§ 46-58.2  INDUSTRIAL USERS BILLED UNDER § 46-57(b).
   (a)   To recover the extra cost of treating higher strength industrial waste in the sewage disposal system, a major industrial user may be billed on the basis of the charges stated in § 46-57(b) where the sum of the charges per unit volume (one Ccf) exceeds the total quantity charge stated in § 46-57(e). The Supervisor of the sewage disposal system shall decide which users are to be billed under § 46-57(b).
   (b)   Appeals from this decision shall be to the Director of Utilities and shall be accompanied by an analysis of the user’s discharge by an independent laboratory with a certified copy of this analysis delivered to the City by the laboratory.
(Ord. 2486, passed 4-7-1975; Ord. 3630, passed 12-13-2004)