(a)   Evaluation. The Traffic Engineering Division shall evaluate traffic calming projects from a safety perspective within one year after installation. The evaluation will include, at a minimum, a review of traffic volumes, speeds, and accidents.
   (b)   Modification or removal. Upon a finding by the Traffic Engineering Manager of a hazardous situation or condition created by a traffic calming device, said situation shall be immediately corrected through modification or removal of traffic calming device or devices. Residents of an affected area may,
upon submission of a petition to the Traffic Calming Committee signed by at least one member of 75% of the dwelling units having automobile access on the block of the street where a traffic calming device is located, request its removal. In the instance that a traffic calming device is located at the intersection of two streets, the signature requirement shall apply to all intersecting street blocks.
(Ord. 3499, passed 9-23-2002)