(a)   When operated on the highway, every vehicle which has a maximum potential speed of 25 miles an hour, implement of husbandry, farm tractor or special mobile equipment shall be identified with a reflective device as follows:
      (1)   An equilateral triangle in shape, at least 16 inches wide at the base and at least 14 inches in height, with a dark red border, at least one and three- fourths inches wide of highly reflective beaded material.
      (2)   A center triangle, at least 12-1/4 inches on each side of yellow-orange fluorescent material.
   (b)   The device shall be mounted on the rear of the vehicle, broad base down, not less than three feet nor more than five feet above the ground and as near the center of the vehicle as possible. The use of this reflective device is restricted to use on slow moving vehicles, and use of such reflective device on any other type of vehicle or stationary object on the highway is prohibited.
Statutory reference:
   Additional lights or reflectors on buses, trucks, tractors, trailers, implement of husbandry, or special mobile equipment, see MCLA 257.688