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Sec. 51A-1.101.   Reserved.
Sec. 51A-1.102.   Applicability and purpose.
Sec. 51A-1.103.   Enforcement.
Sec. 51A-1.104.   Certificate of occupancy.
Sec. 51A-1.104.1.   Applications.
Sec. 51A-1.105.   Fees.
Sec. 51A-1.105.1.   Fee exemptions and refunds.
Sec. 51A-1.106.   Notification signs required to be obtained and posted.
Sec. 51A-1.107.   Special exceptions for the handicapped.
Sec. 51A-1.108.   Comprehensive plan.
Sec. 51A-1.109.   Apportionment of exactions.
Sec. 51A-2.101.   Interpretations.
Sec. 51A-2.102.   Definitions.
Sec. 51A-3.101.   City plan and zoning commission.
Sec. 51A-3.102.   Board of adjustment.
Sec. 51A-3.103.   Landmark commission.
Sec. 51A-3.104.   Reserved.
Sec. 51A-3.105.   Building official.
Division 51A-4.100. Establishment of Zoning Districts.
Sec. 51A-4.101.   New zoning districts established.
Sec. 51A-4.102.   Reserved.
Sec. 51A-4.103.   Zoning district map.
Sec. 51A-4.104.   Zoning district boundaries.
Sec. 51A-4.105.   Interpretation of district regulations.
Secs. 51A-4.106 thru 51A-4.109.   Reserved.
Division 51A-4.110. Residential District Regulations.
Sec. 51A-4.111.   Agricultural [A(A)] District.
Sec. 51A-4.112.   Single family districts.
Sec. 51A-4.113.   Duplex [D(A)] district.
Sec. 51A-4.114.   Townhouse [TH-1(A), TH-2(A), and TH-3(A)] districts.
Sec. 51A-4.115.   Clustered housing (CH) district.
Sec. 51A-4.116.   Multifamily districts.
Sec. 51A-4.117.   Manufactured home [MH(A)] district.
Secs. 51A-4.118 thru 51A-4.119.   Reserved.
Division 51A-4.120. Nonresidential District Regulations.
Sec. 51A-4.121.   Office districts.
Sec. 51A-4.122.   Retail districts.
Sec. 51A-4.123.   Commercial service and industrial districts.
Sec. 51A-4.124.   Central area districts.
Sec. 51A-4.125.   Mixed use districts.
Sec. 51A-4.126.   Multiple commercial districts.
Sec. 51A-4.127.   Urban corridor districts.
Division 51A-4.200. Use Regulations.
Sec. 51A-4.201.   Agricultural uses.
         (1)   Animal production.
         (2)   Commercial stable.
         (3)   Crop production.
         (4)   Private stable.
Sec. 51A-4.202.   Commercial and business service uses.
         (1)   Building repair and maintenance shop.
         (2)   Bus or rail transit vehicle maintenance or storage facility.
         (3)   Catering service.
         (4)   Commercial cleaning or laundry plant.
         (5)   Custom business services.
         (6)   Custom woodworking, furniture construction, or repair.
         (7)   Electronics service center.
         (8)   Job or lithographic printing.
         (8.1)   Labor hall.
         (9)   Machine or welding shop.
         (10)   Machinery, heavy equipment, or truck sales and service.
         (11)   Medical or scientific laboratory.
         (12)   Technical school.
         (13)   Tool or equipment rental.
         (14)   Vehicle or engine repair or maintenance.
Sec. 51A-4.203.   Industrial Uses.
         (0)   Alcoholic beverage manufacturing.
         (1)   Industrial (inside).
         (1.1)   Industrial (inside) for light manufacturing.
         (2)   Industrial (outside).
         (2.1)   Medical/infectious waste incinerator.
         (3)   Metal salvage facility.
         (3.1)   Mining.
         (3.2)   Gas drilling and production.
         (3.3)   Gas pipeline compressor station.
         (4)   Municipal waste incinerator.
         (4.1)   Organic compost recycling facility.
         (5)   Outside salvage or reclamation.
         (5.1)   Pathological waste incinerator.
         (6)   Temporary concrete or asphalt batching plant.
Sec. 51A-4.204.   Institutional and community service uses.
         (1)   Adult day care facility.
         (2)   Cemetery or mausoleum.
         (3)   Child-care facility.
         (4)   Church.
         (5)   College, university, or seminary.
         (6)   Reserved.
         (7)   Community service center.
         (8)   Convalescent and nursing homes, hospice care, and related institutions.
         (9)   Convent or monastery.
         (10)   Reserved.
         (11)   Foster home.
         (12)   Reserved.
         (13)   Halfway house.
         (14)   Hospital.
         (15)   Reserved.
         (16)   Library, art gallery, or museum.
         (17)   Public or private school.
Sec. 51A-4.205.   Lodging uses.
         (1)   Hotel or motel.
         (1.1)   Extended stay hotel or motel.
         (2)   Lodging or boarding house.
         (2.1)   Overnight general purpose shelter.
         (3)   Short-term rental lodging.
Sec. 51A-4.206.   Miscellaneous uses.
         (1)   Attached non-premise sign.
         (2)   Carnival or circus (temporary).
         (3)   Detached non-premise sign.
         (4)   Hazardous waste management facility.
         (5)   Placement of fill material.
         (6)   Temporary construction or sales office.
Sec. 51A-4.207.   Office uses.
         (1)   Alternative financial establishment.
         (2)   Financial institution without drive-in window.
         (3)   Financial institution with drive-in window.
         (4)   Medical clinic or ambulatory surgical center.
         (5)   Office.
Sec. 51A-4.208.   Recreation uses.
         (1)   Country club with private membership.
