All backflow prevention devices having external means of testing for proper operation shall be tested and the testing of these devices shall be accomplished by a State licensed journey person or master plumber who is certified in cross-connection control. A copy of the completed test results shall be filed, within 30 days after the anniversary date of the original installation. All testable devices shall be tested at the time of installation, after repair and every 12 months thereafter, or as often as the Utilities Director or his or her designee deems necessary to ensure the public safety, and submit a report to the Cross-Connection Control Department. All testable devices which have potable water supply, shall be tested every year. The reports shall be received by the Cross-Connection Control Department by January 1 or July 1 of each year as determined by the Cross-Connection Trades Supervisor. A plastic envelope shall be permanently attached to each testable device with a chain. The envelope will contain a card to keep test results of the device, the signature and State license number of the certified person performing the test. This card shall be updated after each test.
(Ord. 3630, passed 12-13-2004; Ord. 3712, passed 5-12-2008)