions.
57.301.   General.
57.301.2.   Permits.
57.302.   Definitions.
57.302.1.   Definitions.
57.303.   Asphalt Kettles.
57.303.8.1.   Roofing Kettles on Trucks.
57.303.8.2.   Street Protection.
57.303.8.3.   Piping to Roof.
57.304.   Combustible Waste Material.
57.304.1.2.   Vegetation.
57.304.1.4.   Removal.
57.304.1.5.   Drifting Waste.
57.304.1.6.   Hazard.
57.304.2.1.   Properly Stored or Disposed.
57.304.2.2.   Approved Storage of Hazardous Refuse and Recycling Materials.
57.304.2.3.   Storing and Disposing Prohibitions.
57.305.   Ignition Sources.
57.305.5.1.   Fires Due to Carelessness or Negligence.
57.305.5.1.1.   Hostile Fire.
57.305.5.1.2.   Fires in Institutional or Residential Occupancies.
57.305.5.1.3.   Fire Regulations Posted.
57.305.5.1.4.   Penalties and Minimum Fines.
57.305.5.2.   Restriction on Use of Certain Metal Cutting Blades.
57.305.5.2.1.   Penalty.
57.306.   Motion Picture Projection Rooms and Film.
57.306.2.1.   Use of Cellulose Nitrate Film.
57.307.   Open Burning, Recreational Fires and Portable Outdoor Fireplaces.
57.307.2.   Permit Required.
57.307.6.   Outdoor Burning Requirements.
57.307.6.1.   Outdoor Burning Devices.
57.307.6.2.   Location of Outdoor Burning Devices.
57.307.7.   Exercise of Caution with Fire.
57.308.   Open Flames.
57.308.1.6.3.   Sky Lanterns.
57.308.2.1.   Special Permit.
57.308.6.   Hazardous Atmosphere.
57.308.7.   Flame Throwers.
57.308.7.1.   Sale of Flame Throwers.
57.308.7.2.   Throwing Flammable Material.
57.308.7.3.   Artisan Use of Flame Producing Devices.
57.309.   Powered Industrial Trucks and Equipment.
57.309.8.   Sources of Ignition.
57.310.   Smoking.
57.310.9.   Designation of Smoking Areas.
57.311.   Vacant Premises.
57.311.1.3.   Penalties and Minimum Fines.
57.311.2.4.   Penalties and Minimum Fines.
57.311.3.1.   Penalties and Minimum Fines.
57.311.4.1.   Penalties and Minimum Fines.
57.312.   Vehicle Impact Protection.
57.313.   Fueled Equipment.
57.313.3.   Exhaust Protection for Internal Combustion Engines.
57.313.3.1.   Spark Arresters.
57.313.3.2.   Exhaust System Maintenance.
57.314.   Indoor Displays.
57.314.4.1.   Special Permit.
57.315.   General Storage.
57.315.3.5.   Area Divisions.
57.315.3.6.   Area Separations.
57.315.3.7.   Height Limitations.
57.315.3.7.1.   Shelving or Racks.
57.315.3.7.2.   Ratio to the Width.
57.315.3.7.3.   Wood Pallets and/or Non-expanded Polyethylene Solid Deck Pallets.
57.315.3.8.   Clearance from Exposures.
57.315.3.8.1.   Stored Materials and Lighting Fixtures.
57.315.3.8.2.   Materials Which May Swell or Expand.
57.315.3.8.3.   Materials Susceptible to Water Damage.
57.315.3.8.4.   Drainage of Floor.
57.315.3.9.   Material-handling Equipment.
57.315.3.10.   Related Activities.
57.315.3.11.   Aisle Maintenance.
57.315.3.12.   Storage Area Prohibitions.
57.315.3.12.1.   Storage on Roofs.
57.315.3.12.2.   Prohibited Storage.
57.315.3.12.3.   Space under Stairways.
57.315.3.12.4.   Spontaneous Heating.
57.315.3.12.5.   Incompatible Materials.
57.315.3.12.6.   Basement Storage.
57.315.4.3.   Yards.
57.315.4.4.   Single Storage Areas.
