§ 5-50  PERSONNEL.
   Each operation shall have sufficient trained, available and qualified personnel on hand to provide an adequate level of service to the public. During hours of normal operation, the office of every operation shall be attended by at least one (1) person, or more as necessary to meet the public need. If aircraft are demonstrated or flown in connection with the operation, there shall be provided at least one (1) pilot with current rating and certification by the FAA appropriate to each type of aircraft, or more as necessary, to meet the public need. In addition, all air freight operators shall provide such additional personnel for freight handling and general traffic management as may be necessary; all aircraft fuel and oil dispensing operations shall provide at least one (1) person properly trained in the operation of the equipment and facilities; and all airframe and/or power plant repair operators shall provide at least one (1) person properly certified by the FAA to perform the type of repair service offered. In multiple operations, individuals may be assigned dual or multiple responsibilities where reasonable and feasible.
(Ord. 2093, passed 11-11-1968; Ord. 2031, passed 2-5-1968)