(a)   Adoption. The Uniform Traffic Code for Michigan Cities, Townships and Villages as promulgated by the Director of the Michigan Department of State Police pursuant to the Administrative Procedures Act of 1969, Public Act 306 of 1969, MCLA §§ 24.201 through 24.328 effective October 30, 2002, and all future amendments and revisions to the Uniform Traffic Code when they are promulgated and effective in this State, together with the City of Flint amendments as prepared by the Traffic Engineering Division of the Transportation Department and kept on file in the City Clerk’s Office, are hereby adopted by reference.
   (b)   References in code. References in the Uniform Traffic Code for cities, townships and villages to a “governmental unit” shall mean the City of Flint.
   (c)   Notice to be published. The City of Flint shall publish this ordinance in the manner required by law and shall publish, at the same time, a notice stating the purpose of the Uniform Traffic Code for Cities, Townships, and Villages and the fact that a complete copy of the code is available at the office of the Clerk for inspection.
   (d)   Penalties. The penalties provided for by the Uniform Traffic Code for cities, townships and villages are adopted by reference.
(Ord. 2724, passed 7-23-1979; Ord. 2725, passed 7-23-1979; Ord. 2810, passed 10-12-1981; Ord. 3508, passed 12-9-2002)
Statutory reference:
   Administrative Procedures Act, see MCLA §§ 24.201 et seq.