EDITOR'S NOTE: The Charter of the City of Southgate, Michigan, was approved by Governor G. Mennen Williams on September 5, 1958, and adopted by the electors on September 30, 1958, in accordance with the provisions of the Home Rule City Act; Public Act 279 of 1909; C.L., 1948, Secs. 117.1 et seq.; M.S.A. Secs. 5.2071 et seq. Dates appearing in parentheses following a section heading in the Table of Contents, and following the section in the text, indicate that the section was adopted or amended on the date given.
Article 1   Incorporation, Boundaries, Powers
   Sec. 1   Definitions.
   Sec. 2   Boundaries.
   Sec. 3   Corporate seal; general powers.
   Sec. 4   Specific powers.
   Sec. 5   City records; public inspection.
   Sec. 6   Use of City property by employees.
   Sec. 7   Official time.
   Sec. 8   Computation of time.
   Sec. 9   Surrender of employees' records to successor.
   Sec. 10      Evidence of publication; affidavit required.
   Sec. 11      Uniform system of accounts.
   Sec. 12      Headings inserted solely for convenience.
   Sec. 13      Township rights and liabilities continued.
   Sec. 14      Continuation of Township ordinances and resolutions; exceptions.
Article 2   Elections
   Sec. 15      Qualifications of electors.
   Sec. 16      Procedures; nonpartisan basis; State law.
   Sec. 17      Notice required.
   Sec. 18      Primary elections; time; procedure.
   Sec. 19      Regular City elections; time; State law.
   Sec. 20      Special elections; resolution required; number.
   Sec. 21      Wards and precincts.
   Sec. 22      Poll hours.
   Sec. 23      Nomination of candidates.
   Sec. 24      Same; statement of candidacy; form.
   Sec. 25      Nominating petitions; duties of City Clerk.
   Sec. 26      Ballots.
   Sec. 27      Election Commission; composition; compensation; powers and duties.
   Sec. 28      Simultaneous City, State or County elections; election officials.
   Sec. 29      Election inspectors; appointment; compensation.
   Sec. 30      Canvass of votes; determination of; nomination or election.
   Sec. 31      Tie votes.
   Sec. 32      Informalities in conduct of election.
   Sec. 33      Propositions submitted at primary election.
   Sec. 34      Recount; petitions.
   Sec. 35      Recall of officers.
   Sec. 36      State election laws; conflicts.
Article 3   City Council
   Sec. 37      City Council; composition; term of office; compensation. (Nov. 7, 1995; Aug. 2, 2016)
   Sec. 38      President of the Council; President Pro Tem. (Nov. 3, 1987)
   Sec. 39      Regular meetings; time; place.
   Sec. 40      Special meetings; notice.
   Sec. 41      Transaction of business at special meetings.
   Sec. 42      Public participation.
   Sec. 43      Quorum required; adjournment.
   Sec. 44      Rules of order; journal of proceedings; votes.
   Sec. 45      Compelling attendance.
   Sec. 46      Designation of official newspaper.
   Sec. 47      Publication of Council proceedings.
   Sec. 48      Investigations; subpoenas; witnesses.
   Sec. 49      Same; public hearings; ordinance authorized; violations; penalty.
   Sec. 50      Claims and accounts; Council action required.
   Sec. 51      Adoption of seal required.
   Sec. 52      Licenses; terms and conditions.
   Sec. 53      Liquor, amusement park, dance hall, bowling alley and pool room licenses; Council approval required.
   Sec. 54      Group life, hospital, health or accident insurance.
   Sec. 55      Designation of depository.
Article 4   Officers and Employees
   Sec. 56      Administrative officers enumerated. (Nov. 7, 1995; Aug. 2, 2016)
   Sec. 57      Compensation.
   Sec. 58      Powers and duties of Mayor.
   Sec. 59      Powers and duties of Mayor Pro Tem.
   Sec. 60      Powers and duties of City Clerk.
   Sec. 61      Powers and duties of City Treasurer.
   Sec. 62      Veto power of Mayor.
   Sec. 63      Administrative Department; composition.
   Sec. 64      Appointment of officers; terms. (Nov. 5, 1974)
   Sec. 65      Interference with personnel by Council.
   Sec. 66      Classified employees holding elective office; restriction.
   Sec. 67      Change of compensation during term prohibited.
   Sec. 68      Department heads; commissions or boards; responsibilities.
   Sec. 69      Powers and duties of City Attorney.
   Sec. 70      Powers and duties of City Assessor.
   Sec. 71      Board of Health.
   Sec. 72      Public Safety Commission.
   Sec. 73      Water Department; Water Board.
   Sec. 74      Parks and Recreation Commission; Department of Parks and Recreation.
   Sec. 75      Department of Engineering.
   Sec. 76      Department of Public Works.