57.315.4.5.   Drainage.
57.315.4.6.   Maintenance and Housekeeping.
57.316.   Hazards to Fire Fighters.
57.316.4.1.   Building Roofs.
57.316.4.2.   Obstructions.
57.316.4.2.1.   Penalties and Minimum Fines.
57.316.4.3.   Storage on Roofs.
57.316.4.4.   Passageways on Roofs.
57.317.   Rooftop Gardens and Landscaped Roofs.
57.318.   Laundry Carts.
57.319.   Reserved.
57.320.   Additive Manufacturing (3d Printing).
57.321.   Reserved.
57.322.   Storage of Lithium-Ion and Lithium Metal Batteries.
57.323.   Road Tunnels, Bridges, and Other Limited Access Highways [SFM].
57.323.1.   General.
57.324.   Asbestos Abatement.
57.324.1.   Scope.
57.324.2.   Definitions.
57.324.3.   Inspections.
57.324.4.   Permits Required.
57.324.4.1.   License Required.
57.324.4.2.   Duration of Permit.
57.324.4.3.   Collection of Fees.
57.324.4.4.   Plans Required.
57.324.4.5.   Permits Obtained.
57.324.4.6.   Fees.
57.324.5.   Notification and Maintenance of Information.
57.324.5.1.   SCAQMD Rule 1403 Notification Form.
57.324.5.2.   Completion of Permitted Work.
57.324.5.3.   Maintenance of Plans.
57.324.5.3.1.   Emergency Information.
57.324.   Introduction Page.
57.324.6.   Fire Retardant / Non-combustible Materials.
57.324.7.   Exits.
57.324.7.1.   Minimum Exits.
57.324.7.2.   Obstruction of Exit.
57.324.7.3.   Non-contaminated Area.
57.324.8.   Allowable Locations.
57.324.8.1.   Multi-story Buildings.
57.324.8.2.   Single-story Buildings.
57.324.8.3.   Unoccupied Buildings.
57.324.9.   Signage.
57.324.9.1.   Multistory Buildings.
57.324.9.1.1.   Fire Control Room / Fire Command Center.
57.324.   Floors Involved.
57.324.9.1.2.   No Fire Control Room / Fire Command Center.
57.324.9.1.3.   Stairway Landings.
57.324.9.2.   Single-story Buildings.
57.324.9.2.1.   Fire Control Room / Fire Command Center.
57.324.9.2.2.   No Fire Control Room.
57.324.10.   Fire Protection Equipment.
57.324.10.1.   Extinguishers.
57.324.10.1.1.   Signage.
57.324.10.2.   Fire Suppression Systems.
57.324.10.3.   Fire Detection and Signaling Systems.
57.324.10.3.1.   Manual Fire Alarm Boxes, Communication Jacks, and Signaling Systems.
57.324.10.3.2.   Systems Disconnected.
57.324.10.3.3.   Fire-rated Partitions, Doors.
57.324.10.3.4.   Elevator Smoke Detector.
57.324.11.   Communications.
57.324.11.1.   Telephone Required.
57.324.11.1.1.   Alternative Locations.
57.324.11.1.2.   Radio Communications in Lieu of a Telephone.
57.324.11.1.3.   Alternate Means of Communication.
57.324.12.   Emergency Protective Equipment.
57.324.12.1.   Protective Entry Suits.
57.324.12.1.1.   Suit Requirements.
57.324.13.   Viewing Ports.
57.324.13.1.   Viewing Port Size.
57.324.14.   Emergency Shutdown of Negative Air Equipment.
57.324.14.1.   Emergency Shutdown.
57.324.14.2.   Temporary Power.
57.324.15.   Rubbish and Debris.
57.324.16.   Respray of Fire Protective Coatings.
57.324.17.   Fire Safety Coordinator.
57.324.18.   Fire Safety Watch.
57.324.18.1.   Fire and Life Safety Log.
57.324.18.1.1.   Information Contained in the Log.
57.324.18.2.   Fire Watch in Absence of Approved Automatic Fire Detection System.
