Article I. In General
   19-1   International Fire Code adopted
   19-2 – 19-10   Reserved
   19-11   False fire alarms prohibited; exception
   19-11.1   False alarms for medical assistance prohibited; penalty
   19-12   Tampering or injuring fire alarm system
   19-13   Making or possession of keys to signal boxes; exceptions
   19-14   Reward for apprehension of violators
   19-15   Use of fire extinguisher for other than fighting fires; notification of use of extinguisher system
   19-16 – 19-20   Reserved
Article II. Fire Department
   19-21   Supervised by Fire Chief
   19-22   Preparation and posting of rules
   19-23   Suspension or discharge of members
   19-24   Responsibility for and maintenance of buildings, equipment and the like; purchase of supplies
   19-25   Responsibilities and duties of Fire Chief at fires
   19-26   Obedience to orders at fire; right of entry; authority of Fire Chief to arrest obstructors at fire
   19-27   Damaging or removing equipment or apparatus
   19-28   Driving across fire hoses
   19-29   Sirens
Article III. Reserved
   19-30 – 19-68   Reserved
Article IV. Reserved
Article V. Fire Escapes, Exits and the Like
   19-93 – 19-97   Reserved
   19-98   Obstructing fire escapes
   19-99   Obstructing entrances and exits of certain buildings; exceptions
   19-100   Vehicles standing in front of entrance or exit; exceptions; fire lanes for Flint College and Cultural Center
   19-101   Registration plates evidence that owner parked vehicle in violation
   19-102   Removal and disposition of vehicles parked in violation
   Airport, explosives at, see § 5-18
   Airport fire regulations, see §§ 5-305-36
   Dumping grounds, burning in, see § 39-38
   Fire, approaching within two miles, see § 14-1
   Fire hydrants
     Construction standards, see § 46-14
     Obstructing of, see § 46-10
   Junk yards, burning on premises, see § 12-67.2
   Leaves, rubbish and the like, burning of, see § 42-19
   Parking near fire apparatus, see § 28-10
   Parks, building fires prohibited, see § 33-14
   Signal system, attaching to pole, see § 37-5
Statutory reference:
   Fire prevention, see MSA §§ 4.559(1) – 4.559(25)