30-1   Acts declared a nuisance; abatement
   30-2   Throwing glass, rubbish and the like
   30-2.1   Same — reward for information resulting in conviction of perpetrator
   30-3   Keeping animals or vegetable matter which cause offensive conditions
   30-4   Maintenance or construction of privy or privy vault
   30-5   Vehicles hauling garbage and the like
   30-6   Abatement
   30-7   Discharging foul or nauseous liquids, steam, gas and the like
   30-8   Placing or discharging waste matter into rivers or streams
   30-9   Cement — unloading; causing dust
   30-10   Definitions for §§ 30-11 – 30-36
   30-11   Litter or junk in public places
   30-12   Same — on private property
   30-13   Same — on vacant lots
   30-14   Placement of litter to prevent scattering
   30-15   Streets and sidewalks to be free of litter
   30-16   Litter thrown by persons in vehicles
   30-17   Truck loads causing litter
   30-18   Litter or junk in parks
   30-19   Litter in lakes, rivers and fountains
   30-20   Throwing or distributing handbills in public places
   30-21   Placing handbills on vehicles
   30-22   Depositing handbills on uninhabited or vacant premises
   30-23   Distributing handbills at inhabited premises; exemption for certain items
   30-24   Dropping litter from aircraft
   30-25   Posting notices
   30-26   Unlawful storage of building materials
   30-27   Removal of junk, litter or building materials from public premises
   30-28   Removal of trash from public premises
   30-29   Removal of junk property, litter, abandoned property or building materials from private premises
   30-30   Removal of trash from private premises
   30-30.1   Violations deemed nuisance; authority of City to abate
   30-30.2   Reserved
   30-30.3   Dangerous or hazardous substances or materials
   30-30.4   Leakage or spillage of dangerous or hazardous substances and materials to be cleaned up
   30-30.5   Failure to comply with responsibility for costs
   30-30.6   Failure to pay costs of cleanup; remedies of City
   30-31   Limitation
   30-32   Prosecution for violation of §§ 30-1 – 30-30; issuance of appearance ticket
   30-33   Penalty and designation of certain sections as municipal civil infractions
   30-34   Increase in fine or imprisonment for second or subsequent violation
   30-35   Notice of violation
   30-36   Provisions of §§ 30-10 – 30-35 not to constitute permission to do acts prohibited by other law
   30-37   Findings with respect to drug use
   30-38   Use of controlled substances or drug paraphernalia; public nuisance; notice of hearing
   30-39   Abatement of nuisance; costs
   30-40   Persuasive presumption of public nuisance
   31-41   Drag racing
   Burial in unauthorized area, see § 13-2
   Dangerous fences, see § 17-5
   Dumping ground, see § 39-41
   Filling station, operating without permit, see § 12-142
   Trees and shrubs, obstructions at intersections, see § 45-3
   Wells, contaminated, see § 46-28