         (2)   Private recreation center, club or area.
         (3)   Public park, playground, or golf course.
Sec. 51A-4.209.   Residential uses.
         (1)   College dormitory, fraternity or sorority house.
         (2)   Duplex.
         (3)   Group residential facility.
         (3.1)   Handicapped group dwelling unit.
         (4)   Manufactured home park, manufactured home subdivision, or campground.
         (5)   Multifamily.
         (5.1)   Residential hotel.
         (5.2)   Retirement housing.
         (6)   Single family.
Sec. 51A-4.210.   Retail and personal service uses.
         (1)   Ambulance service.
         (2)   Animal shelter or clinic.
         (3)   Auto service center.
         (4)   Alcoholic beverage establishments.
         (5)   Business school.
         (6)   Car wash.
         (7)   Commercial amusement (inside).
         (8)   Commercial amusement (outside).
         (8.1)   Commercial motor vehicle parking.
         (9)   Commercial parking lot or garage.
         (9.1)   Convenience store with drive-through.
         (10)   Drive-in theater.
         (11)   Dry cleaning or laundry store.
         (12)   Furniture store.
         (13)   General merchandise or food store 3,500 square feet or less.
         (14)   General merchandise or food store greater than 3,500 square feet.
         (14.1)   General merchandise or food store 100,000 square feet or more.
         (15)   Home improvement center, lumber, brick or building materials sales yard.
         (16)   Household equipment and appliance repair.
         (16.1)   Liquefied natural gas fueling station.
         (17)   Liquor store.
         (18)   Mortuary, funeral home, or commercial wedding chapel.
         (19)   Motor vehicle fueling station.
         (20)   Nursery, garden shop, or plant sales.
         (21)   Outside sales.
         (21.1)    Paraphernalia shop.
         (22)   Pawn shop.
         (23)   Personal service use.
         (24)   Restaurant without drive-in or drive-through service.
         (25)   Restaurant with drive-in or drive-through service.
         (26)   Surface parking.
         (27)   Swap or buy shop.
         (28)   Taxidermist.
         (29)   Temporary retail use.
         (30)   Theater.
         (30.1)   Truck stop.
         (31)   Vehicle display, sales, and service.
Sec. 51A-4.211.   Transportation uses.
         (1)   Airport or landing field.
         (2)   Commercial bus station and terminal.
         (3)   Heliport.
         (4)   Helistop.
         (5)   Private street or alley.
         (6)   Railroad passenger station.
         (7)   Railroad yard, roundhouse, or shops.
         (8)   STOL (short takeoff or landing) port.
         (9)   Transit passenger shelter.
         (10)   Transit passenger station or transfer center.
Sec. 51A-4.212.   Utility and public service uses.
         (1)   Commercial radio or television transmitting station.
         (2)   Electrical generating plant.
         (3)   Electrical substation.
         (4)   Local utilities.
         (5)   Police or fire station.
         (6)   Post office.
         (7)   Radio, television, or microwave tower.
         (8)   Refuse transfer station.
         (9)   Sanitary landfill.
         (10)   Sewage treatment plant.
         (10.1)   Tower/antenna for cellular communication.
         (11)   Utility or government installation other than listed.
         (12)   Water treatment plant.
Sec. 51A-4.213.   Wholesale, distribution, and storage uses.
         (1)   Auto auction.
         (2)   Building mover’s temporary storage yard.
         (3)   Contractor’s maintenance yard.
         (4)   Freight terminal.
         (5)   Livestock auction pens or sheds.
         (6)   Manufactured building sales lot.
         (7)   Mini-warehouse.
         (8)   Office showroom/warehouse.
         (9)   Outside storage.
         (10)   Petroleum product storage and wholesale.
         (11)   Recycling buy-back center.
         (11.1)   Recycling collection center.
         (11.2)   Recycling drop-off container.
         (11.3)   Recycling drop-off for special occasion collection.
         (12)   Sand, gravel, or earth sales and storage.
         (13)   Trade center.
         (14)   Vehicle storage lot.
         (15)   Warehouse.
Secs. 51A-4.214 thru 51A-4.216.   Reserved.
Sec. 51A-4.217.   Accessory uses.
         (1)   Accessory community center (private).
         (1.1)   Accessory electric vehicle charging station.
         (2)   Accessory game court (private).
         (3)   Accessory helistop.
         (3.1)   Accessory medical/infectious waste incinerator.
         (4)   Accessory outside display of merchandise.
         (5)   Accessory outside sales.
         (6)   Accessory outside storage.
         (6.1)   Accessory pathological waste incinerator.
         (7)   Amateur communication tower.
         (7.1)   Day home.
         (7.2)   General waste incinerator.
         (8)   Home occupation.
         (8.1)   Live unit.
         (9)   Occasional sales (garage sales).
         (10)   Private stable.
         (11)   Swimming pool (private).
         (12)   Pedestrian skybridges.
Sec. 51A-4.218.   Limited uses.
Sec. 51A-4.219.   Specific use permit (SUP).
Sec. 51A-4.220.   Classification of new uses.
Sec. 51A-4.221.   Sexually oriented businesses.
Division 51A-4.300. Off-Street Parking and Loading Regulations.
Sec. 51A-4.301.   Off-street parking regulations.
Sec. 51A-4.302.   Parking [P(A)] district regulations.
Sec. 51A-4.303.   Off-street loading regulations.
Sec. 51A-4.304.   Off-street stacking space regulations.
Sec. 51A-4.305.   Handicapped parking regulations.
Sec. 51A-4.306.   Off-street parking in the central business district.
Sec. 51A-4.307.   Nonconformity as to parking or loading regulations.
