(a)   If a vehicle remains on public or private property for a period of time, so that it appears to the police agency to be abandoned, the police agency shall do all of the following:
      (1)   Determine if the vehicle has been reported stolen;
      (2)   Affix a written notice to the vehicle. The written notice shall contain the following information:
         a.   The date and time the notice was affixed;
         b.   The name and address of the police agency taking the action;
         c.   The name and identification number of the police official affixing the notice;
         d.   The date and time the vehicle must be taken into custody and stored at the owner’s expense or scrapped if the vehicle is not removed;
         e.   The year, make and vehicle identification number of the vehicle, if available.
   (b)   If the vehicle is not removed within forty-eight (48) hours after the date the notice was affixed, the vehicle is deemed abandoned and the police agency may have the vehicle taken into custody.
(Ord. 2854, passed 9-27-1982; Ord. 2939, passed 2-11-1985; Ord. 3120, passed 11-13-1989)