On or after January 1, 1955, every commercial vehicle, except truck tractors traversing between terminals at a speed not to exceed 25 miles per hour, and every combination of a commercial vehicle and trailer or semitrailer when used on a street or highway in the City of Flint shall be so constructed or equipped, or so operated, as to bar water or other road surface substances thrown from the rear wheels of such vehicle or combination at tangents exceeding 22-1/2 degrees measured from the road surface. If flap-type device is used, it shall not have attached any type of lamp, reflective material or reflecting buttons; nor can said device extend beyond the 96-inch maximum width of the vehicle.
(Ord. 894, passed 1-5-1950; Ord. 1710, passed 3-18-1963; Ord. 2237, passed 11-16-1970)