Secs. 51A-4.308 thru 51A-4.309.   Reserved.
Division 51A-4.310. Off-Street Parking Reductions.
Sec. 51A-4.311.   Special exceptions.
Sec. 51A-4.312.   Tree preservation parking reduction.
Sec. 51A-4.313.   Administrative parking reduction.
Sec. 51A-4.314.   Reductions for providing bicycle parking.
Division 51A-4.320. Special Parking Regulations.
Sec. 51A-4.321.   Definitions.
Sec. 51A-4.322.   Purpose.
Sec. 51A-4.323.   Procedures for special parking approval.
Sec. 51A-4.324.   Review by the director.
Sec. 51A-4.325.   Decision of the director.
Sec. 51A-4.326.   Notice.
Sec. 51A-4.327.   Appeals.
Sec. 51A-4.328.   Agreement required.
Sec. 51A-4.329.   Special parking license.
Sec. 51A-4.329.1.   Offenses.
Sec. 51A-4.329.2.   Revocation of certificate of occupancy.
Division 51A-4.330. Bicycle Parking Regulations.
Sec. 51A-4.331.   Applicability.
Sec. 51A-4.332.   General provisions.
Sec. 51A-4.333.   Spaces required.
Sec. 51A-4.334.   Location and design.
Sec. 51A-4.335.   Waivers.
Division 51A-4.340. Mechanized Parking.
Sec. 51A-4.341.   Purpose.
Sec. 51A-4.342.   Definitions.
Sec. 51A-4.343.   Procedures for mechanized parking approval.
Sec. 51A-4.344.   Mechanized parking license.
Sec. 51A-4.345.   General standards.
Division 51A-4.400. Yard, Lot, and Space Regulations.
Sec. 51A-4.401.   Minimum front yard.
Sec. 51A-4.402.   Minimum side yard.
Sec. 51A-4.403.   Minimum rear yard.
Sec. 51A-4.404.   Minimum lot area for residential use.
Sec. 51A-4.405.   Minimum lot width for residential use.
Sec. 51A-4.406.   Minimum lot depth for residential use.
Sec. 51A-4.407.   Maximum lot coverage.
Sec. 51A-4.408.   Maximum building height.
Sec. 51A-4.409.   Maximum floor area ratio.
Sec. 51A-4.410.   Schedule of yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. 51A-4.411.   Shared access development.
Sec. 51A-4.412.   Residential proximity slope.
Division 51A-4.500. Overlay and Conservation District Regulations.
Sec. 51A-4.501.   Historic overlay district.
Sec. 51A-4.502.   Institutional overlay district.
Sec. 51A-4.503.   D and D-1 liquor control overlay districts.
Sec. 51A-4.504.   Demolition delay overlay district.
Sec. 51A-4.505.   Conservation districts.
Sec. 51A-4.506.   Modified delta overlay district.
Sec. 51A-4.507.   Neighborhood stabilization overlay.
Sec. 51A-4.508.   Turtle Creek Environmental Corridor.
Sec. 51A-4.509.   Parking management overlay district.
Sec. 51A-4.510.   Accessory dwelling unit overlay.
Sec. 51A-4.511.   Neighborhood forest overlay.
Division 51A-4.600. Regulations of Special Applicability.
Sec. 51A-4.601.   Creation of a building site.
Sec. 51A-4.602.   Fence, screening and visual obstruction regulations.
Sec. 51A-4.603.   Use of conveyance as a building.
Sec. 51A-4.604.   Restrictions on access through a lot.
Sec. 51A-4.605.   Design standards.
Division 51A-4.700. Zoning Procedures.
Sec. 51A-4.701.   Zoning amendments.
Sec. 51A-4.702.   Planned development (PD) district regulations.
Sec. 51A-4.703.   Board of adjustment hearing procedures.
Sec. 51A-4.704.   Nonconforming uses and structures.
Sec. 51A-4.705.   Annexed territory temporarily zoned.
Sec. 51A-4.706.   Reserved.
Division 51A-4.800. Development Impact Review.
Sec. 51A-4.801.   Purpose.
Sec. 51A-4.802.   Definitions.
Sec. 51A-4.803.   Site plan review.
Division 51A-4.900. Affordable Housing.
Sec. 51A-4.901.   Purpose.
Sec. 51A-4.902.   Definitions.
Sec. 51A-4.903.   Application of division.
Sec. 51A-4.904.   Special exception.
Sec. 51A-4.905.   Procedures to obtain a density bonus.
Sec. 51A-4.906.   Review by the director.
Sec. 51A-4.907.   Decision by the director.
Sec. 51A-4.908.   Affordable housing instrument required.
Sec. 51A-4.909.   Operation of affordable housing program.
Sec. 51A-4.910.   Alternative ways to satisfy SAH unit obligation.
Division 51A-4.1000. Park Land Dedication.
Sec. 51A-4.1001.   Purpose.
Sec. 51A-4.1002.   Applicability.
Sec. 51A-4.1003.   Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51A-4.1004.   Dedication.
Sec. 51A-4.1005.   Fee-in-lieu.
Sec. 51A-4.1006.   Park development fee.
Sec. 51A-4.1007.   Calculations, deductions, and credits.
Sec. 51A-4.1008.   Park land dedication standards.
Sec. 51A-4.1009.   Park land dedication fund.
Sec. 51A-4.1010.   Tree mitigation.
Sec. 51A-4.1011.   Appeals.
Sec. 51A-4.1012.   Review.
Division 51A-4.1100. Mixed-Income Housing.
Sec. 51A-4.1101.   Purpose.
Sec. 51A-4.1102.   Applicability.
Sec. 51A-4.1103.   Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51A-4.1104.   Development bonus period.
