Whenever by reason of traffic congestion or other cause, the public safety is imperiled, the convenience of the public cannot be served, and traffic regulations cannot be adequately enforced without the assistance to be secured through the installation and maintenance of parking meters, such parking meters or parking devices may be installed under and in accordance with the provisions of § 28-2.2. Notice of parking reservation and the limited parking shall be given by the Traffic Engineer by paint or distinguishing color or signs or devices of uniform character indicating the distances, place and space. No person shall park a vehicle in violation of such limitation, restriction or prohibition. The Traffic Engineer shall also provide for the erection of uniform signs or the painting of curbs, giving notice thereon of the parking reservations and the limited parking permitted.
(Ord. 894, passed 1-5-1950; Ord. 1992, passed 8-21-1967; Ord. 2095, passed 11-11-1968; Ord. 2692, passed 2-12-1979)