57.324.18.3.   Duration of Fire Watch.
57.324.18.4.   Discontinuation of Fire Watch.
57.324.18.5.   Open Flame Requiring Fire Watch.
57.324.19.   Prohibition on Smoking.
57.325.   Parade Floats.
57.325.1.   General.
57.327.   Matches.
57.327.1.   General.
57.327.2.   Packaging and Labeling.
57.327.3.   General Storage Requirements.
57.327.3.1.   Wholesale Storage.
57.327.3.2.   Mixed Storage.
57.327.4.   Prohibited Types.
57.327.5.   Fire Protection.
57.328.   General Duties of Persons.
57.328.1.   Fire Spread.
57.328.2.   Duties When a Fire Occurs.
57.328.3.   Notifications.
57.328.4.   Hazardous Release.
57.328.5.   Transfer under Permit.
57.328.6.   Fire Alarm Notification.
57.329.   General Provisions for Correction of Hazards.
57.329.1.   Correction of Hazardous Conditions.
57.329.2.   Notice.
57.401.   General.
57.402.   Definitions.
57.402.1.   Definitions.
57.403.   Emergency Preparedness Requirements.
57.403.2.2.1.   Announcements and Additional Requirements.
57.403.2.5.   Exit Locations.
57.403.2.6.   Posting of an Emergency Exit Plan.
57.403.3.   Reserved.
57.403.4.   Reserved.
57.403.6.   Reserved.
57.403.7.   Reserved.
57.403.8.   Reserved.
57.403.9.   Reserved.
57.403.11.   Reserved.
57.403.12.   Reserved
57.404.   Fire Safety and Evacuation Plans.
57.404.1.   Reserved.
57.404.2.   Reserved.
57.404.2.1.   Reserved.
57.404.2.2.   Reserved.
57.404.   Emergency Lockdown Training.
57.404.3.   Reserved.
57.404.4.   Reserved.
57.405.   Emergency Evacuation Drills.
57.406.   Reserved.
57.407.   Hazard Communication.
57.408.   Emergency Planning and Evacuation Requirements for High-rise Buildings.
57.408.1.   Requirements for High-rise Buildings.
57.408.2.   Creation and Filing of Emergency Plan.
57.408.2.1.   Submission of Plans.
57.408.2.2.   Changes to the Lists of Private First Responders.
57.408.2.3.   Emergency Plan Availability.
57.408.2.4.   Hotel Guest Exemption.
57.408.3.   Fire Department Approval Required.
57.408.4.   Building Inventory Form.
57.408.5.   Required Designated Personnel.
57.408.5.1.   Fire Safety Director and Assistant Director.
57.408.5.1.   Responsibility for Fire Safety Director.
57.408.5.1.1.   Fire Safety Director Responsibility for Emergency Plan.
57.408.5.1.2.   Fire Safety Director Responsibility for Security Personnel.
57.408.5.1.3.   Fire Safety Director Responsibility for Renewal of Their Certificate.
57.408.5.1.4.   Responsibility for Payment of the Fees.
57.408.5.2.   Floor Wardens.
57.408.5.3.   Private First Responders.
57.408.5.4.   Essential Building Personnel.
57.408.6.   Required Designated Personnel – On-site Presence.
57.408.7.   Emergency Response Duties of Designated Personnel.
57.408.7.1.   Minimum Duties.
57.408.7.1.1.   Responsibilities of the Fire Safety Director or Assistant Fire Safety Director.
57.408.7.1.2.   Floor Warden Responsibilities.
57.408.7.1.3.   Private First Responder Responsibilities.
57.408.7.1.4.   Essential Building Personnel Responsibilities.
57.408.8.   Emergency Plan – Minimum Requirements.
57.408.8.1.   Procedures.
57.408.8.2.   Evacuation Roles and Duties.
