Article I. In General
   42-1   Parade permit required; exceptions
   42-2   Temporary closing of streets, alleys and the like — authority of Chief of Police or Traffic Engineer
   42-2.1   Same — by private persons
   42-2.2   Street market — authorized; terms and conditions generally
   42-2.3   Same — licenses not required; sale of food
   42-2.4   Same — authority of Center City Association to charge fee
   42-2.5   Same — streets to be kept clean and free of rubbish and debris
   42-2.6   Same — bond
   42-2.7   Same — termination of permission to hold sales
   42-3   Placing hose across sidewalk to service motor vehicle prohibited
   42-4   Permission to hold public meeting in streets and the like required
   42-5   Placing obstructions in streets, alleys and the like — permission required
   42-6   Same — bond required
   42-7   Use of street by carpenter, stone mason and the like for cutting, sawing and the like prohibited; exceptions
   42-8   Displaying or storing and the like goods on sidewalks
   42-9   Reserved
   42-10   Moving buildings
   42-11   Removing earth, sand and the like from streets and the like prohibited
   42-12   Leaving vehicles, rubbish and the like in streets prohibited; removal of vehicles and the like by City at owner’s expense
   42-13   Covering over vaults, windows and the like in sidewalk
   42-14   Playing sports in the street
   42-15   Throwing stones, playing games and the like in streets prohibited
   42-16   Excavations generally
   42-17   Erection and maintenance of barriers and the like around obstructions, excavations and the like
   42-18   Removal of barricades, lamps and the like; going on property from which public has been excluded by use of barricades prohibited
   42-19   Burning rubbish, leaves and the like in street prohibited
   42-20   Hauling earth, dirt and the like — dropping, scattering and the like from vehicle prohibited; loading and construction of vehicles
   42-21   Same — bond required of licensed contractor
   42-22   Limitation on size and locations of signs over sidewalks
   42-23   Limitation on size of awnings over sidewalk
   42-24   Posts or fixtures on sidewalks for signs, awnings and the like
   42-25   Notice of vacation, discontinuance of streets, alleys or other public ground; public hearing
   42-25.1   Adoption of resolution declaring necessity or desirability of vacating streets, alleys or other public grounds
   42-25.2   Resolution to specify when Council shall hear objections
   42-25.3   Notice of hearing held pursuant to § 42-25.2
   42-25.4   Majority vote of Council to vacate, discontinue streets, alleys or other public grounds; reservation of easement
   42-25.5   Recording of resolution vacating and discontinuing streets, alleys or other public grounds
   42-25.6   Fee for vacation
Article II. Applying Oil or Chemical Substances Upon Streets
   42-26   “Chemical substance” defined
   42-27   License — required
   42-28   Same — application
   42-29   Same — fees
   42-30   Same — term
   42-31   Same — revocation
   42-32   Bond
   42-33   Permits
Article III. Driveways and Culverts
   42-34   Construction or maintenance of driveway so as to interfere with water flow in public gutter and the like prohibited
   42-35   Installation of culvert pipe generally
   42-36   Permit required to construct; cost of work done by City; ownership of materials used by City
   42-37   Installation of pipes in driveways or streets graveled or paved without curbs
   42-38   Construction by City upon refusal of owner; assessment of costs
Article IV. Open Spaces Within Street Lines
   42-39   Application of abutting property owners for permission to beautify
   42-40   Authorization to beautify; posting of signs to protect
   42-41   Passing of rights to subsequent purchasers; withdrawal, change and the like of rights; right to make repairs to streets and utilities
   42-42   Trespassing prohibited; injuring or destroying grass, flowers and the like
Article V. Sidewalk Construction and Repair
Division 1. Generally
   42-43   “Approaches” defined
   42-44   Compliance
   42-45   Applicability of other laws and ordinances
   42-46   Duty to maintain sidewalks
   42-47   Repairs; penalty
   42-47.1   Depositing snow, ice or slush on sidewalk or right-of-way
   42-48   Who may repair or construct
   42-49   Sunday, night and holiday work
   42-50   Approaches and sidewalks located within intersection
   42-51   Notice to construct or repair
   42-52   Cost of construction by City
   42-53   Preparation of assessment rolls; levy of assessments
   42-54   Recovery by City of damages for which it may be liable
Division 2. Construction Standards
   42-55   Specifications generally
   42-56   Location
   42-57   Grade; width
   42-58   Removal of trees
   42-59   Alternate specifications for sections of private driveways
Division 3. Permits and Licenses
   42-60   Construction or repair permit
   42-61   Return of permit
   42-62   Bonded sidewalk builder license
   42-63   Suspension or revocation
   42-64   Fees to cover cost of grade stakes and engineering services
   42-65   Disposition of fees
   42-66   Sidewalk builders’ bond — amount; conditions
   42-67   Same — recovery on
   42-68   Effect of failure to repair defective work
Article VI. Snow Removal Vehicles
   42-69   Licenses — required
   42-70   Same — exemptions
   42-71   Same — application; fee; issuance; display of license plate
   42-72   Same — term
   42-73   Same — suspension or revocation
   42-74   Insurance
   42-75   Limitation on size of equipment; inspection of equipment
   42-76   Operator to be licensed under State law
   Blowing of materials onto streets from dumping grounds, see § 39-37
   Department of Public Works and Utilities, see §§ 2-1102-114
   Injury to pavements caused by installation of poles, see § 37-4
   Installation of community television antenna system equipment over streets, see § 15-18
   Moving buildings and structures, see §§ 11-1011-16
   Numbering of buildings and premises, see §§ 11-1711-30
   One-way streets, see § 28-27
   Planting of trees and shrubs at intersections, see §§ 45-145-4
   Prohibition against use of bicycles, tricycles and the like, in streets by children under ten, see § 28-21
   Sidewalks, curbs and driveways for open parking stations, see § 12-167
   Throwing glass, nails and the like upon highway, see § 28-22
   Throwing glass, rubbish and the like into streets, § 30-2
   Use of road and walks at airport, see § 5-12
   Use of roller skates, coasters and the like, in streets, see § 28-21
   Vehicles obstructing streets, see § 28-25