Sec. 51A-4.1105.   Procedures to obtain a development bonus.
Sec. 51A-4.1106.   Development regulations.
Sec. 51A-4.1107.   Design standards.
Sec. 51A-4.1108.   Board of adjustment variances.
Division 51A-5.100. Floodplain Regulations.
Sec. 51A-5.101.   Definitions and interpretations applicable to the floodplain regulations.
Sec. 51A-5.102.   Designation or removal of FP areas.
Sec. 51A-5.103.   Compliance in undesignated floodplain areas.
Sec. 51A-5.103.1.   Vegetation alteration in floodplain prohibited.
Sec. 51A-5.104.   Uses and improvements permitted.
Sec. 51A-5.105.   Filling in the floodplain.
Sec. 51A-5.106.   Setback from natural channel required.
Sec. 51A-5.107.   Trinity river corridor development certificate process.
Division 51A-5.200. Escarpment Regulations.
Sec. 51A-5.201.   Definitions.
Sec. 51A-5.202.   Development in escarpment zone prohibited.
Sec. 51A-5.203.   Permit required for development in geologically similar areas.
Sec. 51A-5.204.   Escarpment permit application and review.
Sec. 51A-5.205.   Slope stability analysis.
Sec. 51A-5.206.   Soil erosion control plan.
Sec. 51A-5.207.   Grading plan.
Sec. 51A-5.208.   Vegetation plan.
Sec. 51A-5.209.   Escarpment area review committee.
Sec. 51A-5.210.   Platting in the escarpment zone and in the geologically similar area.
Sec. 51A-6.101.   Definitions applicable to the environmental performance standards.
Sec. 51A-6.102.   Noise regulations.
Sec. 51A-6.103.   Toxic and noxious matter.
Sec. 51A-6.104.   Glare.
Sec. 51A-6.105.   Vibration.
Sec. 51A-6.106.   Odors, smoke, particulate matter and other air contaminants.
Sec. 51A-6.107.   Nonconformance with the environmental performance standards.
Sec. 51A-6.108.   Municipal setting designation ordinance.
Division 51A-7.100. Purposes and Definitions.
Sec. 51A-7.101.   Purpose.
Sec. 51A-7.102.   Definitions.
Division 51A-7.200. Provisions For All Zoning Districts.
Sec. 51A-7.201.   Application of division.
Sec. 51A-7.202.   Imitation of traffic and emergency signs prohibited.
Sec. 51A-7.203.   Roof and right-of-way signs.
Sec. 51A-7.204.   Other codes not in conflict, applicable.
Sec. 51A-7.205.   Athletic field signs, portable signs, special purpose signs, movement control signs, and protective signs.
Sec. 51A-7.206.   Vehicular signs.
Sec. 51A-7.207.   Government signs.
Sec. 51A-7.208.   Creation of site.
Sec. 51A-7.209.   Signs displaying noncommercial messages.
Sec. 51A-7.210.   General maintenance.
Sec. 51A-7.211.   Signs attached to structures located on buildings.
Sec. 51A-7.212.   Street construction alleviation signs.
Sec. 51A-7.213.   Detached sign unity agreements.
Sec. 51A-7.214.   City kiosks.
Sec. 51A-7.215.   Animal shelter sign.
Sec. 51A-7.216.   Digital display on certain premise signs.
Division 51A-7.300. Provisions For Business Zoning Districts.
Sec. 51A-7.301.   Application of division.
Sec. 51A-7.302.   Reserved.
Sec. 51A-7.303.   General provisions applicable to signs in business zoning districts.
Sec. 51A-7.304.   Detached signs.
Sec. 51A-7.305.   Attached signs.
Sec. 51A-7.306.   Detached non-premise signs prohibited generally.
Sec. 51A-7.307.   Relocation of certain detached non-premise signs.
Sec. 51A-7.308.   Digital display on certain detached non-premise signs.
Division 51A-7.400. Provisions for Non-Business Zoning Districts.
Sec. 51A-7.401.   Application of division.
Sec. 51A-7.402.   General provisions applicable to signs in non-business zoning districts.
Sec. 51A-7.403.   Detached signs.
Sec. 51A-7.404.   Attached signs.
Division 51A-7.500. Special Provision Sign Districts.
Sec. 51A-7.501.   Purpose of special provision sign districts.
Sec. 51A-7.502.   Creation of a special provision sign district.
Sec. 51A-7.502.1.   Non-premise signs in special provision sign districts.
Sec. 51A-7.503.   Modifications allowed in special provision sign districts.
Sec. 51A-7.504.   Special sign district advisory committee created.
Sec. 51A-7.505.   Permit procedures for special provision sign districts.
Sec. 51A-7.506.   Expiration of special provision sign districts.
Sec. 51A-7.507.   Temporary signs in special provision sign districts.
Division 51A-7.600. Permit Procedures.
Sec. 51A-7.601.   Administration of article by division of building inspection.
Sec. 51A-7.602.   Permits.
Sec. 51A-7.603.   Applications.
Sec. 51A-7.604.   Reserved.
Sec. 51A-7.605.   Extraordinarily significant signs.
Division 51A-7.700. Non-Conformance and Enforcement Procedures.
Sec. 51A-7.701.   Purpose of division.
Sec. 51A-7.702.   Removal and maintenance of certain non-conforming signs.
Sec. 51A-7.703.   Board of adjustment.
Sec. 51A-7.704.   Reserved.
Sec. 51A-7.705.   Determination of noncommercial and primarily political messages.
Sec. 51A-7.706.   Reserved.
Division 51A-7.800. Procedure For Changes and Amendments.
Sec. 51A-7.801.   Authority to amend; submission of proposed amendments to city plan commission.
