1-1   How Code designated and cited
   1-2   Rules of construction
   1-3   Catchlines of sections
   1-4   Provisions considered as continuation of existing ordinances
   1-5   Repeal does not revive ordinance previously repealed
   1-6   Severability of parts of Code
   1-7   General penalty; continuing violations
   1-7.1   Attempt to commit a violation of a provision of this Code
   1-7.2   Hate crimes
   1-7.3   Abolition of distinction between accessory and principal
   1-8   Enforcement of ordinances by issuance of appearance tickets by authorized personnel
   1-9   Preparation of list of persons authorized to issue appearance tickets
   1-10   Appearance tickets
   1-11   Presumption of misdemeanor
   1-12   Definitions
   1-13   Commencement of municipal civil infraction action
   1-14   Ordinance enforcement officer
   1-15   Establishment of Bureau
   1-16   Authority of Bureau
   1-17   Election of person served with violation notice
   1-18   Schedule of fines for a municipal civil infraction violation notice
   1-19   Penalties for municipal civil infraction citations
   1-20   Designation of municipal civil infractions
   1-21   Repeal
   1-22 – 1-130   Reserved
   1-131   Representation by City officers, employees of persons before City agencies
   1-132   Participation in making decisions relative to contracts with public entities or beneficial to officer or employee
   1-133   Confidential information
   1-134   Officers, employees not to use City personnel, resources, property or funds for personal gain or benefit
   1-135   Profiting from official position, authority or knowledge
   1-136   Accepting employment or rendering services for private or public interest
   1-137   Waiver of restrictions
   1-138   Notification of violation of ordinances required
   1-139   Forfeiture of office
   1-140   Political activities of City employees
   1-141   Same — prohibited during duty hours; limitation on activities connected with community groups
   1-142   Disclosure of conflict of personal interest; sworn statement
   1-143   Same — same — contents of statement
   1-144   Same — same — when statement to be filed
   1-145   Annual disclosure by elective officers of employer, business and real property interests, gifts and other sources of income
   1-146   Same — alternative to statement
   1-147   Same — statement filed to satisfy requirements
   1-148   Disclosure by candidates for elective office of employer, business and real property interests and gifts
   1-149   Same — alternative to statement
   1-150   City employee to take a leave of absence without pay upon complying with filing requirements for elective officer
   1-151   City employee to resign from employment upon taking elective office
   1-152   Compliance with Campaign Financing Act required
   1-153   Copy of reports to County Clerk involving candidates to be filed with City Clerk
   1-154   Copy of reports to County Clerk involving city issues to be filed with City Clerk
   1-155   Failure to comply not to prevent seeking or holding office
   1-156   Persons acting on behalf of another to influence official act of City to file statement of representation upon request
   1-157   Persons representing others in attempt to influence official act of City required to disclose name of person represented upon request
   1-158   Gifts to City officers or employees
   1-159   Reporting expenditures incurred in course of attempting to influence official acts of City
   1-160   Form of subpoena by Ombudsman
   1-161   Refusal to comply with subpoena prohibited
   1-162   Ombudsman; sick leave, extended sick leave, continuing absence, appointment of a temporary Ombudsman
   1-163   Temporary Ombudsman; compensation