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   (a)   When required. For all property being platted with identifiable single family, duplex, or townhouse components that front on both an arterial and a public or private street or alley, traffic barriers must be constructed that separate the property from the arterial. See Section 51A-8.507(b)(6) for alley requirements.
   (b)   Easement. The owner must dedicate an exclusive barrier easement along the lots or alleys perimeter to the thoroughfare depending on who will maintain the barrier. Barrier easements must have a minimum width of three feet. If a screening wall serves as a traffic barrier, maintenance of the wall is the responsibility of each individual owner abutting the easement or the homeowners’ association.
   (c)   Design. The design and construction of traffic barriers must be approved by the director. If concrete is used for traffic barriers, it must be reinforced and have a minimum compressive strength of 3000 pounds per square inch at 28 days test. The traffic barrier must be at least 24 inches in height. All traffic barriers must be maintained by the property owner or a homeowners association.
   (d)   Timing of construction. All traffic barriers required by this article must be constructed concurrently with the adjoining street or, if the thoroughfare is already constructed or is not to be constructed with the subdivision infrastructure, before the issuance of a certificate of occupancy or utility connection for any structure within the boundaries of the plat.
   (e)   Acceptance of construction. All traffic barriers must be constructed under a private development contract in accordance with Section 51A-8.612. If a screening wall serves as a traffic barrier, it must be designed by an engineer and approved by the director.
   (f)   Maintenance and repair. Each adjacent property owner is responsible for simple routine maintenance and cleaning of all barriers to which his property is adjacent. The city of Dallas is responsible for any major maintenance and repair work necessary for the traffic barrier if the city has accepted it for maintenance. Any other type of traffic barriers is the responsibility of the homeowners’ association or the owner. (Ord. Nos. 20092; 21186; 23384; 25047; 28073)