Article I. Planting at Intersections
   45-1   Limitation on height
   45-2   Obstructions to view to be removed by owner; notice to remove
   45-3   Obstruction declared public nuisance; abatement by City; lien
   45-4   Assessment of City’s cost in abating obstruction
Article II. Trees and Shrubs in Public Places
   45-5   Authority and duties of Recreation and Park Board; City Forester
   45-6   Permit for removing, planting and the like
   45-7   Limitations on location for planting
   45-8   Limitation on size of trees to be planted
   45-9   Acts prohibited generally
   45-10   Moving buildings necessitating moving trees and the like
   45-11   Dangerous or diseased trees and the like
   45-11.1   Emergency removal of trees, limbs, shrubs and the like
   45-11.2   Same — notice
   45-11.3   Same — when owner not located
   45-11.4   Same — notice following completion
   45-12   Dutch elm disease
   45-13   Wires coming in contact with trees and the like
   45-14   Appropriations to Recreation and Park Board
   45-15   Enforcement
   Business of cutting, removing or trimming trees, see §§ 12-4312-45
   Community Beautification Commission, see §§ 2-42-10
   Defacing trees in parks prohibited, see § 33-3
   Destroying or removing trees, flowers and the like in cemeteries, see § 33-4
   Trimming trees for community television antenna equipment, see § 15-18