Whenever the City of Flint Traffic Engineer determines upon the basis of an engineering and traffic study conducted pursuant to accepted guidelines established by the Michigan State Highway Commission and the American Association of State Highway Commission and the American Association of State Highway Officials, that changes in existing regulations or new regulations controlling parking time zones, no parking zones, one-way streets, stops at railroad crossings, left and right turns at certain locations, speed limits or any other matter pertaining to the movement and parking of vehicles are necessary, he shall file said new regulations or changes, other than those in effect pursuant to § 28-1.1, with the City Clerk. Unless said proposed changes are rejected by the City Council within thirty (30) days after receipt by the City Clerk, they shall become effective as soon thereafter as appropriate signs, conforming to specifications listed in the Michigan Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices and sufficient in number to apprise the ordinary observant person of the existence of the regulations are installed. The new regulations and changes and the signs installed, relative thereto shall be incorporated into the list of regulations currently in effect and hereby adopted as the “official regulations” and “authorized signs” for the purposes of Chapter 28. A list of all regulations and the location of all signs shall be maintained in the office of Traffic Engineer, and a list of all regulations shall be filed with the City Clerk.
(Ord. 2692, passed 2-12-1979)