Every operator shall insure the operation and its premises against public liability, in a reputable company insuring the risks, and furnish proof of coverage to the City. Every policy shall require that a minimum of ten (10) days advance notice, in writing, of any substantial change in terms or cancellation or suspension of coverage be provided to the City. The minimum insurance required by this section shall be comprehensive public liability covering the premises and ground activities of each operation in the amount of $100,000.00 for any one (1) person injured, $300,000.00 for all persons injured in one (1) accident, and $100,000.00 for property damage. If the operation involves demonstrating or flying aircraft, the operator shall also carry aircraft liability insurance in not less than the same amounts. If the operation involves carrying passengers on flights, the operator shall also carry passenger liability coverage in amount not less than $100,000.00 for any one (1) passenger, and $300,000.00 for all passengers in one (1) accident.
(Ord. 2093, passed 11-11-1968; Ord. 2031, passed 2-5-1968)