Article I. In General
   49-1   Definitions
   49-2   Recognition of standards
   49-3   Adoption of State standards
   49-4   Custody of standards; enforcement of chapter; supervision of weights and measures
   49-5   Enforcement of State rules and regulations
   49-6   Inspections authorized
   49-7   Investigation of complaints
   49-8   Weighing of packages or amounts of commodities and the like
   49-9   Issuance of stop-use, stop-removal or removal orders
   49-10   Approval of weights and measures; condemnation, seizure and the like
   49-11   Power of Sealer
   49-12   Deputy Sealer and inspectors
   49-13   Approval and updating of City standards
   49-14   Sale by liquid measure or by weight
   49-15   Contents of package labels
   49-16   Price per single unit of weight, measure and the like
   49-17   Packaging as to mislead relative to quantity of contents
   49-18   Quantity of contents to accompany statement of retail price
   49-19   Net weight to be used
   49-20   Sale of meat, poultry and the like
   49-21   Misrepresentation of price prohibited
   49-22   Hindering or obstructing Sealer or Deputy Sealer
   49-23   Impersonation of Sealer or Deputy Sealer
   49-24   Prohibited acts
   49-25   Presumption from presence of weighing or measuring device on premises
   49-26   City scales
Article II. Sale of Gasoline and Motor Fuel
   49-27   License required
   49-28   Same — fee; term; renewal; revocation; nontransferable
   49-29   Motor fuel and gasoline standards
   49-30   Tests and inspections generally; calibration and sealing of pumps
   49-31   Accumulation of water or sludge in storage tanks prohibited
   49-32   Blending of gasoline; advertising untrue boiling point prohibited
   49-33   Construction and location of pumps
   49-34   Delivery of fuel to vehicle with motor running prohibited
Statutory reference:
   Weights and measures generally, see MSA §§ 12.1-81(1) et seq.