Sec. 51A-7.802.   Public hearings provided.
Sec. 51A-7.803.   Three-fourths vote of city council in certain cases.
Division 51A-7.900. Downtown Special Provision Sign District.
Sec. 51A-7.901.   Designation of Downtown Special Provision Sign District.
Sec. 51A-7.901.1.   Designation of subdistricts.
Sec. 51A-7.902.   Purpose.
Sec. 51A-7.903.   Definitions.
Sec. 51A-7.904.   Detached non-premise signs.
Sec. 51A-7.905.   Sign permit requirement.
Sec. 51A-7.906.   General provisions for all signs in the downtown sign district.
Sec. 51A-7.907.   General provisions.
Sec. 51A-7.908.   Videoboard sign.
Sec. 51A-7.909.   Attached non-premise district activity videoboard signs.
Sec. 51A-7.910.   Operational requirements for attached videoboard signs.
Sec. 51A-7.911.   Attached premise signs.
Sec. 51A-7.912.   Detached premise signs.
Sec. 51A-7.913.   Construction barricade signs.
Sec. 51A-7.914.   Banners on streetlight poles.
Sec. 51A-7.915.   Window art displays in vacant buildings.
Sec. 51A-7.916.   Noncommercial message nondiscrimination.
Sec. 51A-7.917.   Activity district changeable message signs.
Sec. 51A-7.918.   Kiosks.
Sec. 51A-7.919.   Movement control signs.
Sec. 51A-7.920.   District identification signs.
Sec. 51A-7.921.   Protective signs.
Sec. 51A-7.922.   Special purpose signs.
Sec. 51A-7.923.   Other temporary signs.
Secs. 51A-7.924 thru 51A-7.929.   Reserved.
Sec. 51A-7.930.   Supergraphic signs.
Sec. 51A-7.931.   Convention center complex accent lighting.
Sec. 51A-7.932.    Akard Station subdistrict.
Division 51A-7.1000. West End Historic Sign District.
Sec. 51A-7.1001.   Designation of West End Historic Sign District.
Sec. 51A-7.1002.   Purpose.
Sec. 51A-7.1003.   Definitions.
Sec. 51A-7.1004.   General requirements for all signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1005.   Attached signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1006.   Detached signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1007.   Special purpose signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1007.1.   Purse Building subdistrict.
Sec. 51A-7.1007.2.   Antioch Church subdistrict.
Sec. 51A-7.1008.   Banners on streetlight poles.
Sec. 51A-7.1009.   Window art displays in vacant buildings.
Sec. 51A-7.1010.   Sign permit requirement.
Sec. 51A-7.1011.   Nondiscrimination between noncommercial messages.
Division 51A-7.1100. Provisions For Uptown Sign District.
Sec. 51A-7.1101.   Designation of Uptown Sign District.
Sec. 51A-7.1102.   Purpose.
Sec. 51A-7.1103.   Definitions.
Sec. 51A-7.1104.   Special provisions for all signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1105.   Special provisions for attached signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1106.   Special provisions for detached signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1107.   Special provisions for non-premise detached signs in the public right-of-way.
Sec. 51A-7.1108.   Special provisions for special purpose signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1109.   Sign permit requirement.
Division 51A-7.1200. Provisions for Arts District Sign District.
Sec. 51A-7.1201.   Designation of Arts District Sign District.
Sec. 51A-7.1202.   Purpose.
Sec. 51A-7.1203.   Definitions.
Sec. 51A-7.1204.   Arts District sign permit requirement.
Sec. 51A-7.1205.   Special provisions for all signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1205.1.   Operational requirements for signs with digital displays.
Sec. 51A-7.1206.   Public signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1207.   Attached private signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1208.   Detached private signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1209.   Building identification signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1210.   Cultural institution identification sign.
Sec. 51A-7.1211.   Canopy fascia signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1212.   Cultural institution digital signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1213.   Freestanding identification signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1214.   Construction barricade signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1214.1.   Subdistrict A.
Sec. 51A-7.1214.2.   Subdistrict B.
Sec. 51A-7.1214.3.   Subdistrict C.
Sec. 51A-7.1215.   Application of Highway Beautification Acts.
Division 51A-7.1300. Provisions for Deep Ellum/Near East Side Sign District.
Sec. 51A-7.1301.   Designation of sign district.
Sec. 51A-7.1302.   Purpose.
Sec. 51A-7.1303.   Definitions.
Sec. 51A-7.1304.   Sign permit requirements.
Sec. 51A-7.1305.   Special provisions for all signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1306.   Special provisions for attached signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1307.   Special provisions for detached signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1308.   Commercial parking lots.
Division 51A-7.1400. Jefferson Boulevard Sign District.
Sec. 51A-7.1401.   Designation of sign district.
Sec. 51A-7.1402.   Purpose.
Sec. 51A-7.1403.   Definitions.
Sec. 51A-7.1404.   Sign permit requirements.
Sec. 51A-7.1405.   General requirements for all signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1406.   Attached signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1407.   Detached signs.
Division 51A-7.1500. Provisions for Mckinney Avenue Sign District.
Sec. 51A-7.1501.   Designation of sign district.
Sec. 51A-7.1502.   Designation of subdistricts.
Sec. 51A-7.1503.   Purpose.
Sec. 51A-7.1504.   Definitions.
Sec. 51A-7.1505.   Sign permit requirements.
Sec. 51A-7.1506.   Special provisions for all signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1507.   Special provisions for attached signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1508.   Special provisions for detached signs.
Division 51A-7.1600. Farmers Market Sign District.
Sec. 51A-7.1601.   Designation of sign district.
