Article I. In General
   33-1   Placing building or obstruction on public park and the like
   33-2   Removing or injuring posts, fences and the like
   33-3   Defacing trees
   33-4   Picking or breaking flowers, plants and the like
   33-5   Removing of turf and the like
   33-6   Placing rubbish or filth in public parks and the like
   33-7   Posting notices, signs and the like; exception
   33-8   Wading or throwing stones in pools, fountains and the like
   33-8.1   Vandalism; reimbursement for damage; responsibility for minors
   33-9   Use of parks for sports and hobbies
   33-10   Hawking or peddling goods without permit
   33-11   Indecent exposure, disorderly conduct and the like
   33-12   Walking, riding, taking dog and the like where sign forbids the same
   33-13   Playing musical instrument, displaying flag and the like
   33-14   Discharging firearms, building fires and the like
   33-15   Operation of vehicles
   33-15.1   Roller skates, skateboards and the like in Riverbank Park
   33-16   Practicing or playing golf
   33-16.1   Hours; exceptions
   33-17   Dort Memorial Park System
   33-18   Division of Park System
Article II. Thread Lake Lagoon
   33-19   Established
   33-20   Fishing permitted
   33-21   Same — by persons 15 and over; exception
   33-22   Same — uses of nets or set hook lines; ice fishing
   33-23   Control and supervision; adoption of rules and regulations
   33-24   Throwing or placing certain items in lagoon
   33-25 – 33-32   Reserved
Article III. Flint River
   33-33   Fishing
   33-34   Swimming or wading prohibited
   Alcohol, possession and consumption in parks,see § 6-6
   Department of Parks and Recreation, see §§ 2-902-98