Article I. In General
   37-1   Approval required of underground installations
Article II. Electrical Supply or Communications Lines
   37-2   Applicability of article
   37-2.1   Persons or companies installing and/or maintaining utility lines within public rights-of-way — to indemnify City against costs and damages
   37-2.2   Same — to file acceptance of terms and agreements with Director of Public Works and Utilities
   37-2.3   Same — notification by Director to correct hazardous conditions; work performed by City
   37-3   Application for permit to set poles
   37-4   Injury to drains, pavements and the like, caused by installation of poles; removal of unused poles
   37-5   Attachment of fire and police signal system wire to existing poles
   37-6   Relocation of poles
   37-7   City’s expense in enforcing article
   37-8   Applicability of other laws and ordinances
Article III.  Underground District
   37-9   Designated
   37-10   Poles or overhead wires prohibited
   37-11   Placing transformers on overhead structures
   37-12   Electrical metal raceway works
   Buildings, see Ch. 11
   Electricity, see Ch. 16
   Heating, see Ch. 22
   Housing, see Ch. 24
   Raising or rearranging wires during moving of buildings and the like, see §§ 11-15, 11-16
   Utilities, see Ch. 46