Article I. In General
   28-1   Definitions
   28-1.1   Uniform Traffic Code adopted
   28-1.2   Michigan Vehicle Code adopted
   28-1.3   Motor carriers
   28-2   Purpose; compliance
   28-2.1   Duties and authority of Traffic Engineer generally; experimental regulations
   28-2.2   Procedure for establishing traffic regulations
   28-3   Applicability to bicycles, animal- drawn vehicles and the like
   28-4   Applicability to hand and foot propelled carts; carts to be removed at request of police
   28-5   Applicability to public employees
   28-6   Applicability to authorized emergency vehicles
   28-7   Enforcement; directing traffic in emergency
   28-7.1   Authority to persons other than police officers to issue parking violation notices
   28-8   Obedience to police officers
   28-9   Use of vehicles for advertising prohibited
   28-10   Right-of-way for emergency vehicles; following or parking near fire apparatus
   28-11   Reserved
   28-12   Obstructions to driver’s vision; windshield wipers and washers
   28-13   Use of seat belts in motor vehicles — adoption of State law
   28-14   Limitation on number of persons occupying front seat; sitting on driver’s lap prohibited
   28-15   Use of hand-held cellular phones while driving prohibited
   28-16   Towing limitations — passenger vehicles
   28-17   Same — other vehicles
   28-18   Boarding or alighting from moving vehicles
   28-19   Hitching to or climbing on vehicle
   28-20   Riders on bicycles, roller skates and the like hitching onto motor vehicles
   28-21   Use of roller skates, coasters and the like; penalty
   28-22   Throwing objects upon highway; removal of glass and the like when removing damaged vehicle
   28-23   Passengers to ride inside vehicle; exception
   28-24   Crossing fire hose
   28-25   Vehicle obstructing street
   28-26   Removal of disabled or stalled vehicles
   28-27   One-way streets
   28-28   Adoption of State law covering driving while intoxicated; local amendments
   28-28.1   Detention of driver; vehicle immobilization; temporary vehicle registration plate (MCLA § 257.904c)
   28-28.2 – 28-28.4   Reserved
   28-28.5   Expenses of emergency response to OUIL-OWI incident; duty to pay of person convicted
   28-28.6   Adoption of State law covering possession of alcohol in passenger compartment of a motor vehicle
   28-28.7   Operation of motor vehicle by persons under 21 years of age with any bodily alcohol content prohibited
   28-29   Obstructing the view of a motor coach driver
   28-30   Proof of insurance
   28-30.1   Maintenance of proper insurance or security for payment of benefits
   28-30.2   Penalty for violation of § 28-30.1
   28-30.3   Reports involving law enforcement information network
   28-31   Abandoned vehicle — defined
   28-32   Same — action by police
   28-33   Same — procedure upon taking vehicle into custody
   28-34   Same — hearing; redemption of vehicle
   28-35   Same — disposition of unredeemed vehicle at public sale
   28-36   Registered and unregistered abandoned scrap vehicles; police procedures; notice; hearing; release
   28-37   Removal of vehicles by other than registered owner or police agency
   28-38   Removal of vehicles by Chief of Police or police agency
   28-39 – 28-42   Reserved
Article II. Operation of Vehicles
   28-43   Operation of motor vehicle by person under 14 prohibited
   28-44   Halting vehicle
   28-45   Driving on sidewalks
   28-46   Driving on streets closed for repair and the like
   28-47   Driving in zone of quiet
   28-48   Driving on divided or limited access highways
   28-49   Driving vehicles injurious to streets prohibited
   28-50   Driving on roadway laned for traffic
   28-51   Reckless driving
   28-52   Careless driving
   28-53   Vehicles to be driven on right half of roadway; exceptions
   28-54   Driving through safety zones
   28-55   Slow or heavy vehicles to keep to right in single file
   28-56   Passing — vehicles proceeding in opposite directions
   28-57   Same — on left procedure
   28-58   Same — same — limitations
   28-59   Same — on right
   28-60   Funeral processions
   28-61   Entering intersections
   28-62   Right-of-way at intersection
   28-63   Restrictions on backing
   28-64   Vehicle moving from curb to yield to other vehicles
   28-65   Drag racing
   28-65.1   Movement and parking of motor vehicle on airport property
Article III. Truck Routes and Bridge Weight Limitations
   28-66   Certain vehicles limited to truck routes; routes on file
   28-67   Designating temporary truck routes
   28-68   Leaving truck routes to make deliveries
   28-69   Duty of operator to permit weighing of vehicle; bridge weights on file
Article IV. Speed Regulations
   28-70   Careful and prudent speed; speed limits on file
   28-71   Maximum speed limit generally; exceptions
   28-72   Duty to lower speed under certain circumstances
   28-72.1   Specifications to be included in complaints of violations