57.408.8.3.   Emergency Evacuation Signs.
57.408.8.4.   Emergency Assistance Center.
57.408.8.5.   Special Needs Requirements.
57.408.8.6.   Occupant Instruction and Training.
57.408.8.7.   Emergency Evacuation Plans, Signs, and Procedures.
57.408.8.8.   Filing of the Emergency Plan.
57.408.9.   Fire Drills.
57.408.9.1.   Commercial High-rise Buildings less than 35 Stories in Height.
57.408.9.1.1.   Mandatory Drill.
57.408.9.1.2.   Conduct During the Annual Fire Drill.
57.408.9.2.   Commercial High-rise Buildings, 35 or More Stories in Height.
57.408.9.2.1.   Mandatory Drill.
57.408.9.2.2.   Conduct During the Annual Fire Drill.
57.408.9.2.3.   Total Building Evacuation.
57.408.9.3.   Residential High-rise Buildings.
57.408.9.3.1.   Mandatory Drill.
57.408.9.3.2.   Conduct During the Annual Fire Drill.
57.408.9.4.   Buildings That Have Locked Stair Shaft Doors.
57.408.9.5.   Coordination of Total Building Evacuation.
57.408.9.6.   Documentation of All Fire Drills.
57.408.10.   Fees.
57.408.10.1.   Responsibility for Fees.
57.408.10.2.   Due Dates.
57.408.10.2.1.   Initial Payment.
57.408.10.2.2.   Annual Renewal.
57.408.10.2.3.   Total Building Evacuation Oversight Fee Payment.
57.408.10.2.4.   Delinquency.
57.408.10.3.   Computation – Manner of Determining Cost.
57.408.10.4.   Manner of Assessing Fees.
57.408.11.   Violations.
57.408.11.1.   Penalties and Minimum Fines.
57.501.   General.
57.501.1.1.   Los Angeles City – Scope.
57.502.   Definitions.
57.502.1.   Definitions.
57.503.   Fire Apparatus Access Roads.
57.503.1.   Where Required.
57.503.1.4.   Building Structure More than 150 Feet from the Edge of the Roadway.
57.503.1.5.   Dead-end Access.
57.503.1.6.   Easements.
57.503.4.2.   Fire Lane Maintenance.
57.503.4.3.   Obstructions on Fire Roads and Firebreaks.
57.503.5.3.   Tampering with Established Locks or Barriers.
57.504.   Access to Building Openings and Roofs.
57.505.   Premises Identification.
57.505.1.1.   Size.
57.505.1.2.   Location.
57.506.   Key Boxes.
57.507.   Fire Protection Water Supplies.
57.507.3.   Fire-flow.
57.507.3.1.   Fire-flow Requirements.
57.507.3.2.   Fire Hydrant Spacing.
57.507.3.3.   Land Use.
57.507.5.   Fire Hydrant Systems.
57.507.5.4.1.   Obstructions of Fire Protective Equipment.
57.507.5.4.2.   Obstruction by Vehicle.
57.507.5.4.3.   Penalties and Minimum Fines.
57.507.5.7.   Fire Hydrant Identification.
57.508.   Fire Command Center.
57.508.1.1.1.   Fire Command Center Sign.
57.508.1.5.1.   Other Uses.
57.509.   Fire Protection and Utility Equipment Identification and Access.
57.509.3.   Fire Protection Equipment Access.
57.510.   Emergency Responder Radio Coverage.
57.511.   Hearings to Be Held in Connection with Construction of Fireroads.
57.511.1.   Duties of the Chief.
57.511.2.   Public Hearings.
57.511.3.   Notice of the Time, Place, and Purpose of a Public Hearing.
57.511.4.   Firebreaks.
57.512.   Response Distances That If Exceeded Require the Installation of an Automatic Fire Sprinkler System.
57.512.1.   Response Distances.
57.512.2.   Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems Required.
