Article I. In General
   2-1   Investigation of conduct of departments and the like
   2-1.2   Creation or reorganization of executive departments
   2-2   Same — power to subpoena witnesses, administer oaths and the like
   2-3   Same — refusal to comply with subpoena prohibited
   2-3.2   City-owned vehicles — use generally
   2-3.3   Same — administrative regulations governing use
   2-3.4   Use of City vehicles
   2-3.5   City buildings — allocation of space
Article II. Community Beatification Commission
   2-4   Established; membership
   2-5   Term of office of members; vacancies
   2-6   Compensation for members
   2-7   Election of officers; adoption of administrative procedures; consultations with City officials
   2-8   Powers and duties — generally
   2-9   Time limitations on consideration of matters submitted
   2-10   Advising of private property owners
Article III. Local Officers Compensation Commission
   2-11   Created; purpose
   2-12   Composition; qualifications of members; appointment
   2-13   Term of office; filling of vacancies
   2-14   Certain persons ineligible for membership
   2-15   Duties generally
   2-16   Reserved
Article IV. Housing Commission
   2-17   Created
   2-18   Powers and duties
Article V. Human Relations Commission
   2-19   Created; membership; compensation and term of members; meetings
   2-19.1   Definitions
   2-19.2   Discriminatory practices
   2-20   Duties
   2-21   Budget; office space
   2-22   Filing of complaints
   2-23   Obtaining of factual information
   2-23.1   Mediation and enforcement powers
   2-24   Executive Director
   2-25   Reserved
Article VI. City Wide Advisory Committee
   2-26   Created
   2-26.1   Composition; appointment and removal of members
   2-26.2   Term of members
   2-26.3   Organizations; technical assistance
   2-26.4   Compensation of members
Article VII. Planning Commission
   2-27   Definitions
   2-28   Membership; compensation; terms of members; removal of members; vacancies
   2-28.1   Causes for removal from Commission
   2-29   Chairperson; rules; records
   2-30   Expenditures; appointment of employees; contracts for services
   2-31   Master plan for physical development of municipality — to be made and adopted; contents
   2-32   Same — surveys and studies; purpose
   2-33   Same — adoption; public hearing; certification
   2-34   Approval of public works
   2-35   Powers generally
   2-35.5   Zoning powers
   2-36   Necessity for approval of subdivision plats
   2-37   Regulations governing subdivision of land
   2-38   Procedures for approving plats; amendments to zoning
Article VIII. Department of Community Development
   2-39   Created
   2-40   Appointment of Director of Department
   2-41   Duties and responsibilities of Director
   2-42   Management of fiscal affairs
Article IX. Reserved
Article X. Reserved
Article XI. Reserved
Article XII. Department of Police
   2-75   Created
   2-76   Chief of Police to be head of Department; appointment
   2-77   Serving process; making arrests
   2-78   Authority of Chief of Police to establish divisions within Department and to appoint subordinates and employees
   2-79   Rules for administration of Department policy governing personnel policies
   2-80   General powers and duties of the Chief of Police and subordinates
   2-80.1   Fingerprinting of persons arrested for misdemeanor felony violations
   2-81 – 2-84   Reserved
Article XIII. Department of Fire
   2-85   Created
   2-86   Fire Chief to head Department; appointment
   2-87   Powers and duties of Fire Chief
   2-88   Establishment of divisions within Department
   2-89   Establishment of rules and regulations for administration and operation of Department
Article XIV. Department of Parks and Recreation
   2-90   Created
   2-91   Appointment of Director
   2-92   Duties and responsibilities of Director
   2-93   Establishment of divisions within Department
   2-94   Appointment of subordinates and employees
   2-95   Authority of Director to adopt rules necessary for the performance of duties
   2-96   Existing rules and regulations for supervision, management and operation of parks
   2-97   Obligations and encumbrances incurred by and debts and monies due Board
   2-98   Rights, obligations of Board to be assumed by City
   2-99   Reserved
Article XV. Department of Finance
   2-100   Created
   2-101   Appointment of Director
   2-102   Duties and responsibilities of Director generally
   2-103   Appointment of subordinates and employees
   2-104   Authority of Director to adopt rules and regulations necessary for performance of duties
   2-105   Divisions of Department
   2-106 – 2-109   Reserved
Article XVI. Department of Public Works and Utilities
   2-110   Created
   2-111   Director of Department; appointment, term
   2-112   Establishment of divisions within Department
   2-113   Appointment of subordinates and employees
   2-114   Promulgation of rules and regulations for operation of Department
   2-115 – 2-119   Reserved
Article XVII. Economic Development Corporation
   2-120   Approval of application of certain individuals to incorporate
   2-121   Copy of articles to be filed with Secretary of State
   2-122   Applicants to proceed to incorporate upon filing
   2-123   Article void if incorporation not accomplished within 90 days after effective date
   2-124   Reserved
Article XVIII. Downtown Development Authority
   2-125   Authority established
   2-126   Boundaries of district within which authority to exercise powers
   2-127   Powers of authority
   2-128   Financing of activities
   2-129   Filing and publication of provisions
   2-130   Dissolution of authority; disposition of property and assets
   2-131   Bond required
   2-132 – 2-140   Reserved
Article XIX. Historic Districts and Historic District Commission
   2-141   Purpose
   2-142   Definitions
   2-143   Historic districts; creation; boundaries
   2-144   Historic District Commission — creation; composition
   2-145   Same — organization; meetings; quorum; voting
   2-146   Same — duties and powers
   2-147   Procedure for the review of plans
   2-148   Demolition or moving of district resources
   2-149   Yard variances
   2-150   Exceptions
   2-151   Enforcement
   2-152   Appeals
   2-153 – 2-161   Reserved
Article XX. Flint Area Enterprise Zone
   2-162   Findings and determinations
   2-163   Appointment of Citizens’ Council
   2-164   Duties of Citizens’ Council
   2-165   Establishment of Enterprise Zone
Article XXI. Principal Staff Officials
   2-170   Maximum number of positions
   2-171   Resolution and description required
   2-172   Duration of position
   2-173   Expansion of responsibilities
   2-174   Creation of authorized positions
Article XXII. Office on Aging and Handicapped
   2-175   Department created
   2-176   Director — appointment
   2-177   Same — duties
Statutory reference:
   Home Rule Act, see MCLA §§ 117 et seq.