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SEC. 51A-8.507.   ALLEYS.
   (a)   When required. Alleys are required only in residential zoning districts, and then only when required under Section 51A-8.604 based on accommodation of street pavement width and zoning density. Alleys must provide continuous vehicular access regardless of zoning.
   (b)   Regulations. All alleys must meet the following standards:
      (1)   Alleys must have a minimum right-of-way of 15 feet in width.
      (2)   Alley right-of-way must not exceed 20 feet in width.
      (3)   Alleys must consist of at least 10 feet of pavement.
      (4)   Permanent dead-end alleys are not allowed unless all access is prohibited between the alley and public rights-of-way. Alleys must either intersect with a dedicated public or private undivided street or an existing alley. If a dead-end alley is shown on a proposed plat, an approved turnaround must be provided unless a waiver is obtained from the director and the chief planning officer. A waiver is permitted only if the director and the chief planning officer determine a turnaround is not necessitated by the amount of traffic on the alley, nor otherwise needed to protect the public interest.
      (5)   Alleys must function without reliance on fire lanes or access easements. An alley must provide vehicular access from a dedicated public right-of-way or easement to another dedicated public right-of-way along pavement which is all within dedicated public right-of-way.
      (6)   Alleys adjoining and parallel to divided thoroughfares must be separated from the thoroughfare by a traffic barrier in accordance with Section 51A-8.618 of this article.
      (7)   Dedications for an alley are required as provided in Section 51A-8.604(c). Where an alley intersects a street, a 15-foot visibility triangle (alley sight easement) is required. Measurements are taken along the property line.
      (8)   Alleys must be designed and constructed according to the requirements of the Street Design Manual and the Standard Details for Public Works Construction of the department of public works.
   (c)   Private alleys. If a private alley is indicated, it must be designed and constructed in accordance with all of the requirements in this section, and must be labeled as a private alley on the proposed plat. Easements for utilities and franchises must be dedicated in private alleys under the same circumstances and in the same manner as required for private streets pursuant to Section 51A-8.610. (Ord. Nos. 20092; 23384; 25047; 28073; 28424; 29478; 30239; 30654; 31314)