The driver of every vehicle involved in an accident resulting in a vehicle or vehicles becoming so disabled as to be incapable of being propelled in the usual manner, or resulting in personal injury or death of any person shall forthwith report such accident to the nearest or most convenient Police Station or Police Officer, and no vehicle involved in any such accident shall be driven or taken away from the scene of such accident until authorized by a member of the Police Department, or when necessary for the preservation of life or aid to the injured. If a driver or operator in an accident is so incapacitated as to be unable to make such notification, it shall be the duty of every other occupant of the vehicle to see that such notification is made. Upon the notification of such accident, the Police Department shall cause an investigation to be made and shall take the reports of the parties thereto.
   The failure to make such notification and report as required by this section shall not effect civil rights and remedies. The Police Department of the City may require any driver of a vehicle involved in any accident of which a report must be made, as provided in this section to file supplemental reports whenever the original report is insufficient in the opinion of the Police Department, and may require witnesses to render such report to the Police Department.
(Ord. 894, passed 1-5-1950)
Statutory reference:
   Report of accident, see MCLA 257.617 et seq.