(a)   Purpose. This section is adopted in the interest of public safety and convenience and is designed to promote the general peace, health, safety, welfare and good government of the City.
   (b)   Adoption. Pursuant to the provisions of Section 1 of Public Act 300 of 1949, as amended, being the Michigan Vehicle Code, MCLA §§ 257.1 through 257.923, and MSA § 9.1801 et seq., as enacted and amended from time to time by the Michigan Legislature, is adopted by reference, including any subsequent amendments enacted by the Michigan Legislature after the adoption of this ordinance, for enforcement by the City of Flint as a local ordinance, as authorized by MCLA § 117.3(k), for the purpose of enacting and enforcing the provisions of the Michigan Vehicle Code within the City.
   (c)   References in code. References in the Michigan Vehicle Code to LOCAL AUTHORITIES shall mean the City of Flint.
   (d)   Penalties. The penalties provided by the Michigan Vehicle Code are adopted by reference, provided, however, that the City may not enforce any provision of the Michigan Vehicle Code for which the maximum period of imprisonment is greater than 93 days.
   (e)   Citations. Any citations written by the Flint City Police Department, or any other person authorized to issue citations, shall reference the violation on the citation as follows:
      Section 28 followed by the three-digit section number of the Michigan Motor Vehicle Code violated
      (Sample: “28-___”)
      When issuing parking citations, the authorized person issuing the citation shall reference the type of improper parking on the citation.
(Ord. 3503, passed 10-28-2002; Ord. 3673, passed 12-21-2005)
Statutory reference:
   Michigan Vehicle Code, see MCLA §§ 257.1 et seq.