Sec. 51A-7.1601.1.   Designation of sign subdistricts.
Sec. 51A-7.1602.   Purpose.
Sec. 51A-7.1603.   Definitions.
Sec. 51A-7.1604.   Sign permit requirements.
Sec. 51A-7.1605.   Special provisions for all signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1606.   Special provisions for attached signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1607.   Special provisions for detached signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1608.   Special provisions for the Market Center sign subdistrict.
Division 51A-7.1700. Provisions for Victory Sign District.
Sec. 51A-7.1701.   Designation of Victory Sign District.
Sec. 51A-7.1702.   Designation of subdistricts.
Sec. 51A-7.1703.   Purpose.
Sec. 51A-7.1704.   Definitions.
Sec. 51A-7.1705.   Applicability of highway beautification acts.
Sec. 51A-7.1706.   Victory District sign permit requirements.
Sec. 51A-7.1707.   Imitation of traffic and emergency signs prohibited.
Sec. 51A-7.1708.   Other codes not in conflict, applicable.
Sec. 51A-7.1709.   Creation of site.
Sec. 51A-7.1710.   Detached sign unity agreements.
Sec. 51A-7.1711.   General maintenance.
Sec. 51A-7.1712.   Government signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1713.   Signs over the public right-of-way.
Sec. 51A-7.1714.   Commercial versus noncommercial messages.
Sec. 51A-7.1715.   Premise versus non-premise advertisement.
Sec. 51A-7.1716.   Movement control signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1717.   Signs in public places.
Sec. 51A-7.1718.   Protective signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1719.   Vehicular signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1720.   Street construction alleviation signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1721.   Attached signs on machinery or equipment.
Sec. 51A-7.1722.   District identification signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1723.   Detached signs in access easements.
Sec. 51A-7.1724.   Streamers, pennants, and inflatable signs prohibited.
Sec. 51A-7.1725.   General provisions for all signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1726.   Sign regulations for Subdistrict A (the entertainment complex subdistrict).
Sec. 51A-7.1727.   Sign regulations for Subdistrict B (retail and entertainment subdistrict).
Sec. 51A-7.1728.   Sign regulations for Subdistrict C (expressway adjacency subdistrict).
Sec. 51A-7.1729.   Sign regulations for Subdistrict D (office and residential subdistrict).
Sec. 51A-7.1730.   Non-conformance and board of adjustment authority.
Sec. 51A-7.1731.   Relocation of non-premise signs prohibited.
Division 51A-7.1800. Provisions for Southside Entertainment Sign District.
Sec. 51A-7.1801.   Designation of Southside Entertainment Sign District.
Sec. 51A-7.1802.   Purpose.
Sec. 51A-7.1803.   Definitions.
Sec. 51A-7.1804.   General provisions.
Sec. 51A-7.1805.   Attached signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1806.   Event signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1807.   Window display signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1808.   Detached signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1809.   Construction barricade signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1810.   Movement control signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1811.   Protective signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1812.   Applicability of Highway Beautification Acts.
Division 51A-7.1900. Provisions for West Village Sign District.
Sec. 51A-7.1901.   Designation of West Village Sign District.
Sec. 51A-7.1902.   Designation of subdistricts.
Sec. 51A-7.1903.   Purpose.
Sec. 51A-7.1904.   Definitions.
Sec. 51A-7.1905.   General provisions for all signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1906.   Detached signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1907.   Attached signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1908.   Special provisions for special purpose signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1909.   Special provisions for facade-mounted banner signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1910.   Special provisions for kiosk signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1911.   Special provisions for newsstand signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1912.   Special provisions for signs attached to machinery or equipment.
Sec. 51A-7.1913.   Special provisions for movement control signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1914.   Special provisions for construction barricade signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1915.   Special provisions for other temporary signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1916.   Special provisions for district signs.
Sec. 51A-7.1917.   Special provisions for district identification signs.
Division 51A-7.2000. Provisions for West Commerce Street/Fort Worth Avenue Sign District.
Sec. 51A-7.2001.   Designation of the West Commerce Street/Fort Worth Avenue Sign District.
Sec. 51A-7.2002.   Designation of subdistricts.
Sec. 51A-7.2003.   Purpose.
Sec. 51A-7.2004.   Definitions.
Sec. 51A-7.2005.   Sign permit requirements.
Sec. 51A-7.2006.   Provisions applicable to all signs.
Sec. 51A-7.2007.   Attached signs.
Sec. 51A-7.2008.   Detached signs.
Division 51A-7.2100. Provisions for the Arts District Extension Area Sign District.
Sec. 51A-7.2101.   Designation of the Arts District Extension Area Sign District.
Sec. 51A-7.2102.   Purpose.
Sec. 51A-7.2103.   Definitions.
Sec. 51A-7.2104.   Arts District Extension Area sign permit requirement.
Sec. 51A-7.2105.   Special provisions for all signs.
Sec. 51A-7.2106.   Public signs.
Sec. 51A-7.2107.   Attached private signs.
Sec. 51A-7.2108.   Detached private signs.
Sec. 51A-7.2109.   Building identification signs.
Sec. 51A-7.2110.   One Arts Plaza Subdistrict.
Sec. 51A-7.2111.   Two Arts Plaza And Three Arts Plaza Subdistrict.
Sec. 51A-7.2112.   Dallas Black Dance Theatre Subdistrict.
Division 51A-7.2200. Parkland Hospital Sign District.
Sec. 51A-7.2201.   Designation of Parkland Hospital Sign District.
Sec. 51A-7.2202.   Designation of corridors.
Sec. 51A-7.2203.   Purpose.