57.513.   Supplemental Fire Protection.
57.513.1.   Where Required.
57.513.2.   Supplemental Fire Protection Equipment or Systems.
57.601.   General.
57.602.   Definitions.
57.603.   Electrical Equipment, Wiring and Hazards.
57.603.6.4.1.   Penalties and Minimum Fines.
57.604.   Elevator Operations, Maintenance and Fire Service Keys.
57.605.   Fuel-Fired Appliances.
57.605.5.3.   Heating Appliances.
57.605.5.3.1.   Location.
57.605.5.3.2.   Guarding.
57.605.10.   Heating and Lighting Equipment.
57.605.10.1.   Open Flame in No Smoking Areas.
57.605.10.2.   Heating or Lighting Apparatus.
57.605.10.3.   Open Flame for Lighting and Décor.
57.606.   Commercial Cooking Equipment and Systems.
57.607.   Commercial Cooking Oils – Storage.
57.608.   Mechanical Refrigeration.
57.609.   Hyperbaric Facilities.
57.610.   Clothes Dryers Exhaust Systems.
57.701.   General.
57.702.   Definitions.
57.703.   Penetrations.
57.704.   Joints and Voids.
57.705.   Doors and Window Openings.
57.705.2.4.1.   Obstructions to Fire Assemblies.
57.705.2.4.2.   Removing Wedges.
57.705.2.4.3.   Fire Assembly Labels.
57.705.2.4.4.   Penalties and Minimum Fines.
57.706.   Duct and Air Transfer Openings.
57.707.   Concealed Spaces.
57.708.   Exterior Walls.
57.801.   General.
57.801.2.   General Use of Combustible Decorations and Restrictions on Wearing Apparel.
57.801.2.1.   Prohibited Use of Decorative Material.
57.801.2.2.   Sale of Combustible Decorations and Wearing Apparel.
57.801.2.2.1.   Rendered Flame-retardant.
57.801.2.2.2.   Prohibited Sell, Rent, Lease, or Give Away of Wearing Apparel.
57.802.   Definitions.
57.803.   Interior Wall and Ceiling Finish in Existing Buildings.
57.804.   Interior Wall and Ceiling Trim in New and Existing Buildings.
57.805.   Upholstered Furniture and Mattresses in New and Existing Buildings.
57.806.   Natural Decorative Vegetation in New and Existing Buildings.
57.806.1.4.   Christmas Trees and Decorations.
57.806.1.4.1.   Christmas Trees.
57.806.1.4.2.   Flame-retardant.
57.806.1.4.3.   Decorations.
57.806.1.4.4.   Field Test for Fire Resistance.
57.806.1.4.5.   Location.
57.806.1.4.6.   Permit.
57.806.1.5.   Christmas Tree Sales.
57.807.   Decorative Materials and Artificial Decorative Vegetation in New and Existing Buildings.
57.807.1.   Reserved.
57.807.2.   Reserved.
57.807.3.   Reserved.
57.807.5.   Occupancy-based Requirements.
57.807.5.1.   Reserved.
57.807.5.1.1.   Reserved.
57.807.5.1.2.   Reserved.
57.807.5.2.   Reserved.
57.807.5.4.   Reserved.
57.807.5.5.   Reserved.
57.807.5.6.   Reserved.
57.807.6.   Reserved.
57.808.   Furnishing Other than Upholstered Furniture and Mattresses or Decorative Materials in New and Existing Buildings.
