(a)   Informal conference. An informal conference with the City Water Pollution Control Supervisor (CWPCS) may be requested in writing within 20 days by any user aggrieved by a notice of violation, order, compensatory charge, action on or regarding a use permit by the City, or inaction by the City for more than 60 days, after the user makes a written request regarding a matter on which the City is authorized to take action under this division (“60-day inaction”). This section does not apply to municipal civil infraction citations and municipal civil infraction notices as defined in Chapter 1, § 1-12, of the ordinances of the City of Flint. The request for an informal conference shall be submitted to the CWPCS. The purpose of the informal conference is to reach a settlement agreeable to the user and the City. The informal conference shall be held within 20 days after the user submits the written request for the informal conference to the CWPCS. The CWPCS may participate in the conference or appoint a designee to participate. Neither the CWPCS nor his or her designee shall be required to reach a conclusion or provide a decision as a result of the conference. A user is not required to request or participate in an informal conference before seeking judicial review. Other persons from the City and representatives of the user may attend and participate in the informal conference.
   (b)   Cease and desist order.  If an immediate cease and desist order is the subject of a request for an informal conference, the informal conference shall be held as soon as possible, but not later than 20 days after the request is submitted.
(Ord. 3630, passed 12-13-2004; Ord. 3741, passed 11-19-2008)