§ 46-157  FEES.
   (a)   Reimbursement to the City. Users shall reimburse the City for its costs arising from implementing, administering and enforcing this division, as follows.
      (1)   Use permit fees. Users shall pay a use permit application or reapplication fee, a use permit renewal fee, and a use permit transfer fee (in the event of a transfer of the use permit). Fees shall be established from time to time by resolution of the City Council and kept on file by the City Clerk. In addition to these fees, users shall reimburse the City for any and all other expenses the City incurs arising from:
         a.   Processing incomplete, incorrect or otherwise unacceptable use permit applications;
         b.   Establishing special alternative limits or special arrangements, or local initiative limits;
         c.   Sampling and analyzing discharges to the POTW and inspecting users;
         d.   Enforcing use permits;
         e.   Producing and mailing copies of use permits;
         f.   Auditing and evaluating user self-monitoring data; and
         g.   Other activities in connection with issuing, administering, enforcing and transferring use permits.
      (2)   Other fees. The City Director may establish other fees by use permit or order, as required for recovering the cost of implementing, administering and enforcing this division.
   (b)   Publication of generally applicable fees. Before imposing generally applicable fees, the City shall publish a notice describing the fees in the newspaper with the largest circulation in the City. The City shall not be required to publish any notice regarding fees for which the amount is determined for a specific user based on case-specific facts or regarding the use permit application or renewal application fee, use permit issuance fee, use permit renewal fee, or the use permit transfer fee as set forth in subsection (a) of this section.
(Ord. 3630, passed 12-13-2004)