57.901.   General.
57.901.4.1.1.   Testing.
57.901.6.4.   Penalties and Minimum Fines.
57.901.8.1.1.   Systems and Equipment.
57.901.8.3.   False Alarm.
57.901.8.4.   Penalties and Minimum Fines.
57.902.   Definitions.
57.903.   Automatic Sprinkler Systems.
57.903.1.2.   Spare Sprinkler Heads.
57.903.1.2.1.   Penalties and Minimum Fines.
57.903.3.10.   Access Aisles and Operating Clearances.
57.903.3.10.1.   Penalties and Minimum Fines.
57.903.3.11.   Sprinkler Piping.
57.903.3.12.   Inlet Connection Signs.
57.903.3.12.1.   Penalties and Minimum Fines.
57.903.3.13.   System Identification Signs.
57.903.3.13.1.   Penalties and Minimum Fines.
57.903.4.4.   Security.
57.903.4.4.1.   Penalties and Minimum Fines.
57.903.5.1.   Damaged Heads.
57.903.5.2.   Use of Sprinkler System for Hanging or Support.
57.903.5.3.   Sprinkler Guards Required.
57.903.5.4.   Sprinkler Heads in Spraying Areas.
57.903.5.5.   Penalties and Minimum Fines.
57.904.   Alternative Automatic Fire-extinguishing Systems.
57.904.1.2.   Permits Required.
57.904.1.3.   Prohibition on Use Prior to Final Inspection.
57.905.   Standpipe Systems.
57.905.2.1.   Standpipe Hose Outlets.
57.906.   Portable Fire Extinguishers.
57.906.1.1.   Portable Fire Extinguishers for Assembly Occupancies.
57.906.1.1.1.   Additional Class 10B:C Extinguisher Required.
57.906.1.2.   Fire Extinguishers for Institutional Occupancies.
57.906.2.2.   Maintained Ready for Use.
57.906.2.3.   Accessibility.
57.906.2.4.   Installation.
57.906.2.5.   Mounting Height.
57.906.2.6.   Temperature.
57.906.2.7.   Required Service Inspections.
57.906.2.8.   Penalties and Minimum Fines.
57.907.   Fire Alarm and Detection Systems.
57.907.2.8.4.   Penalties and Minimum Fines.
57.907.2.9.4.   Penalties and Minimum Fines.
57.907.2.11.9.   Penalties and Minimum Fines.
57.907.   Fire Department Voice Communication System.
57.907.   Phone Jacks.
57.907.   Exterior Phone Jacks.
57.907.   Approval.
57.907.   Design.
57.907.   Minimum Number of Phone Sets.
57.907.   Audibility.
57.907.   Alternate Uses.
57.907.6.1.   Wiring.
57.907.6.6.5.   Permits Required.
57.907.8.5.   Maintenance of Equipment.
57.907.8.5.1.   Penalties and Minimum Fines.
57.908.   Emergency Alarm Systems.
57.909.   Smoke Control Systems.
57.910.   Smoke and Heat Removal.
57.911.   Explosion Control.
57.912.   Fire Department Connections.
57.913.   Fire Pumps.
57.914.   Fire Protection Based on Special Detailed Requirements of Use and Occupancy.
57.915.   Carbon Monoxide Detection.
57.916.   Gas Detection Systems.
57.917.   Mass Notification Systems.
57.918.   Fire Watch.
57.918.1.   Scope.
57.918.2.   Authority to Require Fire Watch.
57.918.2.1.   Authority of the Chief to Assign Department Members.
57.918.2.2.   Fire Watch Maintained until Safe.
57.918.2.3.   Penalties and Minimum Fines.
57.918.3.   Responsibility for Instruction.
57.918.4.   Log Book.
57.918.5.   Specific Duty Requirements.
57.1001.   Administration.
57.1002.   Definitions.
57.1003.   General Means of Egress.
57.1004.   Occupant Load.
57.1004.5.1.1.   Determination of Occupant Load.
57.1004.   Chief’s Approval Required.
