(a)   The Director of Aeronautics shall have authority to suspend or restrict operations, without regard to weather conditions, whenever such action becomes necessary in the interest of safety. He shall have the authority at all times to take such action as may be required to safeguard the public.
   (b)   All aeronautical activities at the airport and within the Airport Control Zone shall be conducted in strict conformity with the Aeronautics Code of the State of Michigan and with The Federal Aviation Regulations issued by the FAA.
   (c)   Flight instructors have the duty of acquainting their students fully with the provisions of this ordinance. During dual instruction the instructor shall be responsible for adherence thereto. When a student is flying solo it then becomes his responsibility.
   (d)   Terminal gate positions shall be controlled by the Airport Control Tower. They are primarily designed for use by scheduled airlines, but itinerant aircraft may be granted permission to deplane passengers at any open gate, and temporarily park thereat not to exceed 30 minutes.
(Ord. 2031, passed 2-5-1968; Ord. 2165, passed 9-29-1969)