Sec. 51A-7.2204.   Definitions.
Sec. 51A-7.2205.   Sign permit requirements.
Sec. 51A-7.2206.   Imitation of traffic and emergency signs prohibited.
Sec. 51A-7.2207.   Creation of site.
Sec. 51A-7.2208.   Signs over the public right-of-way.
Sec. 51A-7.2209.   General provisions for all signs.
Sec. 51A-7.2210.   Movement control signs.
Sec. 51A-7.2211.   District identification signs.
Sec. 51A-7.2212.   Banner signs.
Sec. 51A-7.2213.   Branding signs.
Sec. 51A-7.2214.   Donor recognition signs.
Sec. 51A-7.2215.   Streamers, pennants, and inflatable seasonal decorations prohibited.
Sec. 51A-7.2216.   Attached signs.
Sec. 51A-7.2217.   Window display signs.
Sec. 51A-7.2218.   Kiosk signs.
Sec. 51A-7.2219.   Construction barricade signs.
Sec. 51A-7.2220.   Temporary signs.
Division 51A-7.2300. Southwestern Medical District Sign District.
Sec. 51A-7.2301.   Designation of Southwestern Medical Special Provision Sign District.
Sec. 51A-7.2302.   Purpose.
Sec. 51A-7.2303.   Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51A-7.2304.   Southwestern Medical District identification sign permit requirements.
Sec. 51A-7.2305.   Imitation of traffic and emergency signs prohibited.
Sec. 51A-7.2306.   Creation of site.
Sec. 51A-7.2307.   Government traffic signs.
Sec. 51A-7.2308.   Signs within and over the public right-of-way.
Sec. 51A-7.2309.   General provisions for all signs.
Sec. 51A-7.2310.   Prohibited signs.
Sec. 51A-7.2311.   Southwestern Medical District identification signs.
Sec. 51A-7.2312.   Banners.
Sec. 51A-7.2313.   Construction barricade signs.
Division 51A-8.100. Title and Purpose.
Sec. 51A-8.101.   Title.
Sec. 51A-8.102.   Policy.
Sec. 51A-8.103.   Purpose.
Sec. 51A-8.104.   Function of commission.
Sec. 51A-8.105.   Jurisdiction.
Division 51A-8.200. Definitions.
Sec. 51A-8.201.   Definitions.
Division 51A-8.300. Reserved.
Division 51A-8.400. Procedures.
Sec. 51A-8.401.   When platting is required.
Sec. 51A-8.402.   Platting of street right-of-way prohibited.
Sec. 51A-8.403.   Platting process.
Sec. 51A-8.404.   Engineering plan approval procedure.
Sec. 51A-8.405.   Apportionment of exactions and park land dedication.
Division 51A-8.500. Subdivision Layout and Design.
Sec. 51A-8.501.   Compliance with zoning.
Sec. 51A-8.502.   Designation of abandoned, franchised, or licensed property.
Sec. 51A-8.503.   Lots.
Sec. 51A-8.504.   Blocks.
Sec. 51A-8.505.   Building lines.
Sec. 51A-8.506.   Street layout.
Sec. 51A-8.507.   Alleys.
Sec. 51A-8.508.   Parks and common areas.
Sec. 51A-8.509.   Fire and police access.
Sec. 51A-8.510.   Community unit development.
Sec. 51A-8.511.   Conservation easement.
Sec. 51A-8.512.   Shared access development.
Division 51A-8.600. Infrastructure Design and Construction.
Sec. 51A-8.601.   General standards.
Sec. 51A-8.602.   Dedications.
Sec. 51A-8.603.   Construction required.
Sec. 51A-8.604.   Street engineering design and construction.
Sec. 51A-8.605.   Sanitation collection access required.
Sec. 51A-8.606.   Sidewalks.
Sec. 51A-8.607.   Median openings, extra lanes, and driveways.
Sec. 51A-8.608.   Street appurtenances.
Sec. 51A-8.609.   Railroad crossings.
Sec. 51A-8.610.   Utilities.
Sec. 51A-8.611.   Storm drainage design.
Sec. 51A-8.612.   Private development contracts.
Sec. 51A-8.613.   Covenant procedures.
Sec. 51A-8.614.   Cost sharing contract.
Sec. 51A-8.615.   Nonstandard materials.
Sec. 51A-8.616.   Reserved.
Sec. 51A-8.617.   Monumentation.
Sec. 51A-8.618.   Traffic barriers.
Sec. 51A-8.619.   Screening walls.
Sec. 51A-8.620.   Retaining walls.
Division 51A-8.700. Administration.
Sec. 51A-8.701.   Nothing deemed submitted until fees paid.
Sec. 51A-8.702.   Early release of building or foundation permit.
Sec. 51A-8.703.   Circumvention of regulations prohibited.
Sec. 51A-8.704.   Utilities.
Sec. 51A-8.705.   Taxes.
Sec. 51A-8.706.   Approvals and agreements in writing.
Sec. 51A-8.707.   Platting in the escarpment zone and in the geologically similar area.
Sec. 51A-8.708.   Waiver by city council.
Division 51A-9.100. Thoroughfare Plan Amendments.
Sec. 51A-9.101.   Thoroughfare plan defined.
Sec. 51A-9.102.   Thoroughfare plan amendment process.
Division 51A-9.200. Approval of Alignment of Thoroughfares.
Sec. 51A-9.201.   Procedures for establishment of thoroughfare alignment.
Sec. 51A-9.202.   Procedure for approval of state or county thoroughfare improvements.
Division 51A-9.300. Street Naming and Name Change Process.
Sec. 51A-9.301.   Definitions.
Sec. 51A-9.302.   General provisions.
