Article I. In General
   9-1   Cruelty to animals prohibited
   9-2   Transportation of live animals in cruel manner prohibited
   9-3   Abandoning of diseased, disabled and like animal; permitting aged, diseased and like animal to suffer
   9-4   Transportation of animals generally; keeping of animals by licensed slaughterhouses
   9-5   Animals running at large
   9-5.1   Burial of dead animals
Article II. Dogs
Division 1. Generally
   9-6   Barking dog prohibited; exception
   9-7   Dog running at large prohibited
   9-8   Same — what constitutes
   9-9   Same — seizure
   9-10   Keeping dog that destroys or trespasses on others’ property
   9-11   Permitting female dog in heat to run at large
   9-12   Confining to create unsanitary, obnoxious and like conditions
   9-12.1   Cleaning pens, yards and the like
   9-12.2   Defecating on private, public property
   9-13   Person deemed keeping or harboring
   9-14   Prima facie evidence of ownership
   9-14.1   Issuance of appearance ticket to commence prosecution for violation
   9-14.2   Waiver of right to arraignment
   9-14.3   Penalty for subsequent violations
Division 2. Vicious Dogs
   9-14.4   Animals; keeping prohibited
   9-14.4.1   Removal of prohibited animal; exceptions
   9-14.5   “Vicious dog” defined
   9-14.6   Keeping of vicious dog regulated
   9-14.7   Reporting requirements
   9-14.8   Failure of owner or keeper to comply
   9-14.9   Violation and penalties
   9-14.10   Order to show cause; killing or confining of dog
   9-14.11   Noncompliance with order; fine; court costs
   9-14.12   Severability
Article III. Fowl
   9-15   Running at large prohibited; exception
   9-15.1   Keeping of poultry and the like restricted
   9-16   Yard and the like — required size
   9-17   Same — distance from buildings
   9-18   Same — cleaning schedule
   9-19   Keeping crowing rooster
   9-20   Transportation; slaughtering house
   9-21   Storage awaiting sale or slaughter
   9-22   Pigeons
Article IV. Nonhuman Primates
   9-23   Keeping for scientific, educational or exhibition
   9-24   Keeping for other purposes prohibited
   9-25   “Nonhuman primates” defined
   9-26   Bona fide exhibition purposes enumerated
   9-27   Selling, reselling or distributing for exhibition without evidence of that purpose
   9-28   Persons deemed keepers of nonhuman primates
   9-29   Penalty for keeping in violation
   9-30   Penalty for selling, reselling or distributing in violation