(a)   Charges for services furnished by the water supply and sewage disposal system to any premises located within the City of Flint together with delinquency fees, late payment charges and penalty and service charges shall be a lien thereon, and during April of each year the City Treasurer shall certify any such charges which, as of April 1 of that year, have been delinquent six months or more, to the City Assessor who shall enter the same upon the City tax rolls of that year against the premises to which the services shall have been rendered. Such charges shall be collected and the lien shall be enforced in the same manner as provided in respect to taxes assessed upon such roll; provided, however, the Director of Finance shall establish a dollar limit, below which charges shall not be added to the real property tax roll. The dollar limit so established shall take into consideration the cost of placing the charges onto the real property tax roll; provided further, that when a tenant is responsible for the payment of any such charge against the premises, and the City Council is notified in writing, with a true copy of the lease for the premises attached which fulfills the requirements of all ordinances, then no such charge shall become a lien against the premises from and after the date of the notice. However, the City Council may require proof that the tenant in possession has been notified. No further service shall be rendered by the water supply and sewage disposal system to the premises until a cash deposit not to exceed three times the average periodic charge to such commercial or industrial premises or $100.00 for such single-unit residential property to guarantee the prompt payment of all service charges and an inspection to verify that the return to the City of the water meter is in good condition. Deposits so made shall draw such rate of interest as may be fixed by the City Council from time to time, but such rate shall not exceed the rate of return which the City is then receiving from the investment of the deposits.
   (b)   No free service shall be furnished by the system to the City or to any person, firm or corporation, public or private, or to any agency or instrumentality.
   (c)   The City reserves unto itself and its authorized agents the right to enter the owner’s premises as provided by law to inspect, disconnect and repair the City’s water supply and sewage disposal system, including meters and measuring devices installed as provided herein, and reserves the right for any violation of this article.
   (d)   The cost of water and sewer service connection for the City water mains or sewer lines to private premises shall be the responsibility of the property owner up to the property line, and the City shall install such connection within the right-of-way.
   (e)   The City shall terminate water service after 60 days “past due” payment and no later than 90 days.
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