Article I. In General
   5-1   Definitions
   5-2   Purpose of chapter; compliance with other regulations
   5-3   Fiscal year operation
   5-4   Responsibility for supervision and control
   5-5   Charges for use of property and facilities
   5-6   Collection of rentals
   5-7   Free services not to be provided
   5-8   Disposition of revenues; maintenance and sufficiency of rates
   5-9   Restricted areas
   5-10   Soliciting, bill posting and the like
   5-11   Vehicles for hire
   5-12   Use of roads and walks
   5-13   Dogs and other animals
   5-14   Lost and abandoned articles
   5-15   Gambling and gambling devices
   5-16   Disorderly conduct
   5-17   Care and preservation of property
   5-18   Weapons and explosives
   5-19   Special activities
   5-20   Posting of regulations; enforcement of chapter
Article II. Motor Vehicle Regulations
   5-21   Roads, walks and the like
   5-22   Permit to enter movement or landing areas required
   5-23   Same — classification; display
   5-24   Same — equipment required to qualify for regular permit
   5-25   Same — conditions attached to special permit
   5-26   Right-of-way to be yielded to aircraft; manner of operation
   5-27   Crossing landing areas, runways and the like
   5-28   Air traffic light signals
   5-29   Special traffic and parking regulations
Article III. Fire Regulations
   5-30   Applicability of Chapter 19; conflicting provisions
   5-31   Designation and posting of restricted areas
   5-32   Storage of rubbish, waste paper and the like
   5-33   Storage of flammable liquids
   5-34   Cleaning oil and rubbish from maintenance hangar floors
   5-35   Cleaning of engine or aircraft parts
   5-36   Use of open flames or high heat in aircraft maintenance
Article IV. Aircraft Fueling and Defueling
   5-37   Schedule of proposed services; indemnification and insurance; required facilities
   5-38   Monthly reports to Director
   5-39   Service required; fees; fuel
   5-40   Transfer of fuel within building prohibited
   5-41   Transportation of fuel
   5-42   Storage of fuel
   5-43   Depositing fuel, oil and the like on airport surface
Article V. Aircraft Operations
   5-44   General rules
   5-45   Ground operations
   5-46   Flight operations
Article VI. Commercial Operations
Division 1. Generally
   5-47   Compliance
   5-48   Reserved
   5-49   Reserved
   5-50   Personnel
   5-51   Hours of operation
   5-52   Liability insurance
Division 2. Specific Operations
   5-53   Aircraft sales
   5-54   Air freight
   5-55   Aircraft fuel and oil dispensing
   5-56   Airframe and/or power plant repair
   5-57   Air taxi service
   5-58   Aircraft rental
   5-59   Flight training; generally
   5-60   Flight training; building requirements
   5-61   Aerial chemical application service
   5-62   Specialized commercial flight services