The City Director is hereby empowered to, either directly or through others:
   (a)   Supervise the implementation of this division;
   (b)   Establish and promulgate concentration limits and maximum allowable industrial loadings for specific pollutants, as listed in Tables 46-146(c) and 46-146(d)(2) in the appendix at the end of this chapter, according to the rule-making procedure of Section 1-801 of the City Charter;
   (c)   Institute actions against all users violating this division, including judicial proceedings to enjoin, abate and prosecute violations of this division;
   (d)   Review pretreatment plans;
   (e)   Make inspections and tests of existing and newly installed, constructed, reconstructed or altered pretreatment equipment to ensure compliance with the provisions of this division;
   (f)   Investigate complaints of violations of this division; make inspections and observations of discharges; and record the investigations, complaints, inspections and observations;
   (g)   Issue orders requiring compliance with this division;
   (h)   Determine and assess civil administrative penalties for violations of this division;
   (i)   Determine compensatory charges;
   (j)   Recommend to the Chief Legal Officer of the City the institution of judicial proceedings to compel compliance with the provisions of this division or any determination or order which may be promulgated or issued pursuant to this division;
   (k)   Deny permits for discharges that do not meet the requirements of this chapter or that would cause the City to violate its NPDES permit; and set conditions on new, increased or changed discharges to the POTW; and
   (l)   Perform other actions necessary or advisable for the management and operation of the POTW and the enforcement of this division and other applicable laws and regulations.
(Ord. 3630, passed 12-13-2004; Ord. 3637, passed 3-28-2005)