§ 28-211  DEFINITIONS.
   This following words, when used in this chapter shall have the following meanings, unless otherwise clearly apparent from the context of the ordinance:
   COMMERCIAL EQUIPMENT. Any construction equipment or large equipment used primarily in the course of conducting a trade or business.
   COMMERCIAL VEHICLE.  Includes mobile structure trailers, pole trailers, semitrailers, and trucks; however, motor home recreational vehicles, recreational trailers, noncommercial buses and school buses shall be excluded.
   CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT.  Bulldozers, front-end loaders, power shovels, and other heavy construction equipment, or trailers designed for the transportation of such equipment.
   MOBILE STRUCTURE TRAILER.  A trailer that has a roof and walls and is at least ten (10) feet wide and which may be used off-road for commercial purposes.
   OWNER.  Any person in whose name the legal title is registered, titled, or in the event of a lease or conditional sales agreement, the lessee or person with the right of purchase and immediate right of possession.
   POLE TRAILER.  A vehicle without mode of power designed to be drawn by another vehicle and attached to the towing vehicle by means of a reach of pole, or by being boomed or otherwise secured to the towing vehicle, for transporting long or irregularly shaped loads such as poles, beams, trees, pallets, pipes, or structural members capable generally of staying themselves as beams between the supporting connections.
   RESIDENTIAL DISTRICT.  Any one-family residential, two-family residential, multiple-family residential or residential mobile home park or residential trailer park as defined and delineated in the Zoning Ordinance and Maps of the City of Flint.
   SEMITRAILER.  A trailer other than a pole trailer so constructed that a substantial part of its weight rests upon or is carried by a truck.
   SINGLE-FAMILY RESIDENTIAL AREA.  Any one-family residential district as defined and delineated in the Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Maps of the City of Flint.
   TRUCK.  Any single motor vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating of twenty-six thousand (26,000) pounds or more.
(Ord. 3388, passed 11-23-1998)