57.1004.   Plans Required.
57.1004.5.1.2.   Occupant Load Responsibility.
57.1004.9.1.   Multiple Uses.
57.1004.9.2.   Maintaining Occupant Load Signs and Floor Plans.
57.1004.9.3.   Compliance with Occupant Load.
57.1004.9.4.   Required Signage.
57.1004.9.5.   Size of Letters.
57.1004.10.   Overcrowding.
57.1004.10.1.   Overcrowded Condition.
57.1004.11.   Exits.
57.1005.   Means of Egress Sizing.
57.1006.   Number of Exits and Exit Access Doorways.
57.1007.   Exit and Exit Access Doorway Configuration.
57.1008.   Means of Egress Illumination.
57.1008.4.   Penalties and Minimum Fines.
57.1009.   Accessible Means of Egress.
57.1010.   Doors, Gates, and Turnstiles.
57.1010.1.2.2.   Double-acting Doors.
57.1010.   View Panel.
57.1010.2.7.1.   Locks on Penthouse Doors.
57.1010.6.   Penalties and Minimum Fines.
57.1011.   Stairways.
57.1012.   Ramps.
57.1013.   Exit Signs.
57.1013.1.1.   Location.
57.1013.1.1.1.   Penalties and Minimum Fines.
57.1014.   Handrails.
57.1015.   Guards.
57.1016.   Exit Access.
57.1017.   Exit Access Travel Distance.
57.1018.   Aisles.
57.1019.   Exit Access Stairways and Ramps.
57.1020.   Corridors.
57.1021.   Egress Balconies.
57.1022.   Exits.
57.1023.   Interior Exit Stairways and Ramps.
57.1023.9.2.   Stairway Identification System.
57.1023.9.3.   Penalties and Minimum Fines.
57.1024.   Exit Passageways.
57.1025.   Luminous Egress Path Markings.
57.1026.   Horizontal Exits.
57.1027.   Exterior Exit Stairways and Ramps.
57.1028.   Exit Discharge.
57.1029.   Egress Courts.
57.1030.   Assembly.
57.1030.6.4.   Displays.
57.1030.13.1.3.   Spacing of Tables.
57.1031.   Emergency Escape and Rescue.
57.1032.   Maintenance of the Means of Egress.
57.1032.2.1.4.   Penalties and Minimum Fines.
57.1032.3.2.   Use.
57.1032.3.3.   Obstructions to Fire Assemblies.
57.1032.3.4.   Removing Wedges.
57.1032.3.5.   Penalties and Minimum Fines.
57.1101.   General.
57.1102.   Definitions.
57.1103.   Fire Safety Requirements for Existing Buildings.
57.1103.3.3.   Medical Emergency Elevator.
57.1104.   Means of Egress for Existing Buildings.
57.1104.16.   Fire Escape Stairs.
57.1104.16.4.   Access.
57.1104.16.7.1.   Use of Fire Escape.
57.1104.16.8.   Protection of Exterior Openings.
57.1104.16.9.   Penalties and Minimum Fines.
57.1105.   Reserved.
57.1106.   Requirements for Outdoor Operations.
57.1107.   Group a Public Address System.
57.1108.   Reserved.
57.1109.   Reserved.
57.1110.   Reserved.
57.1111.   Reserved.
57.1112.   Reserved.
57.1113.   Existing Group R-1 and Group R-2 Occupancies [SFM].
57.1114.   Existing High-rise Buildings [SFM].
57.1115.   Existing Group I Occupancies [SFM].
57.1116.   Existing Group L and Group H-8 Occupancies [SFM].
57.1201.   General.
57.1202.   Definitions.
57.1203.   Emergency and Standby Power Systems.
57.1203.1.1.1.   Engine Fuel Tank.
57.1203.2.2.1.   Window Washing Equipment.
57.1204.   Portable Generators.
57.1205.   Solar Photovoltaic Power Systems.
57.1206.   Stationary Fuel Cell Power Systems.
57.1207.   Electrical Energy Storage Systems.
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