Sec. 51A-9.303.   Application.
Sec. 51A-9.304.   Standards for street names and street name changes.
Sec. 51A-9.305.   Review of application.
Sec. 51A-9.306.   Hearing before the city plan commission.
Sec. 51A-9.307.   Hearing before the city council.
Sec. 51A-9.308.   Notification of name change.
Sec. 51A-9.309.   Effective date of name change.
Division 51A-9.400. Four-Way/All-Way Stop Controls at Residential Intersections.
Sec. 51A-9.401.   Application.
Sec. 51A-9.402.   Standards of review.
Sec. 51A-9.403.   Appeals.
Division 51A-9.500. Ceremonial Street Naming.
Sec. 51A-9.501.   Purpose.
Sec. 51A-9.502.   General provisions.
Sec. 51A-9.503.   Process.
Sec. 51A-9.504.   Standards for ceremonial street naming.
Sec. 51A-9.505.   Notification of ceremonial street naming.
Sec. 51A-9.506.   Effective date of ceremonial street name and end date.
Sec. 51A-9.507.   Installation and replacement.
Division 51A-10.100. In General.
Sec. 51A-10.101.   Definitions.
Sec. 51A-10.102.   Purpose.
Sec. 51A-10.103.   Acceptable plant materials.
Sec. 51A-10.104.   Soil and planting area requirements.
Sec. 51A-10.105.   Measurements.
Sec. 51A-10.106.   Irrigation requirements.
Sec. 51A-10.107.   Reserved.
Sec. 51A-10.108.   General maintenance.
Sec. 51A-10.109.   Landscape and tree manual.
Sec. 51A-10.110.   Special exceptions.
Division 51A-10.120. Landscaping.
Sec. 51A-10.121.   Application of division.
Sec. 51A-10.122.   Artificial lot delineation.
Sec. 51A-10.123.   Landscape plan submission.
Sec. 51A-10.124.   Landscape plan review.
Sec. 51A-10.125.   Mandatory landscaping requirements.
Sec. 51A-10.126.   Landscape design options.
Sec. 51A-10.127.   When landscaping must be completed.
Sec. 51A-10.128.   Enforcement by building official.
Division 51A-10.130. Urban Forest Conservation.
Sec. 51A-10.131.   Application of division.
Sec. 51A-10.131.1.   Intent.
Sec. 51A-10.131.2.   Planned development districts.
Sec. 51A-10.132.   Tree removal applications.
Sec. 51A-10.133.   Historic trees.
Sec. 51A-10.133.1.   Transplanted trees.
Sec. 51A-10.134.   Replacement of removed or seriously injured trees.
Sec. 51A-10.135.   Alternative methods of compliance with tree replacement requirements.
Sec. 51A-10.136.   Conservation and maintenance of protected trees during construction or other disturbance.
Sec. 51A-10.137.   Violation of this division.
Sec. 51A-10.138.   Appeals.
Sec. 51A-10.139.   Fines.
Sec. 51A-10.140.   Criminal responsibility, and defenses to prosecution.
Division 51A-11.100. Purpose and Definitions.
Sec. 51A-11.101.   Purpose and authority.
Sec. 51A-11.102.   Definitions.
Division 51A-11.200. Tax Exemptions for Historic Properties.
Sec. 51A-11.201.   Initial application, completion of rehabilitation, and final application are all required for tax exemption.
Sec. 51A-11.202.   Penalties for failure to complete a project or failure to obtain a certificate of occupancy.
Sec. 51A-11.203.   Historic property destruction or alteration.
Sec. 51A-11.204.   Tax exemptions in the urban historic districts.
Sec. 51A-11.205.   Tax exemptions in endangered and revitalizing historic districts.
Sec. 51A-11.206.   Tax exemptions in historic districts other than urban historic districts, endangered historic districts, and revitalizing historic districts.
Sec. 51A-11.207.   Tax exemption for historic properties open to the public and owned by non-profit organizations.
Sec. 51A-11.208.   Citywide tax exemption.
Division 51A-11.300. Other Incentives for Historic Preservation in Urban Historic Districts.
Sec. 51A-11.301.   Historic conservation easement program.
Sec. 51A-11.302.   Transfer of development rights.
Division 51A-11.400. Sunset Provision and Coordination with Pending Tax Exemptions.
Sec. 51A-11.401.   Sunset provision.
Sec. 51A-11.402.   Coordination with pending tax exemptions.
Division 51A-12.100. In General.
Sec. 51A-12.101.   Purpose.
Sec. 51A-12.102.   Definitions.
Sec. 51A-12.103.   Administration.
Sec. 51A-12.104.   SUP requirement and use regulations.
Division II. Gas Drilling.
Sec. 51A-12.201.   Seismic survey permit.
Sec. 51A-12.202.   Gas well permit.
Sec. 51A-12.203.   Insurance and security instruments.
Sec. 51A-12.204.   Operations.
Sec. 51A-12.205.   Abandonment and restoration.
Division III. Regulated Pipelines.
Sec. 51A-12.301.   Pipeline permit.
Sec. 51A-12.302.   Insurance.
Sec. 51A-12.303.   General provisions.
Sec. 51A-12.304.   Emergency response plan and incident reporting.
Sec. 51A-12.305.   Markers.
Sec. 51A-12.306.   One-call system.
Sec. 51A-12.307.   Pipeline information reporting requirements.
Sec. 51A-12.308.   Public education.
Sec. 51A-12.309.   Repairs and maintenance.
Sec. 51A-12.310.   No assumption of responsibility by city.
Sec. 51A-12.311.   Abandoned pipelines.
Division IV. Violations.
Sec. 51A-12.401.    Violations.