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   1   Disorderly Conduct Places and Publications
   2   Soliciting – Sales
   3   Gambling, Fraud and Deceit
   4   Philanthropy
   4.5   Bingo
   5   Minors
   5.2   Cannabis Regulation and Enforcement
   5.2.5   Restrictions on Signs Advertising Tobacco Products
   5.3   Tenant Anti-Harassment Ordinance
   5.4   Prohibition Against Harassment and Retaliation in Housing Based on Immigration or Citizenship Status
   5.5   Prohibition Against Discrimination in Housing Based on Age
   5.6   Prohibition Against Discrimination Based on Student Status
   5.6.1   Protecting Affordable Housing Opportunities for Persons Using Rental Assistance or Other Sources of Income as Payment
   5.7   Prohibition of Discrimination in Mobilehome Parks Against Owners of Mobilehomes Based on the Age of Their Mobilehomes
   5.8   Prohibition Against Discrimination Based on a Person Suffering From the Medical Condition AIDS, or Any Medical Signs or Symptoms Related Thereto, or Any Perception That a Person Is Suffering from the Medical Condition AIDS Whether Real or Imaginary
   5.9   Prohibition Against Discrimination by Clubs or Organizations Which Are Not Distinctly Private
   5.10   Prohibition Against Harassment of Bicyclists
   6   Preservation of Protected Trees
   6.4   Restrictions on Butane Sales
   6.5   Regulation of Over-the-Counter Drugs
   6.6   Bath Salts – Sale and Use Prohibited
   6.7   Large-Capacity Magazines – Possession Prohibited
   6.7.1   Suicide Prevention Signs
   6.8   Alcoholic Beverages – Warning Signs
   6.9   Tobacco Retailer’s Permit
   7   Miscellaneous
   7.1   Residential Hotel Unit Conversion and Demolition
   7.2   Mortgage Modification Consultants
   8   Municipal Lobbying
   9.5   Municipal Ethics and Conflicts of Interest
   9.7   Campaign Financing
   11   Municipal Mass Mailings
   12   Discrimination on the Basis of Sexual Orientation
   13   Prohibition on the Manufacture, Sale, and Distribution of Polystyrene Plastics Products
   14   Graffiti Removal and Recovery
   14.6   Temporary Protection of Tenants During COVID-19 Pandemic
   15   Urgent Repair Program
   16   Civil and Human Rights Law
   17   Pet Ownership in Publicly-Financed Housing Developments
   19   Replacement Obligations and Occupant Protections Required for New Housing Development Projects