   28-73   Effect upon burden of proof in civil actions
Article V. Turning Movements
   28-74   Obedience to turn signs, buttons and the like; prohibited turns on file
   28-75   Left turns generally
   28-76   Turns at intersection generally
   28-77   U-turns
Article VI. Stopping, Standing and Parking
   28-78   Establishment of loading zones
   28-79   Use of loading zones
   28-80   Establishment of taxicab zones
   28-81   Establishment of bus zones
   28-82   Use of bus and taxicab zones
   28-83   Obstructing crosswalks
   28-84   Stop at railroad crossing — required when stop sign in place
   28-85   Same — required when signals indicate approach of train
   28-85.1   Overtaking or meeting stopped school bus displaying flashing lights
   28-86   Parking over 24 hours on any street prohibited
   28-87   Parking so as to leave less than 16 feet of roadway available for traffic prohibited; exception
   28-88   Parallel parking
   28-89   Standing in front of entrance or exit to theaters, churches and the like
   28-90   Stopping or parking at or near hazardous or congested places
   28-91   Moving vehicles from curb under emergency conditions on police orders
   28-92   Applicability of no-parking regulations to streets having recessed sides
   28-93   Parking on parkway
   28-93.1   Police vehicle zones — establishment; purpose
   28-93.2   Same — use by other than marked police vehicle prohibited
   28-93.3   Parking on certain property restricted to City employees
   28-94   Stopping, standing or parking prohibited in certain places; parking zones on file
   28-94.1   Penalty for violation of § 28-94(a)(4)
   28-95   Reserved
   28-96   Exemption of certain persons
   28-97   Parking or standing for certain purposes prohibited
   28-98   Parking and operation on Board of Education property
   28-98.1   Operation and parking at Mott Community College
   28-98.2   Operation, stopping, standing and parking in parking areas of shopping center
   28-99   Signals on starting, stopping or turning; equipment of certain commercial vehicles
   28-100   Emerging from alleys, driveways and the like
   28-101   Entering through highways; designated through streets on file
   28-102   Unattended vehicles; parking on grade
   28-103   Parking on private property
   28-104   Parking in drive-in restaurant
   28-105   Prima facie responsibility of owner for parking violations
Article VII. Parking Meters
   28-106   Installation; locations on file
   28-107   Same — responsibility for installation; maintenance, operations, enforcement and the like
   28-108   Location generally; meter signal
   28-109   Marking of parking spaces; parking across space markings prohibited
   28-110   Loading zones
   28-110.1   Downtown Development Authority (DDA) District; enforcement; metering in designated areas; special considerations
   28-111   Determination of length of parking time; violations
   28-112   Parking beyond time limit
   28-113   Citation of violators
   28-114   Vehicle parked in violation deemed nuisance; impoundment; collection of proceeds
   28-115   Procedure in prosecuting violators
   28-115.1   Impoundment/immobilization devices
   28-115.2   Same — interference; removal of device
   28-116   Use of slugs
   28-117   Defacing, opening and the like
   28-118   Collection of coins from the meters
   28-119   Use of meter receipts
Article VIII. Traffic-Control Devices
   28-120   Use of devices authorized
   28-121   Injuring or removal of devices
   28-122   Obedience to devices
   28-123   Directing of traffic; obedience to devices, signal and the like of police officer
   28-124   Display of unauthorized signs, signals and the like
   28-125   Control signals
   28-126   Pedestrian-control signals
   28-127   Flashing signals
Article IX. Equipment on Vehicles
   28-128   Operation of unsafe or improperly equipped vehicle; inspection
   28-129   Brakes
   28-130   Width of bumpers and the like
   28-131   Vehicle and trailer couplings
   28-132   Horn; sirens, whistles and the like; muffler cut-outs
   28-133   Mud flaps or other similar devices
   28-134   Lights on parked vehicles
   28-135   Lighting equipment required on motor vehicles
   28-136   Construction, arrangement and use of head lamps and auxiliary lamps
   28-137   Rear lamps
   28-138   Illumination of license plate
   28-139   Spot lamps and auxiliary driving lamps
   28-140   Signal lamps and devices
   28-141   Reflective devices for slow-moving vehicles
   28-142   Mirrors
   28-142.1   Windshield
   28-143   Mechanical or electrical turn signals required on certain vehicles
   28-144   Metal or plastic track, studded tires and the like
   28-145   Regrooved or recut tires
   28-146   Emission of excessive smoke or noise
   28-147   Vehicles to be constructed so contents will not spill or leak
   28-148   Covering of trucks hauling trash, debris and the like
Article X. Size and Weight of Vehicles
   28-149   Maximum length, widths and heights
