For the purpose of this article, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   ADMINISTRATION AND ENFORCEMENT. The department, individual or agency established and authorized by a state, county, city or other political subdivision created by law to administer and enforce the provisions of this article.
   CLEANOUT. See Article II of the State of Michigan Plumbing Code.
   JOINT. See Article V, Subsections P-518.1 and P-519.0 of the State of Michigan Plumbing Code.
   MAIN SEWER. The City’s main sewer trunk line in the City right-of-way or an easement on private property.
   PUBLIC WATER MAIN. The City’s water main located in the City right-of-way or an easement on private property.
   SANITARY SEWER.  A building drain which conveys sewage only.
   STORM SEWER. A drainage system which carries rainwater, surface water, condensate, cooling water or similar liquid waste.
   WATER, SEWER AND DRAIN LAYER. A person who has met the qualifications by testing to obtain a water, sewer and drain layer’s license from the City and is authorized to obtain permits from Building and Safety Inspections.
   WATER, SEWER AND DRAIN LAYER PERMIT. A permit issued by Building and Safety Inspections covering any water, sewer and drain work.
   WATER, SEWER AND DRAIN WORK.  Any and all water, sewer and drain lines; both water, sanitary and storm, beginning five feet outside the building foundation of any building that connects to the City’s main sewer in the street, and all work and supervision associated with the installation, alteration or repair of such lines and sewer cleaning. Exception: All water services shall be installed, repaired and inspected by the City Water Department from the main to the water meter.
(Ord. 3268, passed 1-24-1994; Ord. 3630, passed 12-13-2004)