   Sec. 77      City Plan Commission; Board of Zoning Appeals. (Nov. 7, 2006)
   Sec. 78      Independent boards and commissions.
   Sec. 79      Elective officers enumerated. (Nov. 6, 1973; Aug. 2, 2016)
   Sec. 80      Qualifications of officers. (Nov. 3, 1987)
   Sec. 81      Declaring vacancies in elective offices. (Nov. 3, 1987)
   Sec. 82      Declaring vacancies in boards and commissions.
   Sec. 83      Filling vacancies in elective offices. (Nov. 3, 1987)
   Sec. 84      Filling vacancies in appointive offices.
   Sec. 85      Resignation of officers.
   Sec. 86      Terms of office of elective officers and board and commission members; compensation.
   Sec. 87      Compensation of officers and employees; expenses.
   Sec. 88      Oaths of office; bonds.
   Sec. 89      Financial interest in contracts.
   Sec. 90      Political solicitations by elective officers.
   Sec. 91      Elective officers holding additional office.
   Sec. 92      Civil service status required.
   Sec. 93      Appointment to two or more offices; restriction.
Article 5   General Finance
   Sec. 94      Fiscal year. (Nov. 6, 1979)
   Sec. 95      Preparation of budget by Mayor; contents.
   Sec. 96      Public hearing required prior to adoption of budget.
   Sec. 97      Adoption of budget.
   Sec. 98      Expenditures; amendment of budget.
   Sec. 99      Monthly reports by Mayor; reduction of appropriations.
   Sec. 100   Duties of Clerk.
   Sec. 101   Disbursement of funds by Treasurer; reports.
   Sec. 102   Warrants; audits.
   Sec. 103   Collection and deposit of moneys by Treasurer.
   Sec. 104   Division of tax revenues.
   Sec. 105   Annual audit required.
   Sec. 106   Investment of City funds; State law.
   Sec. 107   Contracts for public work; work exceeding $5,000; sealed proposals required.
   Sec. 108   Contracts or purchases in excess of $1,000; sealed proposals required. (Nov. 4, 1986; Nov. 2, 1999)
   Sec. 109   Improvements in excess of $5,000; estimates, profiles, etc. required.
   Sec. 110   Approval of contracts by Council.
Article 6   Bonds
   Sec. 111   Issuance and limitations of bonds.
   Sec. 112   Issuance and limitations of special assessment bonds.
   Sec. 113   Payment of special assessment bonds.
   Sec. 114   Authority to issue obligations.
   Sec. 115   Mortgage bonds for public utilities.
   Sec. 116   Approval by electors required; exceptions.
   Sec. 117   Signatures required; contents.
   Sec. 118   Term bonds; sinking fund required.
   Sec. 119   Compliance with State law.
Article 7   Taxation
   Sec. 120   Power to tax; limitation.
   Sec. 121   Subjects of taxation; levy and collection.
   Sec. 122   Exemptions prohibited; exception.
   Sec. 123   Tax day.
   Sec. 124   Evasion.
   Sec. 125   Preparation of assessment roll by City Assessor.
   Sec. 126   Board of Review; composition; appointment; term; compensation.
   Sec. 127   Board of Review; powers and duties.
   Sec. 128   Board of Review; meetings; quorum; testimony under oath.
   Sec. 129   Notice of meetings; publication required.
   Sec. 130   Certification of assessment roll.
   Sec. 131   Validity of assessment roll.
   Sec. 132   Certification of appropriations by City Clerk.
   Sec. 133   Preparation of City tax roll by City Assessor.
   Sec. 134   Certification of City tax roll; delivery to Treasurer for collection. (Apr. 7, 1969)
   Sec. 135   Due date; lien.
   Sec. 136   Notice of due date.
   Sec. 137   Collection fees for late payment. (Apr. 7, 1969)
   Sec. 138   Failure to pay; remedies.
   Sec. 139   State, County and school taxes.
   Sec. 140   Acquisition of property for tax purposes.
   Sec. 141   Procedures for collection of delinquent taxes.
   Sec. 142   Sale of City property for tax purposes.
   Sec. 143   Reports by City Treasurer.
Article 8   Special Assessments
   Sec. 144   Authority; computation of cost.
   Sec. 145   Procedure for levy of assessments; hearings.
   Sec. 146   Preparation of assessment roll.
   Sec. 147   Review of roll; hearing prior to confirmation.
   Sec. 148   Installment payments. (Nov. 5, 1968)
   Sec. 149   Assessments as liens.
   Sec. 150   Collection of assessments by City Treasurer.
   Sec. 151   Nonpayment; seizure and sale of property.
   Sec. 152   Penalties; reassessments.
   Sec. 153   Action in assumpsit.
   Sec. 154   Subsequent division of land; apportionment of assessment.
   Sec. 155   Insufficiency or excess.