   28-150   Overload of vehicles
   28-151   Loads extending beyond sides of vehicles; flags and lights on loads extending beyond rear of vehicle
Article XI. Impoundment of Vehicles
   28-152   When authorized; reports; redemption; payment of costs; disposition of unclaimed vehicles
Article XII. Pedestrians
   28-153   Safety zones
   28-154   Use of white canes by other than blind persons
   28-155   Vehicles to yield to persons carrying white canes
   28-156   Right-of-way at crosswalks not controlled by signals
   28-157   Right-of-way when crossing at other than crosswalk
   28-158   Pedestrians soliciting rides prohibited
Article XIII. Accidents
   28-159   Duty of driver
   28-160   Report of certain accidents to police by driver or occupant
   28-161   Duty to stop and render aid
   28-162   Report of damage to unattended vehicle or property to owners and police
   28-163   Reports of damage by garagemen
Article XIV. Motorcycles, Bicycles and the Like
Division 1. Bicycles
   28-164   “Bicycle” defined
   28-165   Compliance
   28-166   Registration; transfer of ownership
   28-166.1   Bicycles to be permanently identified upon sale
   28-167   Lights and reflectors required
   28-168   Warning devices required; use of sirens or whistles prohibited
   28-169   Brakes required
   28-170   Carrying packages
   28-171   Riding on sidewalks prohibited; exception
   28-172   To be ridden with hands on handlebars; more than one person riding prohibited; exception
   28-173   Impoundment of abandoned or stolen bicycles
   28-174   Riding on permanent seats
Division 2. Motorcycles and Motor-Driven Cycles
   28-175   Carrying excess number of persons
   28-176   Reserved
   28-177   To be driven near right side of roadway; care to be exercised in passing
   28-178   Method of passing
   28-179   Riding abreast
   28-180   Lights required
   28-181   Riding on sidewalks
   28-182   Carrying packages
   28-183   Crash helmets required for operators and passengers
Article XV. Licenses
   28-184   Operator’s license — required by persons over 14
   28-185   Same — to be in possession; adult licensed driver to accompany holder of instruction permit
   28-186   Same — change of address to be indicated
   28-187   Adoption of State law covering operator’s or chauffeur’s license or registration; suspension, revocation or denial; penalty for operation of vehicle; vehicle immobilization
   28-188   Same — driving in violation of license restrictions prohibited
   28-189   Same — possession of fictitious or revoked license
   28-190   Same — lending license
   28-191   Same — use of another person’s license
   28-192   Reserved
   28-193   Registration certificate
   28-194   License plates required; plates to be kept clean and unobstructed
Article XVI. Snowmobiles
   28-195   Definitions
   28-196   Operation of unregistered snowmobiles
   28-197   Display of registration number
   28-198   Operation on street or highway
   28-199   Equipment required
   28-200   Restrictions on operation
   28-201   Report of accidents
   28-202   Use on property of City Recreation and Park Board
   28-203   Authorizing or permitting violations
   28-204   Enforcement procedure
Article XVII. Wrecked, Nonoperating Vehicles
   28-205   Definitions
   28-206   On street
   28-207   On private property; on business premises; in storage
   28-208   Vehicle with expired license plate
   28-209   Enforcement
Article XVIII. Commercial Vehicles
   28-210   Reserved
   28-211   Definitions
   28-212   Regulation of parking and storage
   28-213   Responsibility
   28-214   Variance
   28-215   Violation
   28-216   Severability
   28-217   Enforcement
Article XIX. Neighborhood Traffic Calming Procedures
   28-218   Title
   28-219   Purpose
   28-220   Definitions
   28-221   Responsibilities of the Traffic Calming Committee
   28-222   Initiation of traffic calming study
   28-223   Data collection for the traffic calming study
   28-224   Traffic calming priority and design criteria
   28-225   Public hearing required
   28-226   Installation of traffic calming devices
   28-227   Evaluation, modification, removal
   Ambulances, see Ch. 7
   Bump shops, see §§ 12-1812-23
   Disobeying traffic-control orders:
      Civil defense test or emergency, see § 14-3
      Fire or disaster, see § 14-2
   Driving across fire hoses prohibited, see  § 19-28
   Ice cream sales and the like from motor vehicles, see §§ 12-18612-190
   Motor vehicle regulations at airport, see §§ 5-215-29
   Parks, operation of vehicles in, see § 33-15
   Railroads blocking traffic, see § 38-1
   Smoking in buses, see § 31-49
   Snow removal vehicles, see §§ 42-6942-76
   Taxicabs and vehicles for hire, see §§ 12-20312-236
      Coal and coke delivery, see § 12-95
      For hire at airport, see § 5-11
      Garbage hauling, see § 30-5
      Junk collection, see § 12-59
   Wreckers and towing service, see §§ 12-10112-113
Statutory reference:
   State Vehicle Code, see MSA §§ 9.1801 et seq.