Article I. In General
   46-1   Definitions
   46-2   Compliance with regulations concerning installation and use of air conditioning equipment
   46-3   Permit for installation of water-using air-conditioning equipment inspection
   46-4   Water conserving device
   46-5   Order prohibiting use of water during water supply emergency
Article II. Water Supply and Sewage Disposal System
Division 1. Generally
   46-6   Fiscal year for water supply and sewage disposal system
   46-7   Operation, maintenance and control of system
   46-8   Taking water from main without permit prohibited
   46-9   Taking water for use other than that for which pipes were installed
   46-10   Obstructing use or injuring fire hydrants and the like
   46-11   Defacing, damaging or obstructing waterworks system
   46-12   Letting water into premises without permission
   46-13   Attaching device to water system which may cause pollution
   46-14   Construction standards for hydrants
   46-15   Use of hydrants without permission
   46-16   “Consumer” defined; relationship between consumers and City; denial of service; applying deposits to debts owed City
   46-17   Disputed water supply and sewage disposal billing; inspection; consumer hearing; adjustment of bill
   46-18   Right of entry
   46-19   Location of meters
   46-19.1   Interference with operation of water meter or measuring device
   46-20   Contracts to furnish water outside City
   46-21   Consent of township officials as to laying and repairing pipe
   46-22   Application for connection outside City; supplying of meter
   46-23   Revocation of license for violation
   46-24   Liability for violations by children, servants and the like
Division 2. Regulation of Water Sources
   46-25   Use of spring or well water
   46-26   Leasing buildings without approved water supply
   46-27   Well inspections
   46-28   Contaminated wells
   46-29   Standards for determining contamination
   46-30   Interference with Department of Public Health
Division 3. Fluoridation of Water Supply
   46-31   Fluoridation required
   46-32   Same — compliance Department of Public Health rules
   46-33   Same — purchase of water from City of Detroit; unfluoridated water
Division 4. Backflow Prevention
   46-34   Cross-connections — responsibilities
   46-35   Required testing of backflow prevention devices
   46-36   Connection to boilers
   46-37   Piping identification
   46-38   Potable water connection to commercial appliances and sinks that require an air gap on the waste discharge
   46-39   Notice of accidental backflow incident; penalty
   46-40   Written notice
   46-41 – 46-47   Reserved
Article III. Rates and Charges
Division 1. Water
   46-48   Water service placed in name of property owner of record; exception
   46-49   Development of rules and regulations to implement § 46-48
   46-50   Lien when charges delinquent; right of entry; cost of connections
   46-51   Use of meters
   46-52   Premises served by City water distribution system
   46-52.1   Calculation of rates
   46-52.2   When bills due; interest on past due amount
   46-52.3   Sunset provision
   46-53   Premises located outside City
Division 2. Sewage Disposal Generally
   46-54   Definitions
   46-55   Purpose of charges; applicability of charges
   46-56   Basis for charges
   46-57   Premises served by the City of Flint sewage disposal system
   46-57.1   Calculation of rates
   46-57.2   Industrial pretreatment program billing rates
   46-57.3   Groundwater remediation program
   46-58   Premises located outside City
   46-58.1   Annual review of expenses
   46-58.2   Industrial users billed under § 46-57(b)
   46-58.3   Determination of average concentration of strength of waste delivered
   46-59   Effect of obtaining water from other sources than City system
   46-60   Exclusion of quantity of City water not discharged into sewer system
   46-61   Water used for residential purposes but not discharged into sewer system
   46-62   Discharge of septic tank effluent into City system by septic tank cleaners
   46-63   Raw sewage delivered by truck to sewage disposal plant
   46-64   Measuring quantity of water used from sources other than City system
   46-65   Determination of quantity of water used for commercial purposes but not discharged into sewer system
   46-66   Determination of quantity of water used for residential purposes but not discharged into sewer system
   46-67   Meters or measuring devices generally
   46-68   Time and method of payment; effect of failure to pay
   46-69   City Treasurer to collect
   46-70   Exemptions from charges
   46-71, 46-72   Reserved
   46-73   Water pollution control fund establishment
   46-74   Disposition of revenues
   46-75 – 46-83   Reserved
Article IV. Water, Sewer and Drain Layer Contractors Installation Regulations
Division 1. Installation, Permitting and Licensing
   46-84   Short title
   46-85   Applicability
   46-86   Definitions
   46-87 — 46-93   Reserved
   46-94   Permits for water, sewer and drain work
   46-95   Owner responsibility
   46-96   Permit required to legalize
   46-97   To whom permits issued
   46-98   Inspection of water and sewers
   46-99   Fraudulent application of permit illegal
   46-100   Permits revoked or expired
   46-101   Incomplete installations
   46-102   Refunds
   46-103   Owner’s procedure when legally stopped
   46-104   Permit not transferable
   46-105   Noncompliance with notice of violation
   46-106   Plans required
   46-107   Buildings erected over public sewers
   46-108   Easements for sewers
   46-109   Purpose and adequacy of fees
   46-110   Special service
   46-111   Appeal
   46-112   Misleading advertising signs and statements
   46-113   Trenching and bedding
   46-114   Water service pipe
   46-115   Prohibited sewer fittings
   46-116   Sanitary and storm drainage material and size
   46-117   Abatement of drainage nuisance
   46-118   Excluding surface water from the sanitary sewer
Division 2. Making Connections with Utilities
   46-119   Definitions
   46-120   Building sewers and connections with utilities
Article V. Wastewater Disposal Regulations
Division 1. Use of Storm Sewers
   46-125   Purpose and scope
   46-126   Definitions
   46-127   General prohibition on non-storm water discharges to the storm sewer system
   46-128   Illicit discharges and connections
   46-129   Spills and dumping
   46-130   Exempted discharges
   46-131   Permits
   46-132   Inspections and monitoring
   46-133   Powers of the City Director
   46-134   Administrative orders and enforcement authority
   46-135   Penalties, fines and remedies
   46-136   Violation constitutes a public nuisance
   46-137   Criminal violations
   46-138   Storm water management program funding and fees
   46-139   Vandalism and trespass
   46-140   Severability
   46-141   Conflict
Division 2. Use of the Publicly Owned Treatment Works
   46-142   Purpose and scope
   46-143   Definitions
   46-144   Management, standards, rules and regulations
   46-145   Connection with POTW required
   46-146   Discharge prohibitions and limits
   46-147   Dilution
   46-148   Inspections
   46-149   Sampling, analyses and tests
   46-150   Reporting and notices
   46-151   Use permits
   46-152   Confidential information
   46-153   Pretreatment
   46-154   Spill prevention/remediation required
   46-155   Interceptors and separators
   46-156   Compensatory charges
   46-157   Fees
   46-158   Powers of the City Director
   46-159   Orders
   46-160   Notices of violation
   46-161   Informal conference
   46-162   Appeal Board
   46-163   Judicial review
   46-164   Stays
   46-165   Continuing violations
   46-166   Penalties, fines and remedies
   46-167   Violation constitutes a public nuisance
   46-168   Criminal violations
   46-169   Affirmative defense
   46-170   Vandalism and trespass
   46-171   Lien for charges and fees
   46-172   Recovery of costs
   46-173   Publication of significant violators
   46-174   Upsets
   46-175   Bypass
   46-176   Conflict with existing ordinances
   46-177   Saving provision
   Appendix: Tables
   Electricity, see Ch. 16
   Plumbing, see Ch. 36