   Sec. 156   Invalid or irregular assessments.
   Sec. 157   Assessments on single premises; collection procedure.
   Sec. 158   Additional steps and procedures.
   Sec. 159   Exempt land; portions payable by City.
Article 9   Public Utilities
   Sec. 160   Powers of City.
   Sec. 161   Administration by Mayor.
   Sec. 162   Recommendation and establishment of rates; discrimination prohibited.
   Sec. 163   Collection of rates and charges.
   Sec. 164   Restrictions on disposition of property.
   Sec. 165   Determination of rates and charges; records of transactions; annual reports.
   Sec. 166   Township franchises continued.
   Sec. 167   Franchise ordinances.
   Sec. 168   Rights of City.
   Sec. 169   Basis for rates and charges.
   Sec. 170   Use of public ways.
   Sec. 171   Rights of grantee.
Article 10   Ordinances
   Sec. 172   Enacting clause; introduction.
   Sec. 173   Enactment; amendment; repeal.
   Sec. 174   Record and authentication; publication.
   Sec. 175   Effective date.
   Sec. 176   Penalty.
   Sec. 177   Limitation on prosecutions.
   Sec. 178   Pleadings; reference by ordinance title and number.
   Sec. 179   Judicial notice.
   Sec. 180   Township ordinances continued.
   Sec. 181   Adoption of State law and technical codes by reference.
   Sec. 182   Codification of ordinances.
Article 11   Initiative and Referendum
   Sec. 183   Filing of petitions.
   Sec. 184   Examination of petitions; action by Council.
   Sec. 185   Petitions of protest and referendum.
   Sec. 186   Submission of referendum by Council.
   Sec. 187   Referendum ordinances; elections.
   Sec. 188   Failure to adopt; restrictions on resubmission.
Article 12   Streets, Alleys, Public Ways
   Sec. 189   Street defined; authority of Council.
   Sec. 190   Vacation.
   Sec. 191   Establishment and alteration of grades.
   Sec. 192   Sidewalk construction and repair; special assessments.
   Sec. 193   Changing street names.
   Sec. 194   Trees and shrubs.
   Sec. 195   Removal of snow, ice, filth and obstructions from sidewalks.
Article 13   Sewers and Drains
   Sec. 196   Acquisition, maintenance, etc.; City authority.
   Sec. 197   Connections; rules and regulations.
   Sec. 198   Construction of private drains.
   Sec. 199   Establishment and collection of charges.
Article 14   Board of Supervisors (Repealed)
Article 15   Municipal Court
   Sec. 205   Establishment.
   Sec. 206   Election of Municipal Judges; term of office.
   Sec. 207   Qualifications of Judges.
   Sec. 208   Jurisdiction.
   Sec. 209   Adoption of State law.
   Sec. 210   Transfer of causes.
   Sec. 211   Recovery of fines, penalties and forfeitures.
   Sec. 212   Right of appeal.
   Sec. 213   Dockets.
   Sec. 214   Compensation of Municipal Judges; duties.
   Sec. 215   Establishment of fees and costs.
   Sec. 216   Disposition of fees and costs.
   Sec. 217   Bond required from Judges.
   Sec. 218   Court Clerk; Deputy Clerks.
   Sec. 219   Jury trials; fee.
   Sec. 220   Time and place of sessions; annual report to Council.
   Sec. 221   Justice of the Peace defined.
   Sec. 222   Pending causes; saving clause.
   Sec. 223   Violations Bureau.
Article 16   Civil Service
   Sec. 224   Establishment of civil service system.
   Sec. 225   Purpose.
   Sec. 226   Continuation of State law.
   Sec. 227   Establishment of Civil Service Commission; composition; appointments; terms; qualifications.
   Sec. 228   Compensation; vacancies.
   Sec. 229   Powers and duties of City Clerk.
   Sec. 230   Powers and duties of Civil Service Commission.
   Sec. 231   Application to Township employees.
   Sec. 232   Administration of civil service program; rules and regulations.
   Sec. 233   Exempt personnel.
   Sec. 234   Position classification plan.
   Sec. 235   Recruitment program.
   Sec. 236   Residency requirement.
   Sec. 237   In-service merit system program.
   Sec. 238   Demotions, suspensions, dismissals and layoffs.
   Sec. 239   Right of appeal; procedure.
Article 17   Retirement System
   Sec. 240   Provisions, applicability.
   Sec. 241   Policemen and firemen retirement system.
   Sec. 242   Ecorse Township employees; service credit.
   Sec. 243   Social security.
   Sec. 244   Retirement ordinance required.
   Sec. 245   Contents of retirement ordinance. (Aug. 7, 1973)
Article 18   Miscellaneous
   Sec. 246   Charter amendments.
   Sec. 247   Separability.
   Sec. 248   Penalty.